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“Squirrels got a one track mind, don’t they?”

“They only care about one thing.”

“The nut.”

“Not just the nut, though. They want that tasty meat inside of it. To crack that hard outer shell and dig their grubby paws into the soft little innards. It’s their obsession.”

“See, the squirrels are so enthralled by the meat within the shell that they ignore the rest of the tree it came off of. Sure, the nut holds all the DNA, all the tasty bits, but the tree itself has more uses than the little bastard could ever know.”

“So while the squirrel is slammin’ the shell against every hard surface it can find, wearin’ itself out to crack it open, a lumberjack could come along and take an axe to it. He lost out on the walnut, but he can drink the sap, chew the bark, and build with the wood underneath.”

“And while the lumberjack gets food, shelter, and warmth?”

“All the squirrel gets is one tiny part of the equation.”

“Now, if you’re so smart Doom, then tell me who’s who?”

“Am I the dumb little squirrel? Or am I the lumberjack?”

“With how you work, you think you have it all figured out. You think I’m dumb, my brain don’t work, I got a one track mind and all I wanna do is feed on the meats inside the nut, right?”

“But you’d be all too wrong, Stubby.”

“You’re the squirrel, the dumb little scientist obsessed with one piece of the human body.”

“The brain.”

“I see you threatenin’ to break jars, to crack open skulls to get a look at what makes the body tick. You’d do anythin’ to get another brain in your collection, to get those hands on what you think is the most important part of the human anatomy.”

“Thing is, though? You’re so intent on that tasty little nut that you forget about the body you plucked it from. All of your research, your devotion, it don’t mean a thing because you’re givin’ up the rest of the body. All the pieces you could research and use, that connect with the nut, that create the nut.”

“It’s just outta your grasp, ain’t it?”

“Dumb as you probably think I am, I know the anatomy of a human all too well. I’m a lumberjack who knows his way around those fleshy little trees.”

“And while you’re toilin’ around with your skulls and diggin’ for brains?”

“I’m gonna be usin’ every bit of ’em however I like. Eat ’em, skin ’em. Their bones are my tables, their blood my drink, and the skin my leathers.”

“When you kill a man, you learn about his life.”

“When I kill a man I make my life better.”

“So when we step into that ring I’m gonna show you first hand just how useful the rest of the tree can be, squirrely.

“Starting with that nut you call a head.”

“I’m about to crack open my meal, Stubby, now lemme ring that dinner bell.”