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My father hated people, heh, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Because of that, he got a house in Arcadia as far away from the filth as he could get.

The problem was that because nothing was around meant it was a prime place for the worst of society to drop off pets they no longer wanted.

Most of them were consumed by beasts far larger than them and I’d find leftover bones with a discarded collar signifying the life they should have lived.

Rover ravaged.

Spot slaughtered.

Mollie murdered.

Dot devoured.

Tank was different.

He was a German Shepherd in the prime of his life.

I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why he was abandoned but his strength was evident.

A coyote had attacked him and left plenty of evidence.

Cuts all over his body and Tank still jumped in joy when he saw a human being.

Like a dog adopted from the pound, he rushed into my arms.

That attack would have killed a weaker animal but Tank was no normal beast and he just kept on trucking.

The next time that coyote tried to attack, he didn’t get so lucky.

Tank was ready for it and for every cut he received, he gave the coyote twice as much until the coyote couldn’t handle anymore and fell unconscious.

Tank is a better soul than me so he left it alone.

The coyote saw kindness as weakness and attacked again.

Tank didn’t make the same mistake twice.

I heard the fight so I ran out and caught Tank with the coyote in his mouth.

Tank and I shared a look and we both knew what was about to happen.


Any fight that coyote had left was quickly snuffed out.

All that was left was a discarded carcass to join the rest of those creatures no one thinks about anymore.

I hope the parallels are clear CJ but let me break it down to you.

You saw me dropped off by my old owners and become just another discarded dog here.

You pounced on what you thought would be a meal to delight all senses.

I’ll admit you got the win the first time we met but a little blemish on my record is nothing to me, all it gave you was a false sense of pride.

It’s why you thought you could get me a second time, all the failures in your life at least prepared you for that fall.

Now you’re trying again?

This isn’t a rubber match between equals, it’s one between the top dog and a bottom bitch.

That fall was me being kind, you’re not ready for when I’m done with someone.

You’re about to find out why I’m called Supermax.

Welcome to the prison within prison.

You can try to fight out of it like all coyotes do but when you’re locked in here, there’s only one way out.

In a box.

Enjoy your final breaths, try to fight out, but realize you chose the wrong fight.

Time to join the discarded carcasses of those no one gives a shit about anymore.

Max Meadows