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Surgical Consent

Surgical Consent

Invasion is determined by skill set and target.

Every profession is trained a specific technique to willingly or unwillingly intrude on a particular target.

A policeman could breach you by force if you were to resist arrest, subduing your body into submission until you comply with the law.

A preacher could inspire you using empowering ideas to infiltrate your mind and reshape your whole way of thinking until you walk the right path in life.

A prophet could foresee the future, showing you the light in a world of darkness until you’re enlightened enough to see it yourself.

An artist could take your breath away by painting with precise brush strokes and hues until your perspective has changed.

And a musician could play his guitar to move you with his music, entering your heart and literally tugging at your strings with every note until you felt the rush of blood course through your veins with every beat.

Thanks to advances in science and technology, and Zeus’ charitable donations of course, surgeons are trained to intervene on just about any type of patient in Arcadia.

And we are able do so as long as the patient consents.

That is, unless the case is emergent.

I could administer intravenous sedatives and paralytics to an unstable patient in order to stabilize their vital signs back into a range closer to their baseline.

I could catheterize your brain and break up a clot so that in recovery of your stroke you can rebuild your neurons to be able to walk again.

I could use imaging to map out an intervention to remove a tumor compressing your optic nerve and fix your impaired vision.

I could cut your chest open with my blade and transplant a precisely matched lung to help you breathe easier and give you a new lease on life.

And I could bypass your clogged coronary artery by plucking out another vessel in your body to replace it with before pressing the play button to restart its rhythm.

As you can see, a surgeon’s skill set essentially allows me to invade whoever I want, however I want to.

Including all five of you.

Jackson Cade.



Jasper Redgrave.

El Mariachi Muerte.

You all are about to enter the operating room as my patients, and once you’re under anesthesia you’re susceptible to my every whim.

I can invade all of you at will because I have the proper skill set to dissect each of you based on who you are.

I will force you to comply with my policies and procedures as if they were law.

I will present you as a martyr to educate and inspire future generations to walk my path.

I will open your eyes to the truth of your mortality.

I will paint a breathtaking abstract masterpiece with your blood that changes your perspective on life.

I will pause your melody and instead play my heart-stopping instrumental symphony.

And I will come out of this surgery with a shot at the OSW World Heavyweight Championship injected into my veins.

Acquiring this briefcase is emergent, so none of your consents are necessary.