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Every soul I ferry to their final destination has something in common.

They are deceased.

One way or another, they have perished.

And every single one has lived a life.

Some lives are better than others. Some are spent well and some are wasted.

I’ve listened to people tell me of long and exciting lives that are full of memories and passion. I’ve been awed by their gratitude for the love they’ve felt; for the connection they built with their loved ones. They were happy.

I have likewise listened to the furious and enraged. I’ve sat with the bitter who’ve complained about the miserable existence they had. They were angry that things didn’t quite go their way. They were angry that their lives had been taken.

Some are more fearful than anything. They’re terrified that they didn’t live their life to the fullest, or in a way that befit their preferred final destination. They’re afraid they may be heading to the Underworld, not Paradise.

Many were overwhelmed and overcome by sadness. Sadness that they would no longer see those they loved, or that they weren’t going to experience life any longer.

And those who were disgusted simply cannot be forgotten. They were disgusted that they had died, or the manner of which they perished. Perhaps they were disgusted to learn that they would be ferried upon my boat?

Or surprised

Because despite everything, they didn’t realize there was a destination beyond the world in which they lived. Their surprise might’ve been their end, or the way in which things transpired. However, even those of faith can be surprised when they learn their fate.

Six relatively basic emotions.

Six universally experienced feelings…

Amongst humans.

When your creator made the decision to program you into sentiency, he did so selfishly, TEC. With no forethought of your predicament, he breathed life into a machine and gave it purpose.

But despite that purpose, it is still only a machine.

The wheel of emotions need not apply.

I could shut you down, I could turn you off and I could break you into pieces. I could remove your hard drive, disconnect your parts and put you away.

However, that isn’t what I do.

I’m the Ferryman, TEC.

I am duty bound to ferry souls to their final destination in the after-life.

But machines do not have souls.

They do not feel happiness, sadness, fear, disgust, anger, or surprise.

They feel nothing.

Because despite being sentient, you are not truly alive. You merely exist. You don’t have a soul. You don’t feel what people feel. You’re not human and there’s no place for you in either the Underworld or Paradise.

And if you don’t have a soul, when your end comes and it will, I cannot ferry you to the other side.

There’s no seat for you on my boat.

For you, machine, the end is not where we meet.

I’m afraid that I cannot send you on your way.