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Seeing Red


Seeing Red

Deep within a dark valley, there was a village.

An accursed place, for the villagers had a peculiar disability.

They could only see one color.

It was the color of rage, the color of blood.


Their lives were shackled to its relentless hues, with no respite from the fire that haunted their existence.

But one day, an enlightened stranger appeared on the outskirts of the village.

Aghast to see the village’s plight, he sought an audience with the village chief.

Seeing a man broken by the crimson haze, the stranger whispered truth to him, of colors that lay beyond their monochromatic existence.

The voices swirling round the chief were skeptical, but ensnared by curiosity he demanded proof.

The stranger unveiled objects from his journey – a somber yellow rose; a withered green leaf.

But all the villagers saw was red.

Because some will remain blind even to truth staring them in the face.

Felix Foley is a village unto himself.

And Foley, much like those villagers, has been ensnared by a single color.


It has blinded him to the vast expanse of emotions painting our world with diverse hues.

You see, I was once like Felix.

Broken into a thousand fragments, a million voices fluttering inside my head.

When the darkness came, I could only see the red of pain.

Just as Foley can only see the red lights that flash in darkness.

But the Third Eye has taught me wisdom. They have shown me the full spectrum of this world. Only through embracing the prism can we reach enlightenment.

The yellow of Empathy.

The green of Charity.

But Felix Foley, with his obsession for the red light, remains trapped in a cage of his own making, unable to escape the narrow confines of his limited perspective.

And no matter how many voices ring out, they cannot see beyond the crimson hue.

The stranger in the story sought to enlighten those who lived in darkness.

And though the villagers initially resisted, their eyes were eventually opened to the world beyond their monochromatic existence.

Felix Foley, you too can do this.

Your obsession with the red light has blinded you to all else.

But the time has come to tear down the walls that imprison you, for your vision to become whole again.

The Third Eye has shown me the path.

For I have felt the piercing cold of indifference.

The agonizing sting of greed.

And yet now, I see the world through the prism of the Third Eye, and I have embraced it.

Can you not feel the hunger for something more?

For more than just me?

If you continue to let the red light consume you, it will lead you only to a life devoid of meaning and purpose.

Together, we can shatter this red cage and step into a world of infinite possibilities.

Of infinite voices.

But the choice is yours.

Will you embrace your pain?

Will you continue to cling to the red light, allowing it to consume you until nothing remains but a single lonely voice?


Or will you open your third eye?

Embrace the prism, Felix.

Be reborn.