Skimming Stones

In Promo by Banzan

‘Truth is not what you want it to be; it is what it is. You must be the one to bend to its power.’

A man sought to perfect the art of skimming stones across a lake.

He planned his approach to perfecting the task meticulously, researching the optimal method to follow. He selected the flattest, smoothest stones he knew would skim the surface of the water just the way he wanted. He studied the weather patterns, looking for the best conditions upon the lake. He ensured his throwing technique offered the optimal degree of release to allow the stone to carry a low trajectory.

He was in control of the entire process.

But when he came to actually throw the rocks, he found that no matter what he tried, the stones would only skip a few times before sinking into the water.

He was throwing using the correct method, had chosen the perfect rocks for his task… and yet he could not perfect the skill.

For every time he skimmed a rock, it would hit a rampant wave or a gust of wind would blow the stone off its course. The man could control much, but the only enlightenment he learnt that day was that he could not control the universe.

No matter how hard he tried.

The lake of OSW is a perfect place for skimming stones, isn’t it Simon.

You have your task at hand and a goal in mind. You seek the downfall of Luke Storm and your own rise to power.

You’ve selected the perfect rocks for your task. Jet Set Radio, a trio of stones that are perfect to carry out your bidding, pawns in your chessmatch.

You’ve planned out the conditions to ensure the lake is perfect for skimming stones. That Lake Slaughterhouse is positioned perfectly for your rise.

And yet… Those Bad Mother Fuckers still hold all the cards.

Luke Storm is the VHS Champion, not you.

Every stone you have cast has skimmed its way across the surface only to falter as it hit a wave.

Even your best laid plans will falter eventually.

For as much as you can control everything in your power to control, there is much that is simply left up to chance. There is always a certain universal element that you cannot control, no matter how hard you try.

You cannot bend that truth to your will, Simon. You must be the one to bend to the power of the universe, for even the best laid chessmatches leave room for an element of chance.

The more you try to control the process, the more you will continue to fail to skim stones.

The more the lake will always get the better of you.

I walk the path of enlightenment.

Not controlling the uncontrollable, but responding to it.

I understand what you do not.

That the beauty of skimming stones is in the journey, not a goal to be accomplished.

To be enlightened, you must first give up control.

Or you will never learn to skim stones.