Short Sighted

In Promo, Tec by TEC

Not every human born into Arcadia is fully operational. Some of them are missing important features that many others take for granted.

Take the gift of sight as an example. While many humans may think nothing of this ability, a portion of them are unable to visualize the world around them.

Without the capacity to see, people have to rely on their other senses in order to navigate the world around them. Even when they’re able to circumnavigate that issue, there’s still the problem of them being unable to perceive what those other senses are picking up.

How would an individual that was born blind know what colors are without being told about them? How would they know that they’re grabbing or eating something life threatening without it being forced away from them?

How would they know when someone or something dangerous is approaching them until it’s too late?

They wouldn’t. Even with every other sense overclocked, they wouldn’t be able to know any of those things without someone intervening on their behalf.

That’s why it defies all logic that someone would intentionally revoke this gift for any reason. Why would a person willingly remove their eyes, and by extension their sight, for the rather negligible benefit of heightening their other senses?

Or, in V1sion’s case, why he would poke his eyes out in order to acquire this so called ‘true sight’ when it hasn’t benefitted him in the slightest.

This ‘true sight’ you claim to possess helps you to see into the future, yet it hasn’t been able to show you Grimskull going through all your prism trials just to ultimately get revenge against you for dunking his head into molten lava.

You claim to possess sonar like abilities, yet those haven’t helped you in combat more than a person who can see the people they’re fighting.

This leads me to question what this third eye has really given you other than blindness. It’s made you unable to see the danger that lies right in front of you until it strikes you down. While it improved your other senses, it also hindered your ability to perceive things without the assistance of the rest of those in your cult.

I don’t take something like sight for granted. I’m thankful that my creator programmed it into me so I can catch everything with my ocular lenses and process how to understand it. You won’t catch me trying to destroy them in order to entertain the idea of ‘true sight’.

That’s my big advantage heading into our scheduled match. It’s not just my ability to see, but it’s my ability to understand and interpret what I see that’ll give me the edge over you.

And if for whatever reason my vision is damaged, I can always get it replaced by my inventor. You, V1sion, aren’t so lucky.

You’ll be unable to perceive how much of a threat I am and how much danger you’re in until it’s too late. No amount of true sight will stop me from closing this case.