Son of the Abuser

In Promo by Ether

“There was a kid on our turf who ran away from home.”

“When asked why, he’d claim that his father was an abusive asshole that would make his life intolerable. The boy would constantly be beaten for the most minor of infarctions and he just couldn’t take it anymore.”

“One day he blurted out to his dad that he wanted to run away. Not really caring about the little shit, his old man gave him a few essentials like money and clothes and told him to fuck off.”

“For a little while, the kid was somehow managing to survive. He was earning money as a short order cook and he didn’t have to worry about getting pummeled by his papa for doing something wrong.”

“Then his father suddenly came clamoring for his son to come back because he’d been gone long enough and the police were starting to get suspicious of him.”

“Initially, the kid refused, saying that he was living a better life without him and he’d have to drag him back home if he wanted him back.”

“So that’s exactly what his dad did. He dragged his child back home kicking and screaming. Last time I saw the kid, he was practically glued to his father’s side, a completely different person than he was before.”

“Papa Death didn’t really care about you, did he Deathnote? The fact he let you pretend to be a shinigami for so long proves that he didn’t give a shit about you.”

“He only wanted you to return because Sigil was giving him a hard time. Instead of approaching you and asking politely, like a normal person, he took your book and teleported you back to his pad after you nearly got converted into a fucking snake.”

“As if that wasn’t enough of a slap to the face, your father tied you up and was about to beat you to a bloody pulp for speaking out of turn. Had it not been for his butler, you’d probably be in the same predicament as the Butcher.”

“Why are you even helping that douchebag if that’s how he’s going to treat you? Are you afraid of being attacked again? Is the threat of some collector hogging rocks that much worse of an alternative?”

“He had to drag you back to his side while you kicked and screamed! He didn’t even give you back your most prized possession when you agreed to help him out! I don’t know how you can’t recognize these signs of abuse, but they’re staring you right in your fucking face!”

“The old Deathnote might never be coming back, but I will make damn sure this new you won’t last much longer. When we meet in that ring, I’m going to smack you harder than daddy dearest was going to.”

“You might believe there’s nothing worse than his wrath, but you’re about to be proven dead fucking wrong when you cross a hungry girl. A hungry girl’s gotta eat, and she’ll have no problems eating you!”