[Click.] [VHS like static covers the screen as a Play ► appears in the bottom corner.] [Voice Over.]

“Once a year, there’s a place where dreamers dwell.”

[Then the music kicks in.]

“Cover your eyes, you’re not ready to see this,
Better to be blind than to try and resist
Say your prayers and cease and desist, we all have secrets!”
[Shots of Mike Lane winning the OSW World Championship at Frostbite in November 2015 fill the screen. Subsequent successful defences against Brent Kersh, Red River Jack and Lux Bellator at Red Snow appear, as well as victories over Brent Kersh, Red River Jack and James Hunter in singles competition respectively.]

“Everyone dies so what’s the meaning in all this,
We have a choice to live or to exist,
If you want more, go take it and get pissed
We don’t have regrets!”

[Bruce Van Chan winning Pandemonium are next up, grabbing a huge pinfall over Bobby Neptune. Then shots of him and Mike Lane going nose to nose in the production truck, before brawling amongst themselves.]

I know how it feels to have nothing left to lose
To burn it all, and be left alone in silence
How it feels with the anger and the rage (and the rage!)
Get out, get out, get out, we are defiance!”

[Right hand, left hands, both men punching each other violently, beating each other’s heads off the equipment inside the trailer.]

“Pushed to the edge I can’t go any further,
Tear me apart with mechanical murder.
Ignorant bliss in a time of disorder,
God save the bastards.”

[Back to this last week at Showcase, in which a car speeds towards Bruce Van Chan who grabs Destiny and dives out of the way. The chorus bursts in, looking at the furious face of The Challenger as he sits there, recognizing what’s ahead.]

“Nightmares come when I can’t open my eyes,
Running from the past I know that I can’t hide.
I get knocked down shout up to the sky,
I got no regrets!”

[Shots of Jake Jeckel squaring off with Marvolo, Pig being spoken to by James Hunter and The Scarecrow battling The Silver Shroud fill our screens. As the chorus comes back around, their fighting joins the beat of the music.]

I know how it feels to have nothing left to lose
To burn it all, and be left alone in silence
How it feels with the anger and the rage (and the rage!)
Get out, get out, get out, we are defiance!”

“Say goodbye to the world that we once knew.”

[Click.] [The OSW cameras open up inside The School Yard to a tremendous ovation. It spins the arena, checking out the audience as KEG’s music hits and we get this show on the road!] [We find Vinnie Lane pacing up and down a hallway backstage, his phone glued to his ear. He looks nervous, worried. Not his usual cocky, confident self.]

“Roxy… Baby. Where are you?” [He is speaking quickly, obviously on edge.] “You were supposed to be here hours ago and I’m getting worried. Call me back… I just want to make sure nothing has happened to you.”

[Vinnie takes a breath, trying to compose himself. It is then that a backstage crew member approaches him.]

“Mister Lane?” [The stagehand inquires.] “Are you okay?”

“It’s Roxy. She hasn’t shown up. It’s not like her, I need to find out what’s going on. I think I may know where to find some answers.”

[Without so much as waiting for the stagehand’s reply, Vinnie is off. He marches down the hallway with conviction, Hardcore Championship slung over his shoulder.] [In a spectacle sure to put OSW firmly in the shitbooks of PETA and AA, Bad News Bear defends his right to bear arms against KEG!] [The official demands that Bear remove his lethal claws prior to the bout, which he reluctantly does with a sigh. The bell rings and both newcomers sloppily circle each other; KEG tipsy and swaying, Bear tripping on his own costume. TIE-UP! KEG grabs Bear’s big fluffy head and floats him over, but the cumbersome costume leads to him getting spiked on the snapmare! “OOOHHH!” The crowd groan as this thing is already getting ugly. KEG falls into the ropes and returns with a KEGdrop leg drop. One… Two… Th—Bear kicks out late, impeded by his get-up.] [KEG races to his feet, his hands held in the air triumphantly as the fans laugh. The Drunk One frowns as the referee gets in his ear. “That was 2, KEG!”, “DAMMIT!”. He stumbles over to the Bear and hauls him up. KEG sends him into the corner hard, Bear having to grab his head to stop it flying off. KEG backs up aaand KEGSPLASH but there’s nobody home! KEG has to hold onto his own head as it snaps off the top turnbuckle. He stumbles back even more drunkenly than before – right into the arms of Bear!] [Bear tries to spin him round for the devastating Bear Hug, but KEG sandbags him and throws elbows his way. Bear subdues him with a club to the back, then hits a German suplex! He keeps hold of him… another German! One more, one more – THE THREE BEARS! One… Two… KEG lifts his shoulder! The Grizzly Not From Disney slaps the mat, growling in frustration. He pulls KEG to his feet and shoves him into the ropes. STIFF CLOTHESLINE! KEG goes down, but he summons some Dutch courage and fights to his feet as Bear winds up another. “oooooOOOOOHHHH…” He DUCKS the second half of RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS!] [KEGBUTT! Bear reels from the breeze-block headbutt, his helmet not doing much to absorb the blow. HE HEADBUTTS HIM BACK! KEG screams and Bear growls as both men TRADE HEADBUTTS BACK AND FORTH! “OOF, OOF, OOF!” The crowd chant along with each braincell-killing, concussion-inducing blow, the referee flinching with each one. Blood trickles down KEG’s forehead but he still CRACKS Bear with another ‘butt, before grabbing the official and pointing at the ramp. “Look! That bashtard brought Goldi—hic—locks!” The referee buys the distraction – LOW BLOW TO THE BEAR! One… Two… ThreNO! KEG headbutts the mat in anger, a thousand-yard stare in his eyes.] [KEG rolls under the ropes and dives under the ring, the referee calling him back. He retrieves a BEER COOLER! The fans pop as he holds it aloft and slides back into the ring. He brandishes the cooler but the official grabs hold of it. “This ain’t a hardcore match, KEG!”. The two wrestle for the cooler, swinging it to and fro as Bear gets to his feet. He ducks the errant cooler as its lid opens and ice and beer cans fly through the air! The referee hurriedly kicks the debris aside, allowing Bear to NAIL KEGG WITH HIS BEAR CLAWS!] [KEG lands in a beer puddle, his blood mixing with the booze. Bear disposes of the evidence. One… Two… TwopointnineKICKOUT! Bear roars and pulls KEG to his knees… BEER MIST! Crimson and amber right into the eye-holes of Bear’s mask; KEG must have slurped it out of the soaking-wet ring mat! Bear paws at his sopping head, totally blind as KEG comes at him—kick to the gut—scoops him up—KEGBOMB! He plants him with the powerbomb! One… Two… Three!] [KEG celebrates for real this time, slipping on the beer-and-blood-soaked mat as he salvages the remaining cans to throw a celebratory beer bash!] [The outside of the schoolyard is shown as the roar of a car engine is heard. The car gets closer skidding to a stop and revealing itself to be a ’73 Oldsmobile. Ash Williams and Chase Hero exiting, going to the back and opening the trunk.]

“I’m all for a flashy entrance, but with no one to see it, that was pointless.”

“If you wanna be flashy, then do it all the time. Besides, I want ugly and uglier to hear us. We’re the ones knocking this time.”

[Ash pulls out a length of chain from the trunk and wraps it around his boomstick hand. He offers Chase a chair, who takes it happily.]

“Well” [Chase smirks.] “I bet this’ll be… groovy. Yeah, forget I said that.”

[Ash chuckles as he leads the way into the parking garage, walking cautiously, the lights only turning on as they walk under them.]



[The duo stiffen up and look around, ready to brawl.]



“Quit with the-”

“Games?” [The voice of Smiley is quiet, but echoing through the parking garage. Doubt is soon heard.]

“These aren’t games. They’re… a nightmare.”

[Smiley is heard laughing, and the sound of liquid hitting the ground is heard, the lights in the parking garage light up to reveal Knock Knock standing in front of the heroic duo, gas canisters behind the two.]

“Gas? Gonna set us on fire or are you gonna pretend to then run like usual?”

[Smiley looks to Doubt then back forward, he takes a lighter from his pocket and lights it.]

“First choice.”

[Smiley drops the lighter into the gas and SETS A CIRCLE OF FIRE AROUND THE TWO TEAMS!] [Ash takes his chain from his shoulder and swings it, wrapping it around Smiley’s arm! He pulls in Smiley who hits Ash with Smiley Junior! Doubt and Hero trade blows causing the two to tumble into Ash and Smiley. The two teams back off, the fire licking at the feet of Knock Knock as the heroes force them back. Knock Knock just laugh as Ash and Chase advance.]

“See you two in the Nightmare cage. With us around, your dreams won’t be sweet.”

