Shoot Out

In Promo by Pyre

When there’s a shootout, what does everyone reach for?


People love a good weapon, don’t they? My hubby Simon uses a sledgehammer, and he knows how to handle it.

But there are other weapons out there. Some favor guns, others favor blades, but in a shootout, there’s a commonality between all weapons.

They have to be used.

And if you’re not the one using the weapon, then you’re either the weapon itself…

…or you’re dead.

But an unused weapon isn’t worth a damn thing, is it? A gun unfired is a gun that way as well not exist. A clean blade is just evidence of uselessness.

It’s the same when people are used as weapons.

Look at TGK. The Kid finds out he’s a robot, sent to the future to fight… something or someone. But he’s an unfired gun right now, sitting idle waiting for the someone to pick him up and use him.

So why’s he here?

Vigour is searching high and low for a weapon to fight the Ashen’s weapon. He’s blindly scrambling for something to defend himself, but like I said: if you’re not using the weapon, or the weapon itself.

You’re dead.

Chronoa has a weapon, that’s for sure. She’s weaponized the Impaler for her own means, whatever they are. She says she speaks for fate, but it seems her gun is jammed with black mist as Legion doesn’t want to do her bidding.

So much for fate, right?

Impaler is a mighty weapon, but he claims he didn’t do the deed his partners think he did in killing Starboy. What was it I said about a clean blade?


So that’s what I’m up against: unused weapons, unarmed men, and a witch who doesn’t know how to operate her weapon.

You’ll have to do better than that.

Because the Blackharts don’t come unarmed. But you can forget Simon’s sledgehammer or Jet Set Radio’s skating paraphernalia.

The only weapon you need to worry about is the red haired bitch whose ire you’ve earned.

But unlike the Kid, I’m not a weapon waiting to be aimed. I’ve fired of my own accord before, and I will again.

Unlike Vigour, I know my enemy and know that I must fight or die.

Unlike Chronoa, my weapon has no qualms about its usage. My flamed burned Wonderland to a crisp. Where was your fate, then?

Impaler fights eternally against who and what he is. A killer. I wear my body count as a badge of honor, and I will never hide behind the voices in my head.

It’s high noon, and it’s time for our shootout.

Yet I see two weapons sitting idle, and two wielders standing unarmed.


When faced with a shootout, I’ve never hesitated for a second. I will destroy anyone who stands in the way of me getting what I want.

Today is no different.

Your inner turmoil blinds you to the torrent headed your way. But that’s the good thing about a shootout.

If you’re not firing, it doesn’t matter.

You’re dead, either way.