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“You’ve built a mountain of a Sandcastle.”

“It’s a grand masterpiece, towering high and firm above the sand. This multi-layered epic isn’t just made of sand, but that’s the trick – you see, this sandcastle doesn’t topple easily. There’s a reason why it stands so tall and proud.”

“It isn’t built with just sand.”

“Over the years of its existence and creation, Banzan has crafted this sandcastle using the minds, bodies and souls of people and monsters here in Old School Wrestling. He has been responsible for their collective demises, utilizing them in the building of his very own structure – one that has yet to fall.”

“Unlike most sandcastles, the ocean isn’t its enemy.”

“Because when the ocean crashes up against it, the sandcastle uses the ocean to strengthen parts of its design. It uses its power to re-enforce the mountain of sand and souls so that it doesn’t topple.”

“I wanted to be the wave that came crashing down and dismantled this mountain of a sandcastle.”

“I wanted desperately to be the ocean who came at it harder, stronger, faster than it ever had before.”

“But I’ve realized; that’s not what’ll topple this Sandcastle.”

“That’s not what makes sand out of this mountain.”

“Banzan wants nothing more than for The Generation Kid to come at him all guns blazing, giving it everything I’ve got. He wants complete exertion; complete control, and he gets that if I give into my desire and become the ocean.”

“If I do that, if I bash up against that mountain of a sandcastle, it won’t topple it. It won’t even crumble it; no, I’ll just end up another soul within it, helping to prop it up. That’s what has happened to every single wave that has ever crashed upon it. Aesop, Bishop, Sweet Alice, Tenchu and the list inevitably goes on. I refuse to add my name to the list of waves your sandcastle has used to prop itself up with, Banzan.”

The cycle has to be broken.

“At Red Snow VIII, I’m not the ocean water coming to wash away your Sandcastle.”

“I’m not the ginormous wave prepared to crash down.”

“I won’t let you use me to prop up this mountain of sand.”

“Instead, I’m going to be the sun.”

“And I’m going to put your mountain of a sandcastle under intense heat by doing absolutely nothing at all. I’m going to look down upon you like the sun does us all, and burn so hot, so intensely, that I turn your castle of sand into a castle of glass.”

“When that happens; when you become fragile and tempered, that’s when I’m gonna strike, Banzan.”

“When you’re mountain of glass, I’ll shatter you into fucking pieces.”

“And the mountain will finally be toppled.”