In Promo by Chronoa

Once upon a time there was a little boy who hated the mundane life he lived and wanted so much more.

A little bit of magic, a little bit of power, a little bit of control

Everything he ever wanted and never knew he truly needed.

The whole world in the palm of his hands

Curious and curioser he followed down the rabbit hole

Into a world he could never imagine

and a world he would never escape from.

Captivated by the bright and beautiful as they weaved musicals of strength and perfection into his impressionable mind.

All the while hiding the gleaming steel poised for his throat.

Falling deeper and deeper into the wonder of imagination as he began to lose every ounce of the person he once was.

He chased the rabbit with fleece of purest night, riddled through the turbulent smoke and symphonic melodies of the tweedle three and enjoyed the briefest moments of power through the loudest storms.

The land was beautiful and the Queen ever more so, yet the true object of his desire wasn’t greenery or flesh

It was that which glimmered like gold and filled every sense with overwhelming power.

The boy who would be King ignoring the veiled danger that would come from it’s pursual.

As the second his hands touched the crown, the facade dropped from the perfect fable.

And twisted into the abyssal nightmare it had always been.

The piercing yellow eyes that stole away every sense until he felt it drilled into his mind at every waking moment.

The electricity piercing through every nerve wracking his very soul in absolute agony until he wished he’d never felt a single drop of rain on his skin.

The once peaceful symphonies exploding his eardrums to an endless vibrato and scorched his very flesh until he felt it would leave him nothing but bone.

Everyone goes a little mad sometimes Alix but the maddest thing of all is thinking he could usurp the throne and not feel the blade to his throat.

For the moment poor Alix fell down the rabbit hole, he sold his soul to the devil herself and all it cost him was forever being second best.

And now he sits at her heels, trembling at her every wooden touch as he ponders everything he’s gained in the years since

His greatest rivals silenced, his allies numerous and every ounce of power he ever dreamed of at his fingertips.

Yet he feels the leash upon his throat and knows it’ll never be enough.

Until he grows the balls to overcome his fear and dethrone the Queen.

An action he will never take for the endless unrest he lives in.

The cold eyes following his every movement, the forced smiles that barely hide their contempt and rage.

The razor sharp knife wielded by his love that could easily slice across his throat.

A second rate Taskmaster paralysed by the Maelstrom of fear he willingly stepped into.

But fear not for Alice is here and she’s coming for the Queen’s throat.

So be a good boy and lie down so I can make a very important date.

Or spend eternity waiting for the moment it’s Off With Your Head.