In Promo by Luke Storm


We all find it in different ways, don’t we?

For so many people, strength is found in institutions. They find something to hold onto there, some inkling of an idea that gives them motivation to get off their ass and DO something.

It’s why motivational speakers are so popular, why people get dragged into cults and MLMs.

Within those groups, they find something they never had before.


It drives you, makes you do more than you ever thought possible. You defy your own nature to be something different, something more.

But when those institutions crumble, as they so often do, it also demolishes the weak foundations holding up the psyche of their followers.

Because they put their entire worth, their purpose and their strength, into the bereft bank of something external, it leaves them with nothing.

Nothing but an empty hole where there was once power.

Vayikra found their strength in their devotion to Yahweh. Religion is a powerful motivator, and it certainly is for them.

Before they were united in their goal to bring back their god, what were they?

A hopeless crusader? A time-displaced abomination? An aimless Olympian?

When Sir Vant brought them together, he gave them something to hold onto, the idea that they could bring the mighty Yahweh back.

That motivation drove them to go to extreme lengths. They crucified people, tortured them. Each time they reached out to grab at that endless well of power. It made them into new people, ones who forsook their former ideals.

It gave them purpose.

Until they learned the endless well wasn’t that endless.

The actions of the Rhodes’ and Bellator’s have split that foundation down the center. So consumed with their personal war, they don’t even look at the terminal Cael Gable’s struggle with Grimwolf.

Vayikra is only a name now, one reserved for those who followed a false idol to their doom.

Because they put all their money in a bank that couldn’t hold them.

Now they’re left with nothing but a memory, an empty hole where there was once purpose, drive, and strength.

That’s what happens when you look for something to give you strength, look for something external.

See, I don’t worship at any altars. I don’t cling to hypocritical leaders who call for war yet refuse to fight it with me.

There’s only one place that gives me drive, only one immutable strength to draw from.

That place is right inside me.

It’s that simple.

It’s my own inner-strength.

It doesn’t fail me, it doesn’t choose one son over another. It doesn’t make deals with the devil.

Because ole Hollywood is both angel and devil.

I’m whatever I need to be to win.

See Vayikra, while you were chasing the big glory from resurrecting a god, I was out there taking that glory.

No leaders.

No mission.

No holding onto anything but myself.

And in the end, I became the strongest god you’re going to see.

A Hollywood God.

THE Hollywood God.

Because when it comes to Luke Storm and Vayikra, one of us is chasing a false god.

The other?

The Real Fucking Deal.