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Sins of the Father

Sins of the Father

They say that children are but a mere reflection of their parents.

Shaped by the very genes that created them, and twisted and morphed by their relationships and experiences.

Most use their nurture and love to create a bright and shining beacon of their name.

But some, their sins and evil nature make their kin a broken echo of the soul they were meant to be.

There was once a young boy who’d been fed a lie about his father his entire life.

A hero of great repute, a good and honest man who protected the innocent with pure and noble intent.

No soul knew of his existence for his safety against the forces of evil

And they moved constantly to allow this hero to protect the universe itself.

Blinded to the truth and unforgivably loyal, this child was manipulated by pure love alone.

Until the day the past caught up to the father and the truth was revealed.

The greatest villain known to the universe, who’d scarred the very soul of planets and galaxies

A heart of pure darkness who wanted for his son to be just like him.

Confused and betrayed, surrounded by his fathers living victims, he begged for this not to be true.

For the father he loved to still be a reality only to be abandoned in the darkness.

Left as a sacrificial lamb for those who desired blood and vengeance.

As the sins of the father consumed the life of the son..

A fate that you will soon meet Prince unless you wise up to the man your father really is.

You know, for a man so determined to follow his own path that he would disguise himself as another species entirely,

You were so quick to kneel by your fathers side like the good doggy you are.

Oh sure there was some resistence but at the very first sign of trouble, you came running to his aid.

Knowing he would never do the same for you.

You can’t help loving your family but sometimes you have to realise when it’s time to cut loose.

Death isn’t some pure and noble deity, he isn’t the hero of this tale prince.

He’s a sick and twisted asshole who has used his power to nearly break this world in half.

He murdered countless gods and millions of people in the backlash because he was slighted. Because someone dared to question his powers.

He’s a petulant child with infinite power not to mention every person who has helped him here has been thrown away like garbage once he had no use for them.

Odin, Viridi, The Butcher, Voynich, Corvus, the list goes on and on.

And the moment you fail him again Deathnote, he”ll throw you away too.

So you’ve got a choice Prince, watch the universe burn as you protect someone who doesn’t deserve your love.

Or stand aside and let the Collector follow the path his fate dictates.

Because the world is darker because of your fathers sin,

The only way for you to survive is to not let it consume you too.