Rushing Into Danger

In Promo, The Burned Man by The Burned Man

“A boy in the Slums woke up one morning to find himself trapped in a burning home.”

“Smoke filled the air as the kid began to panic. He couldn’t see or breathe as the need to escape flooded his blood with adrenaline.”

“Coughing and squinting, he ran to the front door and seemingly secured his freedom. However, just as he was about to make his escape, a conflicting thought outweighed his desire to survive.”

“You see, the boy wanted to rescue a picture of his father from the fire. It was the last remaining memento he possessed of his old man and he wasn’t going to allow it to be consumed.”

“Dashing back into danger, he began searching for the photograph he desired. The boy searched every room for it, leaving no stone unturned as the flames began to grow to amazing heights.”

“Eventually, the fire became so large, it consumed everything in its wake. This included the kid and his treasured photo.”

“The boy was burned trying to save a legacy instead of his own life.”

“The fire didn’t care that the kid was just a child. It didn’t care that it was willing to die in order to preserve the memory of his father.”

“It only saw him as another easy target to burn and leave for dead.”

“Arcadia, much like fire, doesn’t really care about children trying to uphold the legacy of a dead hero. It’s a lesson I’ve been trying to teach Destructo Boy since he ran back into the proverbial flames.”

“Boy, I tried to get you to understand the dangers that the real villains of Arcadia possess for half a year now. I tried to lead you away from the fire that started ever since your father died.”

“I acted as the part of your brain trying to get you out of danger. Instead of listening to me, you punched me in the jaw and ran back into the flames.”

“Since then, I’ve given you a taste of what the bastards of Arcadia would do to you if given the chance. I’ve dialed up the heat and allowed my fire to grow stronger to prove to you that you’ll get burned if you keep at it.”

“You see, Destructo Boy, the real villains of Arcadia wouldn’t just take your blade and leave you to flip every stone trying to find it.”

“They don’t care that you’re the son of one of the greatest heroes ever to have lived.”

“They just see you as another doe eyed child that they can kill and loot for credits.”

“The flames you’ve walked into have grown so high that you can no longer escape from them. You’ll cough as you try to get your blade back from me to no avail.”

“Eventually, you’ll collapse and find out how dangerous the fire can really be.”

“My family found out first hand. And if you keep trying to put a legacy over your own life, you will too.”

“Be careful when walking into the fire. You will get burned.”