[And with that the lights go out, coming up to reveal Knock Knock gone, and the fire out as fast as it was lit, leaving an angered duo as they advance into the arena.] [This is all four newcomers second match, and each is looking to make his impression.] [DING DING DING! Davenport is on top of Devereux, nailing him with a hard elbow swipe, then plunging his face to the mat with a knee drop. Five seconds into this thing and the big Dick is a limp rag. Meanwhile, Tommy and Nyx are locked up, with Nyx gaining an advantage over Hawk – pushing him back to his shoulders – But Hawk flips out! And goes for a spinning toe kick – Nyx DUCKS somehow and runs in to SPEAR TOMMY HAWK OUT OF THE RING.] [Both men hit the floor hard and are out of it for the moment. Davenport picks Dick up and levels him with a RUNNING BULLDOG to a HUGE pop. Davenport leans down to pick up Devereaux – but Dick GIVES HIM A LOW BLOW! BOOOOOO – Jon slumps over, his knees giving out. Outside, Hawk and Nyx have come to their feet. Nyx lands a swift kick to Hawk’s throat and spins around into a vicious backhand! Hawk is stumbling – Nyx jumps up – HURRICANRANA INTO THE APRON! NYX JUST TOOK HIMSELF AND HAWK OUT! The ref’s count is already to 3!] [Back in the ring, Dick has set up Jon for a DDT, but Davenport reverses into a wrist lock. He lifts Dick up and gives him an atomic drop! Dick stumbles in pain and walks right INTO A BIG BOOT from Davenport! Dick backs up into a corner, as Davenport advances. Davenport lunges forward to deliver a clothesline, but Dick slinks out to the outside. Davenport, the only one in the ring, starts laughing – He raises his hands and the CROWD LOSES THEIR SHIT. The count has gotten to 8-] [Both Hawk and Nyx have made it back to their feet – They don’t waste time going after each other, hey both slide back into the ring with Dick still recovering on the sidelines. Davenport runs to clothesline them both, but Nyx ducks and Tommy hits him with dropkick! Then a jumping knee to the rising Nyx! This just became Tommy Hawk’s ring! Davenport is up – Tommy jumps to the second rope and nails him with a crossbody – Nyx is also up – and runs at Tommy from behind BUT NO – Tommy dodges, and sends Nyx into the re-entering Dick Devereux! Tommy looks for Jon in the ring – and finds him when Davenport gives him aside belly-to-belly Suplex! Hawk is down – the Hound Dog climbs to the bottom rope aaaaaand – MUD SPLASH! Davenport takes the cover: ONE….TWO…..KICKOUT FROM HAWK!] [Nyx goes in for a kick to Jon, but Jon catches it! – He counters, but Nyx comes back with Dragon Whip! Jon is stunned! Tommy gets back up to his feet and joins Nyx to stomp the shit out of the Hound Dog. Then Dick returns! And tries to land a flying clothesline – but Nyx and Tommy easily shake him off. They advance. Nyx strikes first with a SUPER KICK! THAT’S AHSES TO AHSES – he moves in to , but Jon lays Nyx out with a DDT! It’s just Dick and Jon and DAVENPORT LOCKS IN GEORGIA CRAWFISH!-NO! TOMMY HAWK BREAKS IT UP! AND HE HITS A RED ARROW ON DAVENPORT!] [Dick is getting back to his feet as Tommy Hawk strikes his pose lets out HIS WAR CRY! He takes the imaginary tomahawk his back AND CHARGES! THE SCALP! DICK IS LIFELESS! ONE! TWO! THREE!] [Tommy Hawk rises to his feet, making an astonishing impression in only his second match with this win. Nyx and Jon look pissed as paramedics drag Dick away on a stretcher. This boys are ready to make FIRE on VHS!] [Earlier today…] [Marvolo sits at the foot of a very long table, Raquel standing with her hand on his shoulder. Both look nervous. Behind them stand the same guards Marvolo dispatched last week, two of whom sporting head bandages and the third, a tic.] [Nigel Royal sits at the head of the table in a clawed seat, scrutinising Marvolo and Raquel over tented fingers. A silver-haired lawyer sits beside him, perusing a contract -presumably for the Head of Security position Marvolo unwittingly auditioned for.]

“You’ve, uh, made the provision Marvolo requested?” [Marvolo pipes up.]

“Yes.” [Nigel replies, nodding at his lawyer.]

“Mr. Royal will be forbidden to sabotage this relationship, or to end it without your express consent, per the Et tu, Brute? clause.” [His lawyer says.]

“Good.” [Marvolo says uneasily.] “… It’s just that you did have the rest of High Society assaulted and financially ruined and—”

“I assure you that the contract is airtight, Mr. Olo.” [Nigel’s lawyer interrupts.]

“Marvolo.” [Raquel corrects him.]

“My apologies. I assumed it was Marvin Olo.”

“That’d be a silly name.” [Marvolo scoffs.] “Marvolo trusts you though, Nigel. A rich man has no reason to lie, after all. Pass the contract.”

[Nigel slides the contract down the lengthy table. It stops halfway. He clears his throat impatiently and one of his many goons rushes in to slide it again, into Marvolo’s reach. Raquel passes him a tortoiseshell pen, and he signs his name.]

Clap. “Excellent!” [Nigel stands up, his hand outstretched.] “You are now an employee of Royal Enterprises, and we are now officially… a tag team!”

[The black guard with the tic pulls Marvolo’s seat out for him. Marvolo smiles meekly at him, making the Touch of Death hand gesture, but quickly stops at the look on his face. #1 walks the length of the table and shakes Nigel’s hand.]

“Together, Ocean’s One will eliminate the competition!” [Nigel says, grinning like a Cheshire cat.] [We cut to a shot of a backstage locker room. Andre Aquarius is busy getting ready for his upcoming match. Suddenly, Vinnie Lane storms in.]

“There you are, been looking for you… Where is she?” [Vinnie practically spits the sentence out. Andre simply smiles, not fazed by Vinnie’s anger.]

“Ah, Massah Vin Vin. Please, come in.” [Andre speaks sarcastically, pointing out the rudeness of his entry.] “What can Prince Lightskin do for you?”

“Cut the crap, Aquarius. I know you know where Roxy is. Have you done something to her, you scumbag? I will fucking end you…” [Andre cuts Vinnie off with an open palm placed in front of Vinnie’s face. This only serves to rile Vinnie up more.]

“So, Roxy is missing?” [Andre seems to know nothing of her whereabouts.] “Hasn’t she called you? You could go looking for her, but our match is coming up soon and you would have to forfeit that belt of yours. Oh, no… What to do?”

[Vinnie pushes Andre up against a locker but Andre simply begins laughing. He pushes Vinnie back and the pair scuffle for a moment. Andre catches Vinnie with a solid right punch that sends the MegaStar reeling. Vinnie backs up, nearing the door.]

“I’ll save it for the ring. Then the whole world can watch me put you down.” [Vinnie leaves in a huff. It is then that a figure approaches behind Andre, stepping out from behind another row of lockers.]

“Earth Child Andre. It appears your plan has worked.” [Thuggin’ presents Andre with a set of three spark plugs and a cellphone.] “No harm was done to Miss Roxy, but here are the spark plugs from her car and her phone.”

[Andre smiles and takes the object, stuffing them into his locker then shutting the door.]

“Good. See, this was never about Roxy. She was simply a tool to get under Vinnie’s skin. People make mistakes when they are angry. I have control over Vinnie – now it’s out with the old and in with the… New Hardcore Champion.”

[The scene cuts with Andre’s face, chuckling to himself and Thuggin’.] [This match has become far more than just a championship match. The OSW Hardcore Championship is on the line as Vinnie Lane defends the strap and his woman’s respect against the cocky and brash Andre Aquarius.] [Vinnie Lane is waiting in Gorilla position when A KENDO STICK CRACKS OVER THE BACK OF HIS HEAD! Andre Aquarius smiles down at Vinnie Lane as he twirls the cane in his hand. Vinnie Lane drops his Hardcore championship as a referee comes seemingly out of nowhere with a bell in hand. He rings the bell to start this Hardcore Championship in the backstage area! Andre cracks the Singapore cane into the ribs of Vinnie before flipping him over for a pin. One…Two Kickout! Andre claps his hands together as he talks to the referee, demanding a faster count.] [It’s then that he spots Roxy Cotton, staring in horror a few yards away. He motions to his python hidden beneath the fabric of his trunks before yanking Vinnie up by his hair. He grabs his by the arm before throwing him across a desk in the backstage area. He opens a closet door and pulls out a mop as well as a broom. Also inside of there is a leaning ladder! He pulls it out and leans it against the wall. Aquarius tries to climb it, but Vinnie leaps up and yanks him back down by his trunks.] [He kicks Andre in the gut before lifting up a broom and smashing it over his back. He sweeps for the face as Andre recoils harshly clutching his eyes. Did straw get in his eyes!? Vinnie rushes him for a STO slamming him to the ground. He lifts the body of Andre onto the desk before climbing the ladder and… FROG SPLASH ATOP ANDRE ATOP THE DESK! Both men roll off in obvious pain as a smirk spreads across the face of the show-off Loverboy. Vinnie hooks a leg as the referee slides into position on the hard floor. One…Two…THR-NO! Andre kicks out!] [Vinnie nods his head as he yanks Prince Lightskin to his feet by his highlighted hair. He brings him back to the gorilla position before pulling him through the curtain and to the main stage. Vinnie goes back and lifts up the ladder. He walks out onto the stage and DROPKICK! Vinnie falls to the steel on the walkway as Andre smirks down at him. Prince Lightskin takes a few steps back before charging Loverboy and… #DANKINFUSION! The knee driver sends Vinnie’s face into the steel. He rolls him over before pinning him down. One…Two…Th-NO! Vinnie powers out!] [Aquarius bates Vinnie to get to his feet before going for an eye poke. But Vinnie blocks it in classic Three Stooges style! He kicks Andre in the gut and… BAD MEDICINE KNEE DRIVER! Knee drivers galore as Aquarius isn’t moving. Lane spots a table set up for this match. He drags the table over and sets Andre across it. Vinnie looks at the ladder before setting it up next to the big tron for Ring of Dreams! He climbs the rungs of the ladder before climbing up the side of the tron. He’s now at the top of the screen itself!] [The crowd is coming unglued! Vinnie raises his hands before making one final air-guitar strum. HE LEAPS! SENTON FROM THE TOP OF THE RING OF DREAMS TRON. OH MY GOD! CRASSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! VINNIE LANE CONNECTS WITH AQUARIUS! Both men are laid out as the crowd has begun a chant. “Holy Shit! Holy Shit! Holy Shit!” Vinnie Lane makes the slow crawl. He throws an arm across his chest. One…Two…THREEEEEEEEEE!] [Vinnie Lane did everything he could do to win this match but his body might be broken. Roxy comes out onto the stage as she helps her man to his feet. She plants a kiss on his cheek as he raises his hand faintly to show he’s alright. Medical team begins tending to Andre.] [As Vinnie Lane gets back to his feet, dazed and confused, his own voice booms over the announce system.] [Looking on in confusion, his brows furrowed and his eyes wandering, he listens.]

“Settle into your sidekick role because it’s as far as you’re ever going to get.”

[Vinnie squints.]

