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System Reboot…


[Static covers the screen as a Play ► appears in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.  We see rare clips of The House of Sovereigns that transition to views of every level Arcadia has to offer down to the Deathrow as the voice of Harold Attano begins to narrate.] 

Arcadia is a land in a state of constant war.  Bloody, brutal, and violent, from the House of Sovereigns to Deathrow every level is in a constant state of flux and the power dynamic can shift at the drop of a hat.  

[We transition to a snippet of Tombstone busting into the Pussy Cat Club tearing the place and guards within apart.]  

These little fiefdoms’ power structure can change with one defeat, one leader being deposed, one beating heart stopping.  

[An excerpt plays of EMM Invading on Stubbins Doom, Drexl sending CesarXL out of the now Shark Tank, and finally Teddy O’Toole being shot in the head.]  

It can actually leave an entire level broke in disrepair to a point there may be no return to where it once was.  Leaving the earth beneath metaphorically salted potentially for generations.

[Footage inside of the Candylabs at a standstill, fading to people walking through the charred remains of an entire floor of Arcadia after the Olympus Fire incident.]  

Now… The House has fallen, the overall direction of Arcadia is uncertain.  With the Uprising taking control these greedy barons will sense the power vacuum and rise to try to fill the void. 

[Clips of Zeus being captured by Hera play as images of Stubbins Doom, Nergal, and Blacktooth fade across the screen.]  

While monsters and murderers are not only allowed but tacitly encouraged to bring chaos.  A distraction for citizens from the wars raging around them as they’re made to live in fear.  

[We see film of Tombstone absorbing bullets, Scissors stabbing Damien, Luther Grim on a hunt, and timelapse footage of Drewitt being shot and resurrecting.]  

All the while those who could give citizens safety or comfort are either failing them or distracted fighting amongst themselves.  

[The Screen changes to Jackson Cade strung up in the Embrace of Pain, TEC coming online, and spiritual leaders Grimskull and Vision fighting each other.]  

Maybe I shouldn’t have left, because without me to cull the heard of malcontents, to prune the bush as it were, these wounds have been left to fester.  

[The tape transitions to footage of Harold being locked away, followed by a timelapse of his aging.]  

But Deathrow awoken me, brought my purpose back to the front of my mind, and has given me something rare…  

[An image of Harold and Zeus having tea flashes before fading in on Harold himself standing in a dark room, eyes closed, and head bowed.  His head snaps up and he looks directly into the camera.]  

A second chance, this is my Double Tap, and I am not going to squander it.  In fact, it’s time that I start doing my job again.  Because while I’ve aged, and I may not be as good as once was.  I can assure everyone, I’m as good once as I ever wa… 

Harold Attano