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[Mr. Kleen is seen standing still inside a room of the ACA offices, staring at something we cannot see. His eyes show absolute contempt for whatever it is he sees.]

“There is a mess that, no mater how hard I try to clean, always manages to persist somehow.”

[We pan over to what the janitor is looking at. In front of him is a toilet with a massive poop stain smeared along the back of the bowl.]

“This toilet was once as pristine and stain free as yours truly. I managed to keep my past in the past and focused on my duties as custodial manager without issue. That all changed when that filthy Python decided to make his presence felt in OSW.”

[With a sigh, Kleen pulls out some sprayable bleach and a toilet brush from a nearby cupboard.]

“The moment I managed to scrub the past clean of all filth, the Zookeeper managed to find a replacement for the animal I once was and dirtied the toilet once more. Not only did that tick me off, I got the message that I wouldn’t be free of my past until I sent a message of my own.”

[The germaphobe proceeds to spray the back of the toilet with bleach.]

“That message being that he better disband the Kingdom and give up on his dreams of forming a heroic quintet, or he and his filthy animals will be flushed away without leaving a stain on Arcadia.”

[He chuckles to himself as he proceeds to use the toilet brush to scrub away the stain the errant turd left behind.]

“He might’ve pooped on me by getting another Yellow Python to be my replacement, but I won’t let him do it again as long as I can help it. Even if it means I have to sterilize the entirety of Arcadia in order to get my message through.”

[Kleen proceeds to check if the stain has disappeared. Much to his dismay, traces of it are still present.]

“Python, you and your friends have been a stain on the ACA for too long. You ransacked our offices and acted like we’re the ones to blame for the damage you caused. That’s exactly something turds like you would believe.”

[The janitor checks again. This time the stain has visibly disappeared. Satisfied, he throws away the brush and places the bleach back in the cupboard.]

“I’ll preface my message to the Zookeeper by flushing you down to Arcadia’s sewers. Then, while he looks for a replacement, I’ll send your friends down the drain too. My raging waters, along with some help from my tools, will wash away any stain you could possibly leave on me or Arcadia as a whole.”

[A loud fart is then heard in the next stall. This causes Mr. Kleen to roll his eyes as he waits for the defecator to vacate the room.]

“By the end of it all, my hands, my past, and my toilet will remain clean.”

[We fade to black.]

Mr. Kleen