Snakes and Ladders

In Narcissa Balenciaga, Promo by Narcissa Balenciaga

Life is a game.

The problem is most people don’t know what game they’re playing.

Some think they’re playing chess, calculate every move you make until it brings you a desirable outcome.

They think that with the right strategy, they’ll win no matter how long it takes.

If they’re opponent makes the wrong move or focuses too much on the king, they can take out the queen, right Colt?

Others think it’s more simple than that, checkers rather than chess.

If you keep moving forward and have more tools at your disposal than your opponent, you’ll inevitably win.

Gemini, that’s you, you changed for sure but you’re still simple. You throw enough fleas at someone and those black pieces will make your opponent lose all those red pieces, one drop of blood at a time. Domination through numbers, nothing more simple than that.

Then there’s those who treat it like Tetris, they see the colors that come to them and make them fit the way they need to. If you do it right, you can make them dissappear.

Vision, that’s always been you, you see the world the way you want to envision it. When you can’t see how the world truly is, it’s easy to see it the way you want.

Some even play it like solitaire. They will keep to themselves, focus all their attention on their own problems, and if they play their cards right, can win and call it a day.

Tell me how that worked put for you Attano, you were a nobody blending in the background yet solitaire only led to solitary confinement.

You know why that is Attano? Life isn’t solitaire, it’s not checkers, it’s definitely not Tetris and it isn’t even chess.

It’s snakes and ladders.

We’re all just rolling the dice here hoping for the best outcome.

Most rolls don’t change things, you do your daily routine, you progress in life slowly but surely but it’s when you truly take a chance, when you make a roll you normally wouldn’t, life begins to change in a way you can’t predict.

Sadly, taking a chance doesn’t always mean success.

It lead you to flying too close to the sun, Colt. I gave you wings, we could have flown as Champs together but you tried too hard, Icarus and lost it for us. You fell and I suffered.

It led you to Death Row, Attano. The moment you tried to be somebody is the day you truly became nobody.

It led you to losing yourself Gemini, split in two until you slid all the way back down to the underworld.

It led you to becoming so blind for a cause, you lost true sight of it all, Vision.

The difference between all of you and me is that when I take a chance, it brings me to the top.

Whether to kill in the fashion world or kill a dictator, when I roll the dice, I climb the ladder and get what I want.

Time to roll the dice once more.

Enjoy the slide down as you feel the snake bite all your hopes and dreams.