Strings of the Innocent

In Aarman Fidel, Promo by Zeus

There was once a boy who was brought up into a cruel and uncaring world.

An unwanted surprise to parents who had no idea how to raise a child.

Physically, he wanted for not but the love and comfort he craved was always just out of arms reach.

His father treated him more like a science experiment then his own son while his mother worked so hard to support them both, he barely knew she existed.

It was in front of a screen of imagination that he found the solace he needed.

Walking his mind down the street of birds and muppets where he was taught friendship and understanding.

Travelling through the human body inside a magical vehicle that inspired knowledge and creativity.

And the one he admired the most, the selfless uncle who taught him he was special, just the way he was.

The years went by and although the boy grew into a man, his mind was still trapped in the innocent world he had enveloped himself in.

So when the bubble was popped and he was forced into reality, he was completely unprepared for the stark reality that Arcadia was.

Broken, bruised, manipulated and abused, his innocence was torn away with a whimper and the last tear he would ever shed.

As his childlike wonder turned to rage, he didn’t blame those who broke him into pieces.

But those who protected him from the truth and ensured his suffering.

Men just like you Felix.

See, I believe every word of love for the children you perform for, how fiercely you protect them from the dangers of the world and how all you desire is to put a smile on their faces.

A good man who simply wants them to believe the fantasy that the world is pure and just for as long as possible.

A fool who can’t see the harm he’s dealing the precious kids he values more then life itself.

Because it sickens me that you believe you’re doing the right thing Felix.

The world is cold and harsh, Arcadia most of all, and sooner or later, the truth will be forced upon them.

If you truly cared, you’d ensure those precious children were prepared for the world outside.

Because every soul you infect with your false reality just becomes another lamb to the slaughter.

Just like that boy who was broken into pieces by men like you.

His only wish was to protect the innocent from the same fate he befell.

Yet his tale did not end in glory or endless praise.

But a mad man surrounded by a mountain of bone.

Yet even then, he protected them more then you ever have.

Because in this world, who truly is the monster?

The wolf acting on instinct alone as it devours the helpless lamb

Or the Shepard who failed to ever shelter them?

So I don’t care what you desire Foley, I only care that the strings you have attached to the foolish young are clipped forevermore.

Just like Andy wanted it to be.