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Symmetry, No More.


“One could argue that the perfect piece of art work would have to be symmetrical.”

“To be perfectly symmetrical, it would mean that if you were to fold the piece in half, it would perfectly overlap with the other half.”

“One side does not faulter from the other. Each detail perfectly placed on the canvas with the intent of having the perfect counterpart on the other side of that canvas.”

“You could say that in order to achieve perfect symmetry, one side must rely on the other very heavily. One tiny mistake, and the harmony that one side has with the other is completely ruined.”

“Together, they can rely on one another to achieve the riches that beauty has to offer.. but should one be misaligned, their bond of harmony crumbles and they are nothing more than incomplete.”

“Without it’s other half, we see the piece of work for the whiskey-drunk gutter bum that it is.”

“Does that sound all too familiar, Tallywhack?”

“The Lucky Charms, as a collective, may be something than many of Arcadia’s people would fear. Two brashed leperchaun’s drunk on the riches of others and the foul-mouthed slander that spews from one anothers mouths..”

“The two of you, together, can work in perfect symmetry. While one of you distracts the eye of man, the other can poach their riches.”

“But what are you without your brother?”

“What are you without your other half?”

“From what I see, I see an incomplete piece of art. I see the whiskey-drunk bum that’s lying in the gutter without a single credit to his name.”

“I see a foul-mouthed midget without a pot to piss in.”

“I see a half-sized man with nothing more than high hopes.”

“Because without your other half, you’re just spare parts.”

“Without your brother, you lack the harmony needed for your style to flourish.”

“Without his distraction, you cannot pick the pocket.”

“At Clash this week, I will be folding the paper.”

“But not before I smear the contents of your side across the canvas.”

“Because let’s be real, without your right hand man, there’s nothing you can’t do to stop a true titan from rising in the ranks.”

“Once I wash your side of the canvas out, there will be nothing left for your brother to harmonize with.”

“Once I tear the paper at the crease, I will leave your brother nothing more than asymmetrical.”

“A man who is only half of what he used to be, mourning the death of his dearly beloved brother.”

“Because without you, The Lucky Charms aren’t so fucking lucky, are they?”

“But don’t worry, Tallywhack.. I’ll be sure to leave Knick Knack with a parting gift on your behalf.”

“Whether it be your head hanging from the scaffolds, or a brutal picture that depicts what you truly are.. painted in your body parts.”

“He will not soon forget his beloved counterpart.”

“You’re just another medium used to paint my masterpiece.”

“The centerpiece of my rise to Olympus.”