“I’m not insulting you when I say you aren’t as good as me. No-one is as good as me, but dude, I’ll give you this – you’re as close as possible.”

[The fans murmur amongst themselves, curious. Vinnie begins to circle the ring, questioning where he’s heard those words before.]

“But I always believed in you, kid.”

[What the hell is going on? Lane finally comes to a halt, confusion rife in his mind.]

“Remember that.”

[Suddenly, “Carnivore by Starset” hits and out onto the entrance ramp with a swagger like no other steps Austin Fernando. Vinnie’s mouth drops and almost hits the floor as young Fernando stands there for a moment and soaks in the tremendous reception. Slowly but surely, he takes off his suit jacket and shirt, throwing them to one side.]Lane-Fernando

“Remember that.”

[Austin storms the ring and slides straight in, ducking under a Vinnie Lane Clothesline attempt like he knew he was coming. He spins him around and lifts him straight up into the air.] [SUPLEX CUTTER!] [EMPERORS STRIKE!] [WHAT A REACTION! The fans go absolutely ballistic as Austin drops Lane with a huge Emperors Strike. He bounces back up to his feet and demands Lane get back up. Slowly he does, getting to both knees. Austin backs away, sizing his nemesis up.]

“Remember that you believed in me, Lane?” [He scoffs.] [Fernando runs up and catches him beautifully with a punt kick to the head that sends him sprawling out across the canvas. He calls that Welcome to Oblivion and by God, Vinnie Lane is there right now.] [The fans roar as Austin throws his arm into the air, soaking up the atmosphere as we head to a commercial break.] [What an amazing return.] [Marvolo walks backstage with a huge smile on his face. He holds a sheet of paper in his hand, likely another note from his source. Raquel walks behind, looking stunning as usual. Marvolo walks past the camera and we view him from behind. Raquel is out of view.]

“The time has come, Raquel, my sweet! Jeckel’s secret backer is about to be revealed and he will be finished in this town.”

[A muffled scream.]

“That’s right!” [Marvolo keeps talking, oblivious to the scream. He has not bothered to turn around.] “And after Marvolo defeats Jeckel both in and out of the ring, Marvolo will move on with Nigel… [Another muffled scream.] “Raquel?”

[Marvolo turns around and Jake Jeckel stands there. He has one hand around Raquel’s waist and the other covering her mouth, explaining the muffled yells. Marvolo steps forward but several Juggalos step in his way and grab him.]

“Let her go! Marvolo will not allow this to happ…..”

“SHUT UP!! You’re not ganna do anything! I’m calling the shots. If you don’t want this little bitch to feel pain like she’s never even imagined, you’re ganna back off. My backer wants to remain anonymous, and he’s gonna stay that way until we’re good and ready. You hear me boy!”

[Marvolo puffs himself to full height.]

“I hear you.” [A knowing smile.] “Now!”

[Suddenly Nigel Royal’s security team pours into the area! The fight is on! Juggalos versus Security!! Fist and feet are flying all over the place! Marvolo makes a b-line for Jeckel and the two trade punches! It’s mayhem!! The camera follows Jeckel and Marvolo as they fight through the backstage area, to the gorilla position! They fight through the curtain and the crowd goes wild! Raquel follows behind and manages to get behind Jeckel and trip him! Marvolo takes full advantage and stomps him on the steel ramp. He grabs Jeckel by the hair and slams his face off the ring apron. He rolls Jeckel under the ropes. This match is happening now!!!] [Marvolo rolls quickly into the ring, but Jake Jeckel is to his feet faster. He immediately begins stomping on Number One’s head and shoulders before the Luchador can get to his feet. Jeckel quickly grabs Marvolo and locks him in a side headlock! Marvolo reaches out for the ropes… but Jeckel cranks down even harder, pulling him to the center of the ring. Marvolo fights it and shoves Jake into the ropes. He sprints back at Marvolo, who ducks as Jake leaps over him and bounces off the far ropes.He runs back at #1, who hits the deck. Jeckel bounces off the ropes one more time as Marvolo bends for a BACK BODY DROP…. JECKEL KICKS HIM IN THE FACE….PUMPHANDLE SLAM!! One… Two… Th… KICK OUT!] [Jeckel pulls Marvolo to his feet and drives him to the corner with furious elbows to his ears! Jake mounts the bottom rope and starts pounding Marvolo in the corner… 1! 2! 3! 4! 5! 6! 7! 8! 9!…….10!!!! Jeckel moves as Marvolo marches from the corner at full speed until….. FACE BUMP!! Jeckel looks at the ref, who shrugs. He marches towards Marvolo who suddenly rolls himself into a ball. Jeckel looks confused, and then Marvolo’s hand pops out. Jecks considers it, and then he grabs it. Marvolo immediately pulls Jeckel down to the ground and locks in a CROSSFACE!!! Jeckel squirms…. He’s about to tap…. But reaches out and grabs the ropes! Marvolo is forced to break the hold.] [The ref pushed Number One back as Jeckel gets to his knees. Marvolo approaches Jake, but JUGGA-BLOW!! Marvolo stumbles as Jeckel gains his feet. Jeckel runs at him and THREE POINT STANCE CHARGE TO THE BACK OF MARVOLO’S KNEE!! He’s down! Jake rushes over and covers… One… Two… KICK OUT! Marvolo kicks out and Jake quickly begins stomping a mudhole in him once again! Marvolo is close to the ropes, however, and grabs the bottom one. The ref forces Jeckel back. Marvolo gets to his feet, but immediately drops to his knees as the Juggalo approaches. He begs off. Jeckel doesn’t know what to do and then… LOW BLOW!!! Jeckel gets a taste of his own medicine as Marvolo drops him!] [Marvolo quickly gets to his feet and pulls Jeckel up to his knees. He pulls his head back by the hair and … BURNING SWORD!!! Jeckel is flattened and Marvolo slides to the apron. HILO!!! Marvolo hooks a leg! One… Two… Thr… NO! Jeckel kicks out! Marvolo wastes no time, however, and locks Jeckel in a FUJIWARA ARMBAR!!! Jeckel is writhing in pain! He’s about to give up!!! But he just manages to flip onto his back relieving the pressure. He rolls Marvolo back and gets the shoulders down… One… Marvolo releases the hold, breaking the pin in the process.] [Both men rush to their feet. Jeckel nurses his arm as Marvolo adjusts his mask. The Juggalo steps up and HAMMERS MARVOLO WITH RIGHT HAND TO THE FACE!! Marvolo is rocked, but STRIKES BACK!! They trade punches back and forth! But then Marvolo slams Jeckel’s chest with a KNIFE EDGE CHOP!! Another!! ANOTHER!! MACHINE GUN CHOPS!!! The crowds WOOOOOO’s with each chop until Marvolo drives Jeckel to the corner. Marvolo jumps up and springboards from the first ropes… FRANKENSTEINER!!! Marvolo sits on Jeckel’s chest and grabs the legs… One… Two… Three!!!] [No!!! Jeckel kicks out! Marvolo nearly assaults the referee begging for a three count! He finally gives up and turns back to Jake….. ANOTHER JUGGABLOW!! Marvolo goes down and Raquel is screaming from the outside. Jeckel hears her and smiles gruesomely… He slides out of the ring and Raquel spots him. She starts running around the ring as Jeckel gives chase! “Numbehr!!!” she screams as Jeckel closes in… but then MOONSAULT PLANCHA!!!! Marvolo nails Jeckel on the outside!!!] [Raquel runs over to check on Marvolo as both men are down. Number One gets to his feet first and pulls Jeckel up… AND THEN THROWS HIM INTO THE RING STEPS!!! Jeckel is in trouble! Marvolo pulls the Juggalo up again and rolls him into the ring. Marvolo follows and pulls Jeckel to his feet. He whips Jake into the ropes. Jeckel returns and flies though the air. CROSSBODY BLOCK! The Juggalo is in control again. He climbs up and FAYGO SPLASH!!! One… Two… Thre…..KICK OUT! Jeckel pulls Marvolo up again… JUGGALO JACKHAMMER!!! One… Two… THREE!!!] [NO!! Marvolo got a foot on the rope!! Jeckel can’t believe it. He pulls Marvolo up, but Marvolo strikes out… TONGAN DEATH GRIP!!! Jeckel goes down fast! It’s an illegal move and the ref counts to four, forcing Marvolo to break the hold. He pulls Jeckel to his feet and sets him up for a PILEDRIV….NO! Jeckel REVERSES WITH A BACK BODY DROP!! Jeckel pulls Marvolo up and takes him to the corner. He lifts the luchador to the top turnbuckle… He climbs up as well. He stands pulling Marvolo to his feet on the top!!!! He grabs Marvolo…. THE HATCHET FROM THE TOP TURNBUCKLE!!!!!!!!!! He crawls over and gets an arm across Marvolo’s chest! One… Two… THREE!!!!] [The Juggalo has done it! Marvolo is defeated! Jeckel climbs to his feet with his hand held high!] [The man with all of the answers meets with The Animal for one last time here at Ring of Dreams. They’ve been tag team champions, and now their journey is coming to ahead.] [The bell sounds as Pig awaits his orders from Luther. “GET HIM!” screams Luther on the outside of the ring and the two men meet in the center of the ring. Punches are being thrown wildly in every direction! Question grabs Pig by the hair and whips him into the ropes. Pig raises a boot and kicks James Hunter right on the chin. Hunter bounces off of the ropes with RELAX! Pig hits the mat but Hunter doesn’t go for a pin. He mounts The Animal and begins raining down upon his face with vicious right hands.] [Luther begins yelling at Andrea Walsh who is sitting at ringside. Question spots this and yells at Luther to leave her alone. Pig uses the moment to push him off. Hunter is caught off guard as Pig leaps up and THE GREAT DESTROYER! The pop up superkick nails him right in the midsection as The Question leans over. Pig wraps his hands around his throat as he lifts Hunter up before throwing him back to the mat with a double hand chokeslam. Pig grabs Hunter by the arm and pulls him to the ropes where he begins stomping on the back of his head, choking him on the rope.] [Pig sees Andrea Walsh on the outside and stops in his place. Luther begins yelling at Pig and Pig snaps out of it to turn back to Hunter. Only Question hits THE CONTRADICTiON! The inverted RKO spikes Pig into the mat as he goes for a quick cover. One…Two…Thr-No! Question doesn’t look surprised but almost looks happy that the match is ongoing. He slowly pulls Pig up to his feet with a sneer on his mouth. He delivers a solid right hand which rocks Pig. Pig responds by BITING QUESTION! James Hunter recoils as the referee pulls Pig off of him.] [Question dabs his head as if making sure there was no blood. After reassuring himself of that fact, he charges Pig for another RELAX but Pig hits him with a SPEAR! Both men hit the mat seemingly drained. Andrea Walsh looks on in dismay as Luther is berating Pig with insults trying to get him fired up. Both men slowly stir to their feet but as they do… MARCH OF THE QUESTIONS! Hunter just stole his signature move as he holds his neck. He covers Pig! One…Two…TH-NO! Pig pushes him off of him just at the last second.] [James Hunter looks at Pig with his eyes narrowed. With his Hypocrite move in the bag, he’d have to resort to his newest finisher. He moves to the corner where he begins winding up his arm in preparation for The Quick Question. Pig gets to his feet, groggily, as he turns around. THE QUICK… THE CONTRADICTION FROM PIG! Pig took a note from The Question’s playbook as he just stole his move! Pig leaps onto Question and hooks both legs. One…Two…TH-NO! Question kicks out as Pig glares at him.] [Pig gets to his feet as he huffs and puffs. Question slowly begins to stir as well as he gets to his knees. Big boot to the side of his head as Question slumps back to the mat. Pig begins stomping away on Question! The referee has to detain him but Luther leaps up on the apron and detaches the top turnbuckle pad during it! The referee finally disconnects from Pig as he notices Luther by the corner! He begins berating Luther as he replaces the padding on the top turnbuckle. Pig goes to pick up Luther and… BRASS KNUCKLES PUNCH TO THE BALLS! Pig hunches over in pain but Question hits the ropes and… THE QUICK QUESTION! The referee turns around just in time to see James Hunter pinning Pig’s shoulders to the mat. One…Two…THREE!] [James Hunter smiles as he gets to his feet. The referee raises his hand as he gets a huge win here at the biggest show of the year. Luther does not look happy as he continue berating his client from ringside. Andrea Walsh is silent.] [As both Pig and the Question rise to their feet, trying to catch their breath as they cool down, Luther leaps up on the apron.]

