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“An old man once sat before a regular block of limestone.”

“There was nothing special about this block. To any other eye, it was as square and plain as any other block of limestone.”

“But to the old man, this limestone was special.”

“He spent many days looking at this block with bright eyes and a smile on his face.”

“One day, a passerby stopped at his side and asked softly, ‘What is it about this stone? Why do you continue to stare at it so fondly.’ The old man never broke his glare towards the block, but offered his response.”

“‘You see, son.. my life is limited. Soon, my time will be up. I will spend the last of my days carving this stone, sculpting my own masterpiece.'”

“He paused, relieving himself with a comforting sigh.. ‘Long after I’m gone, this sculpture of limestone will remain. Through the weathers of time, this limestone will stand tall for all to remember me by.'”

“My first few months here in OSW, I spent them admiring my block of stone.”

“In my line of work, it’s quite obvious that my presence here is limited. And so, I began to search for a way to leave a piece of my legacy behind.”

“And it was here where I found you, Jackson Cade.”

“My block of limestone.”

“To the normal eye, he’s just a regular old chunk of stone. A hot rookie on the beat, bringing in one bad guy after another by the book of law!”

“However, I can see the true beauty laying beneath that outer layer. I know the true Jackson Cade, the little eagle that’s stuck inside his nest without the know how to fly.”

“For months I’ve worked on sculpting my legacy. I’ve spent several sleepless nights molding you into the killer that I know lies dormant behind those blue eyes.”

“Through the Embrace of Pain, I have chipped away at that outer shell that you crafted for yourself so well.”

“I have taken the care to wear down that stone exterior of yours. Through your pain and anguish, I have began to bring out the true beauty of who you are on the inside.”

“And at Ring of Dreams, I will put the final touches on this sculpture.”

“Long after I’m gone, you will remain the killer that I’ve created. The one that I molded from just a simple and pure mind.”

“The blood of your colleagues and mentor will always remain a stain on your persona.”

“Through all of my trials, you have weathered the storm just as limestone.”

“You have and always will be the legacy that I leave behind.”

“Regardless of what happens at Ring of Dreams, one thing will remain true.”

“I made you, Jackson. By my hand, I crafted you into what you have become.”

“I took you in as the flightless bird that you were, and I sculpted your wings.”

“And soon you will soar freely, Little Eagle.”

“By my mallet and chisel, you shall become my greatest masterpiece.”

Jasper Redgrave