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Te Amo

The light of hundreds of candles illuminates a sombre scene. The body of La Maricahi Vida lies displayed in a casket. El Mariachi Muerte places a rose over her body as he begins to play a slow, flowing melody.

“Te amo siempre”

His voice, choked with sorrow, sings passionately to his fallen love.

♫ ‘I failed you, I accept that

You’re gone, I get that

But so much love remained…’ ♫

His singing trails off as the guitar continues to play.

“The world heard our song, mi amor. Sung for all to hear, but what was once a triumphant ode has faded to a mournful dirge filled with sorrow.”

“The Mariachi live on, but it is a war that has cost me dearly. For my heart is filled with loss.”

♫ ‘Is it asking too much

For you to hear me again

For you to embrace me again

Just once more.’♫

“Yet I am not the only one who knows of loss within this world, Mi amor. Stories of loss are commonplace among Arcadia.”

“Even as I lament, I am reminded of another whose tales of loss have augmented over and over. Jackson Cade’s song too, is filled with loss.”

“Imagine losing everything you held dear, your career in tatters and reputation tarnished in order to see Redgrave finally locked up. Imagine that overwhelming loss as you stand by, helpless to stop the Uprising from happening… Only to find out that the very man who caused you to suffer now walks free once more.”

“Jackson Cade’s song is one of sorrow. His heart too knows of the feeling of losing loved ones, chasing impossible answers and feeling life slip out of your grasp.”

“He stood, clinging to that badge of his, trying in vain to be a voice of reason that could not be heard. Ultimately, everything he worked for came crashing down again.”

“But this sorrow is not the end, mi amor. It marks the beginning of our next song.”

♫ ‘I need to hear, hear that you want me

Feel that you still want me

That this isn’t the end…

Te amo.’ ♫

El Mariachi Muerte finishes his song, looking over the body with tears in his eyes.

“The quest begins for the final key to the door. Your memory lives on in my heart, and I will make you proud.

“For everyone experiences loss, but only the strong pick themselves up and carry forth into a new day.”

He turns, moving away from the casket and stepping out into the light of Anthesteria.

“If there is any consolation to your loss, Cade… It must be that your brother now too walks free. Yet, his freedom cost you everything you worked for. Killers and madmen now walk the streets that you swore to protect.”

“Pick yourself up from your loss and find your voice, Cade. For those too consumed by their loss to carry on singing, the solution is only a song away. I can put you out of your misery and end your suffering, Cade.”

“Fight on, or let the music embrace you. La Muerte llega…”

Death comes.

El Mariachi Muerte