“Let’s go, Pig!” [He barks, watching as Pig slowly turns away from James Hunter to walk towards the ropes.]

“What’s wrong, Luther?” [Hunter calls as Andrea Walsh walks up the stairs to enter the ring.] “Did you forget about Miss Walsh here?”

[Luther stops Pig from leaving, and climbs in the ring to get up in Andrea’s face.]

“That whore doesn’t deserve to be within a country mile of my Pig.” [He wildly points at her.] “She’s been a broken down old mule since she was just a ki…”

Pig – Hunter[SLAP!] [Luther reaches up to touch his face where Walsh’s hand flew across it. Even James Hunter looks impressed as Luther motions to Pig.]

“End them!”

[Pig begins to walk forward, eyeballing the two people before him as Hunter smiles.]

“This is your choice, Pig. It’s not Luther’s.” [The Question states as he backs away, pulling Andrea back as he does so.] “Are you a man or are you an animal?”

[Pig reaches Hunter and twists his head for a moment. The crowd goes silent as they consider the question along with Pig himself. Luther looks like he’s about to shit himself.]

“Come home, son.” [Andrea says, reaching out for Pig’s hand.] “Please, we will take care of you.”

[Pig looks between the two of them, the emotion on his face finally leaking through. It’s barely there, but even a sliver of sunlight can light up a dark room.]

“Do it!” [Luther commands. Pig barely turns his head before the emotion seals itself away.] [GREAT DESTROYER TO JAMES HUNTER!] [The Question flies out of the ring from the super kick, landing on the floor with a thud. Andrea Walsh is suddenly overcome with fear as Pig approaches her. Luther screams obscenities behind the Monster as Andrea pleads for mercy.] [MARCH OF THE PIGS TO ANDREA WALSH! THERE IS NO MERCY IN PIG!] [Andrea crumples to the mat as Pig rises to his feet. The crowd had gotten behind him for just a moment, but have now deflated at seeing him still be a pawn of Luther. Of course, Luther is the one like a pig in shit at the moment as he begins to gloat.]

“How many times do you people have to try to take my Pig from me! This whore couldn’t even do it, and she even pushed him out between her rotten legs. He’s mine! He’s my Animal, my Monster, and there is no one out there that will ever take him away from me!”

[Luther slaps Pig on the chest and nods towards the entrance way.]

“Let’s get out of here, Pig!”

[Luther takes a step forward, but the crowd immediately begins to buzz as Pig does not move. Luther barks back another command as he reaches the ropes.]

“Do I need to clean your ears with bleach, Pig? Let’s get moving!”

[Pig does not comply.]

“Don’t you dare start this shit with me. Get out of this ring now!”

[Pig’s eyes move from the blank stare he normally holds to look straight into the eyes of Luther. Pig shakes his head no.] [Pig shakes his head no.] [Luther walks up to Pig and reaches out to grab Pig’s shoulder. Except Pig shakes his head again. He grabs Luther’s arm, and fear takes over the handler of Pig.]

“You’re my damn animal, and you’ll lis…”

[Pig grabs Luther, and hoists him up into the Crucifix position while the older man pleads. With no mercy, PIG NAILS THE DAY THE WORLD WENT AWAY ON LUTHER!] [The crowd explodes as Pig paces the ring looking for someone else to destroy. He kicks Luther out of the ring, and looks like a frenzied beast as he circles the ring. Pig may not have decided if he’s man or animal, but he’s decided he will be controlled no longer!] [As Pig leaves the ring to thunderous support, the head of James Hunter slowly rises up from the apron on the other side of the ring. He may not have Pig on his side, but he’s achieved his goal to make Pig question who he was.] [The bastard is smiling.] [Bobby Neptune walks down the hallway backstage. He has his title belt around his waist, and he is ready for action. He has a lot to prove tonight. This match will be his fifth defense of the All-Star Championship. If Neptune wins, he will receive a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship. Anna Goodchild has been haunting him for months, and as he rounds the corner, she appears again.]

“Neptune, are you ready for your empire of lies to fall?” [Goodchild asks with supreme confidence.] [Neptune doesn’t even turn to look at her as he stops to retort.]

“How long am I going to have to deal with you, Anna?” [He begins.] “You’ve stolen my title, you’ve tried to burn me alive, you’ve even tried to convert me. When are you going to realize that I’m not going to just be run over by you?”

[Goodchild ponders before letting a presumptuous smile shine.]

“When I take that title from you tonight, you will realize that all of your sins will not conquer the power of God.”

[Neptune actually starts laughing as he turns to face her.]

“Really?” [He asks as he puts his hands on his hips.] “You really think that if you beat me tonight that you’ll have conquered my sin?”

[She begins to talk, but he cuts her off.]

“Well you’re full of it then. Because even if you beat me tonight, I’m still going to smoke grass. I’m still going look up to the stars. And you better believe I’m still going to want to get ravished by cute men all over the world. Because that’s who I am, you sanctimonious witch.”

[She is taken aback at this fiery rant from Neptune.]

“You want this title so bad?” [Neptune points to the strap.]

“Then take it from me.”

