Succumbing to Addiction

In Promo, The Burned Man by Blaze

“I’ve seen several addicts here in Arcadia.”

“All of them were normal people that couldn’t handle the stresses life had to offer or just had one bad day too many. Due to their grievances and misfortunes, they turn to drugs and loveless sex in order to relieve that stress or brighten their mood.”

“Upon sampling some wares, however, they quickly find themselves craving more and more. Soon enough, their whole lives revolve around needing to fulfill their newfound urges by any means necessary.”

“Their addiction is like a fire spreading out of control. It starts out small and feeble, but it begins to grow at a rapid pace the more they feed it.”

“Soon enough, it becomes too big to manage. The flames of addiction have taken control of its victim and is starting to choke the life out of them with its smoke.”

“Once the life’s been smothered out of them, they become a burned husk of who they once were. Their hopes and dreams are left smoldering on the stripper’s stage.”

“Meanwhile, the poor addict is too high to realize what’s going on.”

“I know how you take advantage of the weak, Drexl. Whenever you spot someone down on their luck or in need of something to calm the nerves, you supply them with drugs and women to light the fires of addiction in them.”

“Once they get a taste of your wares, they’ll quickly come back to the red district for more and more. All the while you fan the flames by giving them stronger supplements and more beautiful women to strengthen their addiction.”

“Before too long, you’re showering in credits while the poor addict tries their best to calm the raging inferno from within. Unfortunately, their addiction has gotten too strong and is beginning to choke the life out of them.”

“You enjoy watching their hopes and dreams burn away, don’t you Drexl? You revel in the suffering of your poor customers as they spend every last credit on drugs and passionless love for a temporary high.”

“In a way, seeing the hopes and dreams of your customers go up in smoke is your own addiction, isn’t it? Every time you see one of your patrons become a lifeless husk of a person, the greater the flames of addiction grow within you.”

“The more people you sucker into partaking in your wares, the stronger your addiction becomes. You’re fanning the flames of your own addiction, allowing it to grow stronger and choke the life out of you.”

“Your hopes and dreams of being the most powerful drug runner of Arcadia will be reduced to ashes along with your club. All the while, you’ll be too high to realize what’s happening.”

“I’m not an addict like you or your victims, Drexl. I will not succumb to my vices for the sake of fueling your temporary highs.”

“I don’t want your drugs. I don’t want your women. All I want is vengeance.”

“Be careful when fanning the flames of addiction, you just might get burned.”