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A beautifully crafted knife sits in Blacktooth’s hand. It glints as he holds it up to the light, a single dirty bulb hanging inside of a shack in his compound. Beneath him sits a man, bound and gagged with nothing but terror in his eyes. The cannibal chuckles, bringing the knife to the man’s throat.

“When you sold me this knife, you knew what I would do with it, didn’t ya?”

A muffled shriek finds itself stopped dead by the dirty cloth around the man’s mouth, sweat dripping down his face as Blacktooth presses the blade further into his throat. Blood trickles against the cold steel, running slowly down the blade.

“You knew who I was, the kinda clientele you had walkin’ into your store. Had to know this wasn’t for cuttin’ steak, boy. Hell, you saw the smile on my face, didn’t ya? You had to know I was gonna use this little beauty on any poor fucker who walked into the wastes.”

“But you just never thought it’d be your skin I was slicin’, huh?”

Blacktooth dug the blade deeper, blood gushing forth from the wound and pouring down his hand, every last red droplet absolutely coating his skin as the color began to drain from the man’s face.

“That’s the thing with salesmen like you, ain’t it? You can walk wherever you want and offer whatever you want so long as you think it’ll be so wonderful, so tantalizin’, that they’d have to buy. You offer vices. Be it drugs, blades, or pussy, you always need to offer a pleasure to your customers you think they couldn’t live without.”

“Always offerin’, never partakin’.”

Blacktooth chuckles, his poor hostage loosing consciousness, his eyes glossing over, skin turning pale.

“And you wanna know why I don’t think y’all join in?”

“You ain’t got the balls for it.”

“Gettin’ your cock hard just watchin’ people enjoy the vices you’re peddlin’. You’re happy to watch them slice through someone else’s skin, elated to see the joy on their faces as it glides like butter. But you ain’t got the guts to do it yourself.”

With one swift motion Blacktooth rips the knife forwards! It slices through the man’s neck, his head hanging on by a thread as it rolls back. Blacktooth kicks over the corpse, leaning down and finishing the cut with one swift slash.

“And the world is full of men like you. Like Aarman Fidel.”

“You’ll provide the means of destruction, but you’ll never be the one to inflict it.”

“Won’t snort that coke, fuck the pussy, cut the throat. You just watch.”

Blacktooth stands up, holding the salesman’s head by its hair, licking the blood from his blade.

“But I’m done lettin’ ya watch. You sold me the knife, I’m gonna use the fuckin’ knife. I’ll use it on Burned Man, on Destructo Boy.”

“And I’ll use it on Fidel.”

Blacktooth turns around, kicking open the door to the shack to reveal a horde of Blood Runners waiting outside.

And he rings a bell.