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Song and Dance

Every day I wake up, roll out of bed, and go to work. Review my cases for the day, check in with a few of my patients in recovery, and huddle with my team. Then I head to preop where I confirm consent with today’s patient before heading to my operating room. I ensure the room’s set up appropriately, and when my patient’s asleep I position them and scrub in for surgery. When the drapes go up it’s gown on, gloves on, and then it’s incision time.

Every day’s the same old song and dance.

It’s the monotonous routine I practiced for years that I now get to live by until my hands can’t make the fine movements necessary of surgery any longer.

I have that routine down to a science, and regardless of it’s familiarity, by Zeus do I wish I could create a new routine of my own.

There was a time when everyday, you and I would check in with each other, huddle, and roll to the ring together. And man, did we go to work. We’d set our opponents up for each other. Your song would entrance them into proper position for me to perform my dance around them, dissecting their weaknesses and breaking them down until you and I successfully topped the charts of the tag team division.

We had our routine down to a science, hermano. I could rely on you to play just the right notes in harmony with me. And you could rely on me to execute every step in unison with you.

Together, we were the tag team champions. And when we performed together we were unstoppable.

But I grew tired of O’Death’s song and dance, and I went solo because our routine became too monotonous. Now I’m finding my footing with a new hit as champion, and you’re struggling to strum a new, catchy melody with your rotting guitar.

Yet still we perform together. And when the lights come on at Ring King we will hit center stage again, the ref will check in with each of us, then the bell will ring, and that’s when we’ll go back to work, only now each of us will try to edge the other out of the lone spotlight. You will deftly string together a striking melody and chord progression while I nimbly rhumba and mambo around your strokes.

It’s the same old song and dance.

It’s what we do best, right? Whether collaborating together or competing against each other, we’re consistently in the spotlight and at the top of the charts. You could say we’ve about got our act down to a science at this point.

But I still hear your music, El Mariachi Muerte, and I’m growing tired of it. I want to dance to music of my own because there’s only room for one of us:

In the spotlight;

At the top of the chart;

And as OSW World Champion.

It’s time to tune you out and end this monotony for good.

Now take a deep breath and close your eyes…

See you on the other side, cabrón.

Dr. Death