[Neptune, angry from all that Goodchild has hurled at him, walks away from Goodchild, who seems bewildered at this turn of events.] [Anna Goodchild waits in the center of the ring as our All-Star Champion, Bobby Neptune, climbs through the ropes to the roar of the crowd. It’s faith versus Phenom in this one and we’re ready to go!] [The bell sounds bringing Goodchild and Neptune towards the center of the ring. They converge with a traditional lockup AND GOODCHILD gains the early advantage with a hip toss into an arm bar. The champ is quick to his feet, but being controlled by the challenger. KNEE to the gut from Anna and that buckles Neptune’s knees. She releases the hold and hits the ropes. On the return, SPINNING HEEL KICK!! Neptune goes down and Anna makes the cover. ONE… TWO… but Bobby forces his way out. The challenger has been in control in the early goings of this contest!!] [Bringing her opponent back to his feet now BUT BOBBY NAILS HER WITH AN ELBOW! AND ANOTHER! Wrapping Goodchild up and INVERTED ATOMIC DROP! That’ll rough up the ole tailbone. Neptune WITH A DROPKICK THAT SENDS THE CHALLENGER TO THE MAT! He does not, but staggers to the ropes to regain his composure. Goodchild to her feet slowly. She turns and Neptune into a sprint AND DELIVERS A RUNNING BULLDOG! He makes the cover. ONE… TWO… NO! Goodchild slips out the back door and the official is showing Bobby it was only a count of two!! Neptune does not appear convinced.] [The All-Star champion brings Goodchild to her feet BUT SHE CATCHES HIM WITH A KARATE CHOP! AND AGAIN! AND AGAIN! IT’S A FLURRY OF CHOPS THAT SENDS BOBBY REELING!! Goodchild LEAPS INTO A HEADSCISSORS TAKEDOWN!! Bobby is down and LOOK OUT! “ANGEL LOCK” BY GOODCHILD! NEPTUNE IS WRITHING IN PAIN! HE’S STUCK IN THE CENTER OF THE RING WITH NOWHERE TO GO!! With all his might, Neptune rolls and YAKUZA KICK FROM THE CANVAS!! THAT’LL BREAK THE HOLD!! Goodchild is dazed as Bobby hops to his feet. EUROPEAN UPPERCUT!! AND ANOTHER! JUMPING KNEE TO THE HEAD AND GOODCHILD GOES DOWN!!] [Neptune going to the corner. HE’S GOING TO THE ROPES!! Climbing to the second turnbuckle and “RED GIANT”! HE NAILED IT! Bobby makes the pin. ONE… TWO… THREE! HE GOT IT! HE… NO! WHAT? The official is calling it a two count! The referee says it was only a two! The All-Star Champion shows some frustration as he lifts Goodchild to her feet. Big right hand from Neptune, BUT GOODCHILD DUCKS IT! Another right AND ANOTHER DUCK! Goodchild displaying her quickness here AND DUCKS A CLOTHESLINE! To the ropes, SPRINGBOARD… HURRICANRANA!!! Bobby Neptune goes down as does Anna.] [Both competitors quick to their feet. GOODCHILD LEAPS AND HITS A TORNADO DDT!! Neptune is down, but she doesn’t make the cover. Goodchild stands to her feet and now SHE goes to the corner. It’s Goodchild climbing the ropes. SHE’S GOING TO THE TOP!! Anna measuring Neptune who isn’t moving much and “FALL OF BABYLON”!!! Goodchild nailed it. She goes for the cover. ONE… TWO… I DON’T BELIEVE IT!! BOBBY NEPTUNE KICKS OUT! And now it’s Anna’s turn to show frustration. Goodchild complains to the official about the speed of the count, but he’s having none of it!] [Goodchild shakes off the frustration and heads to the corner again. What’s she going to do now?!? Anna climbing the turnbuckle. Balancing herself. Goodchild… INTO THE AIR! FROGSPLASH! BUT MISSES!! BOBBY NEPTUNE ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY AND GOODCHILD CRASHES TO THE CANVAS WITH A SICK CRUNCH!!!! Neptune is still dazed, but now both competitors are down. Both trying to work to their feet. Slowly both coming around. Neptune to a knee. Goodchild to the ropes. She’s to her feet. Neptune to his. They converge and GOODCHILD DUCKS A CLOTHESLINE. Both competitors hit the ropes. On the return FLYING CROSSBODY BLOCK FROM NEPTUNE!!!] [He stays on for the cover. ONE… TWO… NO, GOODCHILD IS OUT AGAIN!! Neptune simply rolls off Anna and onto his back in the center of the ring. Both competitors exhausted and dazed. Goodchild and Neptune both taking a moment before a final push here. AND NEPTUNE SITS UP! The crowd explodes in support as he rolls over to get to his feet. Goodchild following his lead. Neptune moves in and DELIVERS A ROUNDHOUSE KICK THAT ANNA DUCKS! LOOK OUT! “THE PURIFIER”! GOODCHILD NAILED IT! IT’S OVER!! But can she make the cover? SHE DOES! Anna drapes her arm over the chest of Neptune. ONE… TWO…] [NO! NO! BOBBY NEPTUNE KICKS OUT!! HOW IN THE WORLD DOES HE HAVE ANYTHING LEFT?!? Goodchild cannot believe it. This crowd has gone crazy!! But Anna is enraged. She jumps to her feet and brings Neptune with her. Irish whip into the ropes and SWINGING NECKBREAKER FROM NEPTUNE!! HE CAUGHT HER COMPLETELY OFF GUARD AND NOW… HE’S GOING TO THE CORNER!! Neptune heads to the corner and ascends the turnbuckles. Standing to his feet on the top rope and “TITAN’S CRASHDOWN”!! NEPTUNE GOT IT! He covers. ONE… TWO… THREE!!! BOBBY NEPTUNE RETAINS HIS TITLE!!!!] [Anna Goodchild lays unconscious in the center of the ring as Neptune rolls to the ring apron; the official handing him the All-Star Championship as the crowd goes crazy in appreciation for the victor and a hard fought match.] [In the locker room backstage, Nyx is relaxing after that hellacious match when into the room walks Tommy Hawk. Hawk silently enters, standing opposite his once foe.]

“I know you’re there,” [Nyx says confidently.] “What do you want, Hawk?”

[Tommy nods, respectfully.] “In my tribe, they call me the Spirit Walker. My people come to me to seek wisdom because I see things they cannot. It appears that so do you.”

“I’ve had to fine tune my senses and intuition. I wasn’t always blind,” [He says sadly.] “But now that I am, I feel like I can see more than I ever did before. This was always my dream and I’ll be damned if going blind will stop me.”

“When it comes time to die, be not like those whose hearts are filled with the fear of death, so when their time comes they weep and pray for a little more time to live their lives over again in a different way. Sing your death song, and die like a hero going home.”

[Nyx tilts his head, impressed.] “Exactly.”

[Tommy takes a seat next to Nyx and takes a moment.] “Let us sing our death song together,” [He proposes.] “Like two heroes unafraid to go home.”

[There’s a moment of silence.]

“What do the spirits tell you?” [The Liberated asks.] [Tommy stands back up and walks towards the door.] “That in the future, our alignment is inevitable. Sing your song.”

[Nyx stands up and meets him at the door.] “I will.”

[Both men nod as Hawk exits the room and enters the hall. In the meantime, Jon Davenport can be seen watching, lurking near the showers, wondering what the hell is going on between these two. He takes his exit and hopes to pass by Nyx.]

“You’re going to have to do better than that.”

[Davenport just snickers.] “I’ll see you at VHS, kid.”

[Six men, four eliminations, two winners, one new set of tag team champions! Will Knock Knock be able to retain their championships in such a harsh situation? The match begins!] [The bell sounds as Smiley and Doubt are back-to-back in the center of the ring. Creeping Death, Safiy Allah, Ash Williams, and Chase Hero all circle around them. BOOM STICK TO CREEPING DEATH! He falls to the ground before rolling outside of the ring. Safiy charges Smiley with SWORD OF ALLAH! Smiley ducks but Doubt takes it right on the back of his head! He staggers forward into Chase Hero’s TALK TO THE BOOT! Another superkick FLATTENS Doubt! Chase Hero pins him down! One…Two…Th-NO! Doubt is able to get a shoulder up.] [Smiley hits the ropes and comes back with CHELSEA GRIN TO ALLAH! Instead of going for a pinfall, he slides to the outside. Ash and Chase Hero are the only ones still standing in the ring. Hero pulls up Doubt and whips him to Ash. Spinning backfist catches Doubt right on the chin! Doubt hits the ground as Chase Hero climbs the top turnbuckle. Elbow drop from the top, but Doubt gets a foot up! Hero is staggered but Ash goes to attack Doubt. Safiy grabs him by the pants! He boots Safiy right on the nose before turning around for…] [WAIT! SMILEY IS ON TOP OF THE CELL! MOOOOOONSAULTTTTT! He lands on Ash who lands on Safiy! Allah is in obvious pain as Ash’s shoulders are atop of him. One…Two…THREE! SAFIY ALLAH HAS BEEN ELIMINATED! Everyone is down inside of the ring but Creeping Death is spotted on the outside. He nurses his jaw before rolling into the ring. He leaps on Smiley! ONE…TWO-NO! He leaps on Ash! One…Two…THRE-NO! Ash kicks out! Creeping Death doesn’t even bother with the other two before pulling Chase Hero back to his feet. He whips him into the ropes DOUBLE BICYCLE KNEE! Both men hit the ground. Doubt is up on the top turnbuckle though! SUPER CAUSE OF DOUBT! He nails the move from the top rope and Death is spitting up blood! One…Two…THREEEEE!] [CREEPING DEATH HAS BEEN ELIMINATED! Doubt manages to get back to his feet as does Smiley. The two men look across the ring as Ash Williams and Chase Hero get to their feet. The two battling teams are all that’s left. THEY CONVERGE IN THE CENTER OF THE RING! Ash and Doubt are throwing hands left and right. Smiley and Chase are also going at it! Doubt kicks Ash right in the midsection before throwing him out of the ring. He hits the ropes and springs off for SPRINGBOARD BLOCKBUSTER TO CHASE! Smiley and Doubt look at each other with evil intentions in their eyes.] [Smiley hoists Chase Hero up on his shoulders as Doubt climbs the turnbuckle. He turns away from them before MOONSAULT INTO A DDT as Smiley releases him! THE PESSIMIST’S END! THE FEVER DREAM IS HIT SUCESSFULLY! Chase’s eyes look glazed over. Smiley leaps into the pin as Doubt pushes his shoulders down. One…Two…THREEEEEEE! CHASE HERO HAS BEEN ELIMINATED! Knock Knock looks confident as they look around for the last member to eliminate. It’s then that they spot him. Ash Williams is climbing up the cell wall. Smiley rushes outside and begins climbing the wall. The two of them meet up at the top of the cell.] [They begin throwing punches wildly left and right as Doubt also begins climbing up the cell wall. Ash sees this and knows he has to hurry. He smashes Smiley’s face into the top of the cell before grabbing his head and locking in a guillotine hold! Doubt climbs up behind but Ash nails a backwards elbow that catches him right on the chin! He hooks a stunner like hold on him as well as a DDT like hold on Smiley. They get to their feet and… SIMULTANEOUS STUNNER AND DDT TO THE RING! EVERYONE IS DOWN!] [Ash rolls over and throws an arm over Doubt! ONE…TWO….THREEEEE! NO! SMILEY BROKE IT UP WITH AN AXE HANDLE to THE BACK OF ASH’S HEAD! Smiley is barely able to stand but he motions for Ash to join him. Ash manages to get to his feet although favoring his shoulder. Smiley smiles before hitting the ropes behind him. He charges Ash for… SHOCK THERAPY! TO DOUBT! Doubt got to his feet but Ash was able to dodge the spear! Smiley looks shocked himself as Ash rolls him up from behind! One…Two…THREEEEEEE! NO! SMILEY KICKED OUT AT THE LAST SECOND! Ash looks stunned! HIDEOUS LAUGHTER TO ASH! He’s down as Smiley collapses on him! One…Two…THREEEEEE! FOR REAL THIS TIME!] [The bell sounds as Smiley and Doubt are the winners of the Sweet Dreams match. Both men are exhausted but the referee hands them their titles that they hoist up in unison although it seems to drain the last bit of their strength. Knock Knock successfully retains at Ring of Dreams!]

