Ruined Legacy

In Colt Ramsey, Promo by Colt Ramsey

There was a long-running shop within the market row of The Slums, run by a gentle old man.

The shopkeeper was one of the biggest names in the area, celebrated by the community for his kindness and the quality of his products.

People flocked to his storefront, finding some of the best things credits could buy in Arcadia.

A shining light that brought prosperity to the area, right through the old man’s final days.

The shopkeeper was survived by his son, a young man eager to fill those big shoes.

And for a time, he did.

He kept that hope alive even as the shops around him started closing up.

He had complete and utter faith in his fellow Arcadians…until the looters came.

These hooligans didn’t care about the legacy of the shop.

They just wanted whatever they could carry away.

I still remember the photos snapped of the scene the next day.

Windows shattered, shelves emptied.

And standing in front of it all, a heartbroken young man in lament.

Staring in disbelief at a legacy that had been ruined.

That man learned the hard way that some shoes are too big to fill.

Some limits just can’t be overcome.

And that’s a hard pill for some to swallow…isn’t it, Destructo Boy?

A young man trying to be the hero his father once was.

He was beloved by nearly all of Arcadia, celebrated by those who benefitted from his service.

People from all over came to thank the big hero.

And he loved them back, didn’t he?

Even in his final days, he went out swinging…leaving you to pick up the mantle.

To step into those shoes and try to run with them.

But not everyone in Arcadia appreciates the legacy you’re trying to build, do they?

There are those who hated the shining example your father gave.

They’d want nothing more than to bring you down into the depths.

To leave you out on the Killing Floor for the slaughter.

They’ll grind you down just like they did your father.

And then, they’ll take everything from you.

Leaving you all on your own, lamenting the destruction of what your father built.

The legacy you tried to carry on, broken into pieces by the people you swore to protect.

And I’ll be there to document it all.

Snapshot after snapshot of what remains.

All to show the truth about Destructo Boy…a boy who couldn’t reach his full potential.

A boy who finally found a limit he couldn’t rise above.

Will you still have hope then?

Or will that finally be enough to break your faith?

To make you question why you ever tried to be a hero in the first place?

I need to know, because these people can’t have a doubting savior.

There is no room in Arcadia for a hero whose heart just isn’t in it anymore.

These people want to know that you can keep your promise.

And you’ve got to give the people what they want.