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Beautiful, isn’t it?”

[Harvey Escher sits, a snowglobe resting carefully in his hands. He gazes in beyond the glass.]

“A Winter Wonderland I call it. The perfect little world within its own glass walls. Look within and you will see the picturesque little cabin, set beautifully in a thick layer of snow. When the snow settles on the ground and the roof of the little cabin, it creates a blanket that wraps everything up all snugly and tight.”

“But look a little closer at the cabin and you will see the truth. That even the most perfect of Winter Wonderlands harbours dark secrets. For within the perfect exterior of the cabin, through the little windows you will see faces pressed against the glass, with desperate eyes that speak the horrors they would do just to escape into the snow.”

“Because, you see, in order to keep up the appearance of perfection, all manner of sin are contained deep inside the cabin’s walls. The door is locked and it always remains so. What goes inside, stays inside. There is no escape from the Winter Wonderland Cabin.”

“Within the bowels of Arcadia, our own little Winter Wonderland cabin exists. A place where they put the worst of the worst. Those that do not deserve to mix and mingle with even the slumdwellers on the lowest levels.”

“To the public, Deathrow is that little cabin in the woods. A perfect setting to hide away those that besmirch the name of Zeus’s wonderland. Because if all the madness and sin is locked away, Arcadia looks more like a Wonderland.”

“But look within the windows of our cabin and you will see those that would do unspeakable things for just a mere moment of walking about in the snow of Arcadia once again, a chance to breathe the fresh air of freedom again. There is only one thing that stops us from reaching that freedom.

“The Warden… for he holds the key to the door.”

[Harvey shakes the snowglobe, and the calm blanket of snow turns into a flurry.]

“When things are upturned, we start to see that not all is quite perfect within this little Winter Wonderland. He’s been shaking it for a while now, enough to help our perfect scene capture the essence of the madness that is held within these walls.”

“He showed Amataga Tuga, the Prophet exactly who calls the shots within his cabin. That what goes in, stays in. I feel the shaking but I’m not ready to take what our fair warden says lying down.”

[Escher takes the snowglobe and throws it to the ground.]

“One must shatter the snowglobe. Let the shards of broken glass and blood-stained snow fall where they may. If one wants freedom from this place, there’s only one way to get it.”

“For the only way to escape this cabin is to break it into pieces.”

“To go fucking through everything that stands in your way, and shatter the snowglobe in the process. And that’s exactly what’s going to happen.

“This Winter Wonderland is a nightmare, and I’ve had enough of being shaken up.

Harvey Escher