We cut to an office vaguely resembling the Oval Office in the White House. On a desk in front of the camera is what appears to be the presidential seal, but this seal instead features the words, “Fresh Prince of the United States of Awesome”. A voice is heard clearing their throat under the dimmed lighting.

“My fellow wrestling fans, good evening. Welcome to my State of the OS-Doubleya Address,” says a southern drawl impression. The lights come up to reveal former OS-Doubleya superstar Matthew Cories in a white wig and suit sitting behind the desk.

“If there’s one thing that I, President Bill Clinton-Cories, know how to do, it’s shake things up. Wrestling has started to lose its luster, it’s sense of fun. That is why I, the most fun president ever, have been called in to help. It’s no secret that I can have a good time. It was during my time as president that Pokemon became a popular game. I played it all the time right here on top of this desk. Of course, I spelled it ‘Pokey- Mon’ if you know what I mean,” he explains while biting his bottom lip and winking at the camera.

“So what can we do to make the OS-Doubleya fun again? Well, we have this new thing called VHS. It’s an entire new show, a new platform for superstars to make their names. But here’s the problem. It needs a little extra spark. I look at this roster, and I see nothing but guys who jumped on the OS-Doubleya bandwagon after it left the station. It needs someone who has been there from day one. That’s why I am here to announce that I have signed to compete on VHS. We’re goin’ to build a bridge to the twentieth century once again! Now I know what you’re thinkin’. Yada-yada-yada, Matthew Cories does not have what it takes anymore. But deep down, you know… you know you missed your daddy.”

Cories scoots back as a brunette intern crawls out from under the desk and wipes her mouth.

Biting his bottom lip and giving a thumbs up, Cories says, “God bless me, and God bless OS-Doubleya.”

[Caught between the devil and the deep blue sea, Gavin Davis is determined to rescue Axel from the depths of The Shark’s mind!] [The first several rows of fans flinch and yelp as the sharks swimming in their ringside tanks butt the glass and snap their jaws menacingly! Handlers stand by, ready to rescue whichever competitor finds himself swimming with the fishes. Gavin barely steps through the ropes during his entrance before Shark launches a frenzied attack, kneeing him in the ribs and clubbing him down to the mat! Lilith pleads with Shark to wait for the bell, but he peels Gavin off the canvas and pulls his Hug Life t-shirt over his head. Gavin throws blind punches, connecting with nothing but air, as Shark throws him into the ropes.] [The helpless Gavin holds on for dear life as Shark tries to send him over into the shark tank, but the referee forcibly intervenes, barking “the bell hasn’t even rung yet!”. Shark reluctantly backs off, taking Gavin’s shirt with him and gnashing his teeth at the crowd, who chant “YOU SUCK, YOU SUCK!”. He balls the shirt up and sacks it into one of the tanks, where a shark rags it! The official begs Gavin not to go through with the match, but he refuses to give up. “I know Axel is in there! I’m going to find him!”. Lilith and the referee shake their heads as the bell rings.] [Shark comes ripping back over to Gavin, but the ManChild ducks a clothesline aaand slap—“WOOO!”—he chops Shark across the chest! Slap, “WOOO!”, slap, “WOOO!” – Gavin is lighting him up with those knife-edge chops! Lilith actually cheers him on as he hits the ropes aaand shoulder tackle to Shark! Uh oh… Gavin takes a moment to suck air, his back twinging from the jolt. He bends down gingerly to pick Shark up, but The Predator jacks him in the ribs. Shark quickly overpowers Gavin and snaps him into a suplex! “OOOHHH!” The fans groan as Gavin arches his back and flexes his fingers, Lilith beside herself at ringside.] [Eyes blackening, Shark yanks him back up and hits another snap suplex, then another, and a fourth! Gavin is barely moving at this juncture, a hush falling over the crowd. Shark isn’t finished yet, though. He flips Gavin onto his front, stands on the back of his knees, then slaps his sides to get him to give up his arms. Grabbing hold of them, Shark falls back to lock in THE SURFBOARD STRETCH! Tears stream down Gavin’s face as he cries out in pain, his back stretched to re-breaking point!] [Lilith runs up the ring stairs in desperation but TRIPS in her haste—“OOOOHHHHHH!”—SHE NEARLY FALLS INTO THE SHARK TANK but one of the handlers grabs her wrist and pulls her back to safety. About to have a heart attack, the referee screams at The Shark, “even if he taps, the match isn’t over!”. “I know!” Shark snaps back, applying even more torque to Gavin, “I just want him to suffer!”. “BOOOOO!” Gavin stops fighting and goes limp. Oh no… Shark dumps him to the mat carelessly. The referee races to check on him as Shark circles them with his blue mohawk fin.] [“Say the word, Gavin! Let me end this!” The referee pleads as Lilith nods, panda-eyed. Gavin shakes his head as he claws his way towards Shark and puulllls himself to his knees using the Man-Eater’s ring gear. “Gavin, throw in the towel!” The referee begs once more. “NO!” Gavin yells, as he SLUGS Shark in the mouth! Shark stumbles back into the ropes—causing Gavin to slump down—but comes at him with a FIN-ISH HIM HEADBUTT which Gavin DUCKS… SMILES ALL ROUND! “YEEAAAHHH!” The fans pop huge as Gavin nails his patented spinning kick!] [Lilith cheers Gavin on as he hauls Shark up with everything he’s got, propping him on the ropes. He grabs his legs to dunk him over AND HE DOES – BUT SHARK LANDS ON THE APRON! “OOOHHH!” FIN-ISH HIM! Shark just butted him over the ropes! He pulls Gavin overboard and both men find themselves on the apron, with live sharks circling beneath them! They trade shots, holding on for life with just one hand each! “No, Lilith! Stay back!” Gavin screams, as his handler climbs the stairs once more! “ooooOOOHHHH…” The fans build to a crescendo as Gavin and The Shark teeter on the precipice of oblivion…] [SUSHI KICK! Spectators cover their eyes as Shark rocks Gavin with a kick to the head – but he falls back inside the ring! Shark is beside himself with rage and tugs at his mohawk… before his black eyes settle on Lilith. She yelps and tries to escape, but The Shark beats her to it and grabs her wrist. He looks down at the sharks swimming below… “AXEL!” Shark looks up to see Gavin standing! “YEEAAHH!” Davis storms at Shark, who releases Lilith to safety – DRAGON SLAYER THROUGH THE FUCKING ROPES! GAVIN SAVES HIMSELF AND SENDS THE SHARK PLUNGING INTO THE TANK!] [Despite his demented antics, Lilith and the fans still watch in horror as The Shark thrashes around in the tank, circled by his kin, their fins breaking the surface. Lilith hugs Gavin, who kneels in the ring after this brutal match, victorious!] [We cut backstage to find Max Million boldly making his way towards the ring for his Buried Alive match… when he’s halted by a withdrawn Nigel Royal. Max looks like he’s about to strike when Nigel raises his hands in defense.]

“Easy, chap! I just fancy a conversation.”

[MNM doesn’t respond and Nigel takes that as an invitation to continue.]

“Listen, this whole thing between you and I has gotten way out of hand. Hell, we used to be mates! And now we’re at each other’s throats!”

Million-Royal[MNM looks dumbfounded.]

“You’re kidding me, right? After what you did to me…”

“I know, Max. That’s what I’m trying to say. What I did to you, it wasn’t right… and…” [Nigel appears to be in pain.] “…I’m… sorry.”

[MNM scoffs.]

“Truly, I am! And to prove it to you, I wanted to give you this.”

[Nigel hands Max a briefcase and a small rectangular piece of paper that we immediately recognize as a check.]

“Every penny I stole from you, with interest. It’s only fair.”

[MNM shakes his head from side to side.]

“Let’s just put this all behind us, shall we? Shake hands, make amends, call off this insane match and go our separate ways.”

[Nigel extends his hand towards Max and it looks like MNM is considering the offer… but wait, no! MNM just shoved that check down the back of his pants and wiped his ass with it! And he proceeds to slap it into Nigel Royals open hand!!]

“My lord!” [Nigel squeals, quickly throwing the check to the ground.] “You… you…”

“I swear!” [MNM interjects.] “You call me a peon and that’s exactly what I’m going to do to that check next!”

[Nigel looks disgusted as MNM shoves the briefcase into Royal’s chest.]

“See ya’ out there, mate!”

