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There once was a person who felt like they were nobody.

The people closest to them took the spotlight while they found comfort in the shadows.

Day in and day out, new people came in to their home and lingered for varying amounts of time.

These people were people the little nobody never interacted with unless they had to.

All of them felt dangerous.

Yet, there was always someone to host them regardless of how they seemed.

Despite being able to hide for a long time in this constantly changing abode, they could never feel truly comfortable.

Home never felt like home and they were desperate to do anything to get out into the world.

In the final moment of being in this tumultuous domicile, where all hope seemed lost, Zeus reached out to them and had them sign papers that allowed them to escape.

This contract felt like a rope that could pull them out of this horrible situation so they signed on as quickly as possible just for a chance to escape.

Now tell me, Mr. Attano, who do you think this mysterious person is?

Its both of us, you and me are not so different, the major difference is you experienced that horrible situation as an adult.

That was my childhood.

See, you’re just on the next chapter of your story, I’m on a whole new part of my book.

So let me give you some spoilers whether you like it or not.

That rope you climbed so quickly that you burned yourself is more like the noose I almost killed the bastard with.

Read the fine print, it will always be better for him.

You and I both know he doesn’t offer people things out of the kindness of his own heart.

Don’t believe me?

Of course not, why would you?

Since you’ve been free, you’ve got to experience Arcadia without Zeus.

Yes, it was chaotic but wasn’t there beauty in the chaos?

Wasn’t there something comforting about it, something that felt like home in a weird way?

Now he’s saved and you’re going to understand how I feel real soon, you’re going to understand why I’ve done all of this.

That rope is going to tighten soon, I can already picture him asking where were you?

Before you can try to explain yourself, he’ll overwhelm you with a barrage of questions or accusation-infused statements that feel like a vice grip on your throat and make you not want to say anything.

I signed those papers too quick Attano, the grass isn’t always greener and even though, it felt awful in Deathrow, there will soon be a part of you that wants to go back even though all of you right now trembles in fear at the very thought.

I get it, that was how I felt whenever Zeus threatened divorce.

Once that fear was gone, I spoke with my art when he didn’t let me speak with my voice.

Once your fear is gone, the uprising will be here to give you the world you just got a taste of.

When you feel that rope tighten, I’ll tell you how to break free.

Narcissa Balenciaga