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See No Evil, Speak No Evil

See No Evil, Speak No Evil

What happens when a man loses sight of injustice?

He slowly, but surely, finds his other senses coming into play to compensate.

He might walk down the street one night, and hear someone being robbed in an alley off in the distance.

So cold-hearted is this man, that he turns a blind eye to the tragedy…but he can still hear it.

The screams echo throughout the surrounding area, bringing the man to a pause.

In that moment, he has a decision to make.

He can either intervene, and save this innocent…or he can ignore the call to justice.

Despite the pleas ringing in his ears, he chooses not to speak out.

As a result, another innocent life is consumed by the darkness.

And what does this man do?

He keeps on walking…making him an accessory.

Someone that can be held accountable for the grave loss felt this night.

And he will be pursued, just as much as the one responsible for the robbery and murder.

The man will be brought before the stand of Justice, and forced to answer for his transgressions.

He may choose to exercise his right to remain silent, but it will not work out for him.

He will be found guilty by association, and sentenced to isolation within his own head.

For turning a blind eye to injustice, he shall remain blind.

For staying silent to injustice, he shall remain silent.

If he cannot be a face of justice, he will be no face at all.

Welcome to the court of Justice, No Face.

All your life, you have found yourself turning a blind eye to the horrors that surrounded you.

Refusing to watch as tragedy unfolds, as if hoping it would absolve you of what is coming.

But you could still hear the injustice, couldn’t you?

The screams were echoing down the streets, out where you couldn’t avoid it.

The cries of help were ringing in your ears, causing you great distress.

You knew what was happening, all the same…and you chose to ignore it.

You refused to speak out when atrocities played out, staying mute when your voice could’ve changed everything.

Allowing innocent lives to be snuffed out in the process.

And now, you stand before The Sharkman.

Forever blind, forever mute as the result of your transgressions.

You cannot equate the two as ignorance, which makes you guilty as charged.

An accessory to the atrocities.

And in this court, there is no chance for parole.

No opportunity for rehabilitation.

There is no turning back from your final punishment.

Sentenced to live out your final days as an example.

A reminder to the world that justice finds a way.

And as the gavel slams, you will be taken to the darkest depths.

Left in isolation, forced to think back on every decision you’ve made.

And most of all, kept away from those who choose to do good in this world.

They will see where you were blind.

They will speak where you were silent.

The Sharkman