[MNM slaps Nigel aggressively on the shoulder and heads towards the ring, leaving Royal looking like he’s about to lose his lunch.] [Max Million and Nigel Royal, once best friends turned bitter enemies, prepare to wage war on Old School Wrestling’s biggest night of the year. Who will be sent to an early grave?] [The INSANE Ring of Dreams crowd screams in approval of Max Million and hatred of Nigel Royal- “M-N-M!” – “NI-GEL-SUCKS!” Nigel turns to the sold out audience and gives them a middle finger salute. “BOOOOOOO!!!” But Max Million charges with a clubbing blow to the back pushing Nigel through the second rope to the outside!!] [Max follows and stomps away at Nigel whose head bounces off the mat. Max pulls Nigel to his feet before tossing him into the barricade. Nigel tries to crawl away but Max is hot on his trail. Million grabs Nigel by the trunks and LAUNCHES him over the barricade into the crowd!! Max hops the barricade while Nigel crawls away, pushing men, women and children between himself and Max… but it’s no use!! Max pulls Royal to his feet… SPINEBUSTER ON THE CONCRETE FLOOR!!! GOOD GOD!!! These people are getting exactly what they wanted. Max drags Nigel back towards ringside and props him against the barricade. Million steps back… he charges… CROSS BODY BLOCK!!! Max and Nigel go flying over the barricade to ringside!!!] [Max is to his feet first and he props Nigel against the barricade again. Million paces back as he gets the crowd hyped up. Max charges for Nigel… but Nigel gets a boot up… wait- Max catches Royal’s boot and tosses it down. Nigel comes off the barricade for a clothesline… Max ducks… ANOTHER SPINEBUSTER ON THE OUTSIDE!!! “HO-LY SHIT! HO-LY SHIT!” Max pulls Nigel to his knees and SLAPS HIM ACROSS THE FACE!! Max is toying with the man who has terrorized him and these people are LOVING it.] [Max lifts Nigel over his shoulder and points toward the grave site near the stage. The crowd roars in approval. Million heads around the ring and begins the journey up the aisle. Nigel is coming to and tries to squirm away but Max won’t let go. ELBOW to the head!! Max is stunned from that shot. Another ELBOW TO THE HEAD!! Nigel Royal drops straight to his knees behind Million… LOW BLOW!!!!!! “BOOOOOOOOO!!” Nigel moves to the barricade and reaches into the crowd, “Move, slag!!” Nigel pulls a chair from a ticket holder and turns to Max Million who has made it to his knees. CCCRRRRAAAAACCCKKKKKKK!!!!] [Blood POURS from the fresh wound across Max Million’s forehead. Million slowly slumps face first into the concrete. CCCRRRRAAAAACCCKKKKKKK!!!! Royal pulls a vicious chair shot to Max’s back. Max wriggles in pain. Nigel raises his arms… and the chair into the air to a chorus of boos. Nigel looks down at Max and SPITS on him before… CCCRRRRAAAAACCCKKKKKKK!!!! Royal throws the chair to the ground and drops to his knees. Exhaustion is setting in for both of these men. Royal rises, pulls Max up and hoists him onto his shoulder before moving to the grave.] [Nigel makes it to the top of the dirt mound and drops Max Million inside the hollow grave. Nigel grabs a shovel from beside the grave but before he can move any dirt Max stands and grabs Nigel’s feet. Million yanks sending Nigel to his back. Max crawls out of the grave. Both men to their feet. Nigel wildly SWINGS THE SHOVEL but Max evades it. Kick to the midsection… Million hooks the head… he lifts… STOCK DROP INTO THE FUCKING GRAVE!!! OH MY GOD!!! “HO-LY SHIT! HO-LY SHIT! HO-LY SHIT!”] [Neither man is moving. A crowd of officials enter the School Yard from the stage to check on both competitors. Officials reach in the grave and pull out Nigel first followed by Max. As Nigel is being helped to his feet, Max pushes the officials off of him and charges Nigel. Max drops Nigel to the ground and locks the arm… DUNGEONS OF LONDON!!! DUNGEONS OF LONDON on Nigel Royal!!! Nigel SCREAMS in agony!! Nigel is tapping but that means nothing in this match. He’s fading… Nigel Royal is fading!!!] [Wait!! Nigel Royal reached a shovel… CCCRRRRAAAAACCCCKKKKKK!!!! SHOVEL TO THE BACK OF MAX MILLION!!! Max breaks the hold and clutches his back. NIGEL FLIPS AROUND… DUNGEONS OF LONDON!!! Boos rain down but Nigel won’t budge. OH MY GOD… Max is breaking Nigel’s grip!!! Max breaks the hold… but Nigel grabs the SHOVEL!!! DUNGEONS OF LONDON USING THE FUCKING SHOVEL!!! Max Million can’t escape!!! Blood pours down his forehead!! Max is fading this time!!! Max is out!!! Max is out!!! Nigel makes it to his feet with the shovel. GOOD GOD!!! Nigel brings the shovel down on Max’s back OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER again!! Officials try to pull him away but Nigel swings the shovel at them, forcing them to back off. Nigel lifts Max to his feet… he hooks him from behind… no… God no… GERMAN SUPLEX INTO THE GRAVE!!!! Nigel scoops mounds of dirt onto a lifeless Max Million as the bell rings!!!!] [Nigel Royal has buried Max Million’s dreams here tonight. Royal falls to the dirt in exhaustion. Officials lift him up, one on each arm, and help him to the back… his war is finally over.] [This coming Thursday on The Network!] [The Silver Shroud awaits his villain from the center of the ring as the lights dim and the sound of the squawking crows are heard. This is one that we’ve all been waiting for!] [Darkness consumes the arena for a moment and then illumination begins from the center of the ring on, displaying The Scarecrow standing in a perched position. The Silver Shroud appears hesitant and that hesitance costs him when suddenly the bell rings and The Scarecrow SPRINGS into action. A RUNNING KNEE TO THE MID-SECTION drives The Shroud back into the corner. A BIG left hand from The Hayman and now a knee right back to the gut. An irish whip coming up! And The Silver Shroud slams HARD into the turnbuckle and back out WHERE HE IS CAUGHT BY THE THROAT!] [CHOKESLAM by the monster from Willoughby! The Scarecrow covers with a hand across the chest of his opponent. ONE… TWO… NO!!! The Silver Shroud using both hands to hoist The Scarecrow’s massive paw off his chest and lifts a shoulder in the process!! The Scarecrow looks down in somewhat surprise at a determined Shroud. Now it is his turn!! The Shroud springs to his knees LANDING a left jab to the jaw of The Harvester. AND ANOTHER! A DOUBLE HEART PUNCH sends the monster reeling as The Silver Shroud climbs to his feet. The Scarecrow right back and SUPER KICK!] [The Hayman timbers to the canvas and our hero makes a cover. ONE… TWO… BUT THAT WON’T BE ENOUGH! Both men make quick work of getting back to their feet. And THERE’S a spinning elbow strike from The Silver Shroud, staggering the big man! BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX! The Silver Shroud just showed off an extraordinary amount of strength in getting the Scarecrow up over his head! He makes the cover. ONE… AND THE SCARECROW TOSSES THE SHROUD ASIDE! The Shroud is up quick and the Hayman is making it to his feet. HE’S MET WITH A BOOT! AND ANOTHER! ] [A DOUBLE AXE HANDLE from The Shroud BUT THE HARVESTER JUST KEEPS ON COMING!! Scarecrow blocks a palm strike and LANDS “THE HAYMAKER”! The Shroud spins from the force AND THE SCARECROW WRAPS HIM UP FROM BEHIND FOR A GERMAN SUPLEX! Into a cover… ONE… TWO… NO! The Silver Shroud REFUSES to die! Scarecrow releases his grip and comes to a knee; looking down at his opponent in thought. Now lifting his opponent to his feet and sending him to the ropes with an irish whip! Scarecrow with a clothesline, BUT IT’S DUCKED! Turn around clothesline from The Shroud AND BOTH MEN GO UP AND OVER THE TOP ROPE!] [The Silver Shroud and The Scarecrow slow to their feet; using the ring apron for leverage. It’s The Scarecrow up first by a hair AND HE CATCHES The Shroud with a big boot to the side of the head. Taking hold of the staggering foe and TOSSING HIM HEAD FIRST INTO THE STEEL STEPS! The Hayman does not stop there; immediately moving to The Silver Shroud and pulling him to his feet into a pile driver position. This won’t be good!! The Shroud HOISTED into the air AND BROUGHT DOWN ON THOSE STEEL STEPS WITH A POWERBOMB!!!] [Methodical now, The Scarecrow lifts The Silver Shroud to his feet and rolls him under the bottom rope to break the official’s count. The Harvester will follow. Stepping through the ropes as The Shroud struggles to his knees. Scarecrow reaches down BUT The Shroud rolls away. The monster stalking him now. Moving forward AND THE SILVER SHROUD lands a spinning heel kick that sends the Scarecrow back a step. It’s a game of cat and mouse as The Scarecrow continues to chase The Silver Shroud around the ring! The Shroud taking his shots one by one. Wearing the Hayman down slowly!] [A SPINNING back fist from The Silver Shroud and he follows with “THE PALE JUSTICE”!! HE GOT IT!! The Silver Shroud makes the cover. ONE… TWO… AND IT’S STILL NOT ENOUGH!! The Scarecrow is down. The Silver Shroud is down. Both men stirring; trying to get back up!! They’re slowly making. Staggering to their feet. The Shroud is up first, but the Scarecrow is right there with him. The Harvester charges and BACK BODY FLIP!! AW MY GAWD!!! AW MY GAWD!! Scarecrow goes up and over the top and crashes into the announcer’s table on the outside.] [The referee begins his count, but The Silver Shroud calls it off. WHAT IN THE HELL IS HE DOING?!? The Shroud… OFF THE ROPES AND SUICIDE DIVE!!! HOLY HELL!! THE SCARECROW MOVED AND THE SHROUD WENT THROUGH THE TABLE!!! THE ANNOUNCER’S TABLE COLLAPSED AND THE SHROUD LAYS THERE BROKEN!!! The Scarecrow will bring him to his feet and roll him into the ring. The Hayman following close behind. Lifting The Silver Shroud to his feet and LOOK OUT!! “BYE BYE BIRDIE”!! NO! The Silver Shroud breaks free and hits the ropes. The Scarecrow turns RIGHT INTO THE “LONG ARM OF THE LAW”!! THIS COUL DBE IT! THE SHROUD COVERS! ONE… TWO… THREE!] [I DON’T BELIEVE IT!!! THE SILVER SHROUD HAS PULLED OFF THE VICTORY!! What a battle!!! What a WAR!! Both men barely moving in the center of the ring. The Silver Shroud, though, with his arm raised in victory by the referee!!!] [Black and white.] [The Scarecrow rises first as his perch lowers into the middle of the ring. He has evil intentions in mind. The Hayman reaches down to grab The Silver Shroud and place him upon the perch, only The Shroud squirms out.]

