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There’s certain things that make you think of goin’ to see the doctor. Sterile rooms, lined with people coughin’ quietly into their hands so people don’t think they’re contagious. A loud tickin’ clock. A lollipop or a sticker for the kids who ain’t raisin’ hell.

But for me the doctor themselves is always memorable. They have an air of knowledge about them, and this kind’a power. It’s a kind’a power that doesn’t want to take over the world, but a kind’a power that could determine where your life goes next. Are you on the path to recovery and salvation, or the path to torment and damnation?

Luckily most doctors know to pick the path to recovery, even for their worst enemies. There are some that pick the latter, but more on that later.

But this power they hold is not natural. It is not somethin’ they are innately born with. No, it is merely bestowed upon them. And their time wieldin’ this power is short and it can end at any second.

The doctor asks you all of his questions, then he figures our what he thinks ain’t workin’ right in that body of yours, and then he takes his little prescription pad and writes out the solution just for you, rips off the page with that satisfyin’ sound, and sends you on your way to pick up whatever drug you need to pump through your body.

Just like clockwork.

He’s livin’ the life of Riley. Until the prescription book ends, and there’s nothin’ left. His power depleted, because he can no longer determine your path in life. His purpose defeated because he allowed his prescription pad to empty.

Dr. Death, like many doctors, holds this power over others. He chooses their path in life. But unlike most doctors, he chooses the path to torment and damnation. When he writes his prescription, you can’t cash it in for drugs, only a permanent way out.

But Dr. Death has been too busy to notice his prescription pad has come to the end. All he has left now is a book full of paper stubs to remind him of the lives he took. And just like that, with no more power to decide on people’s lives, his hold on humanity loosens. His grip on that title of his too. With his power depleted, he can no longer determine the path of the lives of Arcadia’s citizens. With his prescription pad empty, his purpose is defeated.

A doctor who can’t prescribe ain’t nothin’ but a preacher without a congregation. A 12 gauge with no ammo. A needle with no vaccine.

And the fact of the matter is this. Ain’t nobody gonna trust a doctor like that. And I’ve seen many communities with many medical setups on these levels of Arcadia.

Oh yes, I’ve seen it all twice, but Dr. Death ain’t never seen nothin’ like me.