Crow-Shroud[He grabs The Crow and pushes him onto the perch, quickly locking him in place as The Hayman struggles against him. Once locked in, The Scarecrow can’t move. With every lunge, he finds himself tightened to the perch.] [The Silver Shroud motions that he wants the perch lifted into the air and it is, his nemesis going with it into the arena rooftop, only it stops.] [And bursts into flames.] [The Scarecrow writhes in agony as the entire arena look on in shock. No-one can quite believe it, most of all The Silver Shroud. He watches as his enemy burns to ash and dust before his very eyes.] [The arena darkens to a dim, a small spotlight finding its way to the rafters, where the perch now sits empty and scorched. The darkness makes it difficult to see, but The Scarecrow is no longer there.] [Back in the ring, The Shroud bends down and picks up The Scarecrow’s singed hat, knowing that justice has been served.] [He turns to leave, making sure to check the perch one last time before he does.] [The Silver Shroud takes nothing for granted.] [Hysteria holds up the US title high in the air, urging Reese forward almost mockingly with his other hand as Hard Justice stares him down from the other side of the ring, completely focused waiting for the bell to ring] [The bell rings as Reese rushes forward, laying into Hysteria with a furious series of rights and lefts that takes the Lost One off guard. A hard right to the temple dazes Hysteria as Reese slams him down to the mat with a double leg takedown before mounting him and raining down punches. Hysteria throws a wild right that dazes Reese long enough to be able to get to his feet but he’s caught with a kick to the gut before he’s suplexed right into the corner. Hysteria gets to his feet, holding his back in pain as Reese rushes forward, crushing the Lost One with a running forearm. Reese tries to pull Hysteria to come out of the corner but the Lost One pushes him away, rolling out of the ring as he tries to catch a breather on the outside] [Hysteria calms himself on the guardrail, turning around right as Reese leaps over the top rope with a Summersault Plancha, wiping out the Lost One. The crowd roars as Reese pulls Hysteria to his feet, only to get a punch to the gut for his troubles as Hysteria grabs Reese , running forward and throwing him head first into the turnbuckle post. Reese hit hard as a thin stream of blood drips down his forehead, Hysteria latching onto it like a shark, raining down punch after punch to the open forehead before throwing him into the ring. The Lost One rolls into the ring, lifting Reese up before placing his legs onto the second rope, and driving him into the mat with a massive DDT.] [Hysteria doesn’t cover, instead pulling the groggy Hard Justice to his feet, punishing him with jaw jacking European Uppercuts before a lethal Roundhouse nearly knocks him out cold. Hysteria goes behind Reese, trying to lift him up but Reese tries to fight back with elbows. A sharp headbutt takes all the fight out of Reese as Hysteria throws him halfway across the ring with a German Suplex, Reese landing right on his neck. Sadistic laughter comes from the Lost One as he again refuses to cover, pulling Reese to his feet once more who throws a wild right that Hysteria easily dodges, drilling Reese with a hard uppercut before lifting him up and locking in the Second Fall Stretch] [Reese screams in pain as Hysteria pulls back on the hold with all his strength. Reese is nowhere near the ropes but he refuses to tap out as he tries to free his arms. Reese gets one arm free but before he can get the other free, Hysteria swings him towards the turnbuckles and releases the hold, sending Reese face first into the turnbuckles. Reese looks to be out cold as Hysteria chuckles to himself, before pulling Reese out of the corner and finally pinning him as the referee counts. ONE…TWO…THR…Reese just gets the shoulder up as Hysteria can’t believe it. He headbutts a slowly rising Reese back down to the canvas before climbing up top, fury in his eyes as he leaps off, THE CATACLYS…NO! Reese rolls away as Hysteria rolls to his feet right into a massive discus clothesline] [Hysteria gets to his feet stumbling right into a series of lefts and rights from a fired up Hard Justice. Reese ducks under a lariat attempt, flipping over and nailing Hysteria with a beautiful Pele kick, leaving the Lost One out on his feet. Reese pulls him up onto his shoulders, LETHAL FORCE! Hysteria drops down to one knee as Reese backs up, nearly kicking his jaw off with a picture perfect superkick. The Lost One finally topples to the canvas as Reese leaps onto him with a cover, ONE…TWO…Hysteria gets the shoulder up] [Reese pulls Hysteria up only to get a hard headbutt for his troubles as he’s lifted up and Stun Gun’d over the top rope. Hysteria calls for the end, pulling Reese up to his feet but Reese pushes his way out of Hysteria’s clutches, kicking him low before flipping up and landing a lighting fast DOA. This should be it but Reese doesn’t cover, instead backing up as he begs for his former partner to get to his feet, rushing forward as he gets to one knee, STRAY BULLET…MISSES! Reese turns around right, LOST HOPE! Hysteria hit that out of nowhere as Reese is down. Hysteria quickly covers, the fans booing violently as the referee counts. ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [After that absolutely gruelling match with Alex Reese, Doctor Louis D’Ville saunters to the ring surrounded by the Asylum. The fans boo as he enters the ring, clapping his hands at the carnage caused here tonight.] [Hysteria gets back to his feet, joining his fellow inmates.]

“Hello, my friend!” [D’Ville says arrogantly, bending down to where Alex Reese lays.] “You wanted an appointment with me?”

[D’Ville gets back to his feet and turns around to his inmates.] [LOST HOPE!] [What the fuck!? Hysteria just nailed The Good Doctor with a fucking Codebreaker! Are you kidding me? The fans go absolutely ballistic as ‘The Lost One’ gets back to his feet and looks at TheAsylumhis fellow inmates.] [Then they strike! With absolute certainty and viciousness, Smiley, Doubt and The Shark start stomping away at Doctor D’Ville, absolutely destroying him in the middle of the ring!] [Hysteria demands a microphone and breathes heavily.]

“You wanted D’Ville,” [Hysteria breathlessly fumes.] “You can have what’s left of him!”

[‘The Mad Mastermind’ storms over to his former leader and starts slamming the microphone across his skull with a violence we’ve come to expect from him. Blood starts spitting up from his forehead, covering Hysteria in splatter.] [He brings the microphone back to his mouth and tries to speak., only it doesn’t work and after that assault, who could be surprised? Instead, Shark retrieves him another.]

“The inmates now run The Asylum!”

[With D’Ville bloodied and beaten to a pulp in the middle of the ring, EMT’s start making their way out as The Asylum disperse, allowing them to gain access. Alex Reese now lays propped up against the corner, his eyes somewhat glazed over. He wanted D’Ville but not like this.] [EMT’s get to work on the Doc as the scene comes to a close on the shocked face of Alex Reese.] [Kersh circles the ring, staring down Outlaw on the outside of the ring as his attention is drawn to Dani Kersh who walks out to ringside. Kersh tries to get Dani to go to the back as Phoebe rolls into the ring, attacking Brent from behind with a rolling elbow to the back of the head] [The bell quickly rings as Kersh stumbles into the corner, Outlaw rushing forward as she punishes Kersh with hard strikes to the temple and a stiff kick to the ribs that cause the Enforcer to wince upon impact. Phoebe wraps her arms around Brent, trying for a Belly to Belly but Kersh blocks it, slamming forward with a stiff headbutt before throwing Outlaw over his head RIGHT INTO THE TURNBUCKLES! Phoebe slumps down into the corner as Kersh backs off, running forward with a massive knee to the side of the head. Kersh pulls Outlaw of the corner, throwing her to the mat as he drops down for our first cover of the contest] [ONE…TWO…Outlaw just gets the shoulder up. The Enforcer pulls her to her feet, lifting her up high in a Suplex as he keeps her hoisted up, the crowd counting along as Outlaw is up in the air. Finally after about twenty seconds, Kersh finally slams her down to the canvas but doesn’t cover as he moves to the corner, patiently waiting for Phoebe to get to her feet. She does groggily as Kersh rushes forward with a massive Lariat, Outlaw just ducking under as she grabs Kersh from behind, NORTHERN EXPOSURE! Kersh gets to his feet, holding his neck in pain as Phoebe explodes with a series of hard kicks to the ribs, ducking under a right hand before leaping up with a massive enziguri, sending the Enforcer stumbling into the corner] [Brent barely hits the corner before Outlaw rushes forward, crushing him with a massive Shining Wizard. Phoebe throws him away from the corner, climbing up and as Kersh gets to his feet, she leaps off with a Missile Dropkick to the chiseled jaw of the Enforcer. Phoebe doesn’t cover, instead patiently waiting for Kersh to get to his feet, planting him with a running NTO. Outlaw drops down, trying to lock in the Northern Cross but Kersh fights back, driving her back with a massive right hand. The Enforcer gets to his feet, but he gets met with a hard kick to the ribs, DOUBLE ARM DDT! Outlaw drops down, hooking the leg for the cover] [ONE…TWO..THR…Kersh just gets the shoulder up and as he tries to get to his feet, he’s kicked down by Outlaw. ‘Stay down Old Man’ . Outlaw goes to pull Kersh up but she’s tripped onto the canvas by the Enforcer, CROSSFACE OUT OF NOWHERE! Phoebe screams in pain as she’s locked in the middle of the ring, Kersh pulling back with all his might, trying to force her to tap out. Phoebe claws to the ropes, nearly reaching them before Kersh pulls her back. Phoebe raises her hand, almost ready to tap from the pain before she rolls backwards, forcing Kersh’s shoulders onto the mat. ONE…TWO…Kersh is forced to break the hold but the damage has been done as Phoebe slowly gets to her feet, holding her neck in pain as she walks right into a massive Lariat from the Enforcer] [Kersh calls for the end, pulling Phoebe up to her feet as he grabs her, trying for a spinebuster but he’s pushed away as Phoebe rushes forward, ROLLING ELBOW…RIGHT HAND! The elbow hits Kersh in his right temple as Kersh’s hand strikes Phoebe’s left, both competitors crumbling to the mat as the referee begins his count. ONE…TWO…THREE…both slowly stir on the mat…FOUR…FIVE…Kersh is on one knee as Phoebe is pulling up on the ropes…SIX…SEVEN…Kersh is on his feet, Phoebe is still on one knee but Kersh pulls her up, breaking the count] [Brent spins Phoebe around, planting her with a massive spinebuster that shakes the ring as The Enforcer calls for the end. He goes to pull Phoebe to her feet but gets distracted as Dani leaps onto the apron. Kersh walks over, trying to talk it out with his daughter as Phoebe gets to her feet behind him. Dani rears back, slapping the taste out of her father as Kersh stumbles back, walking right into Phoebe’s clutches, NORTHERN LIGHTS! Kersh is down as Phoebe climbs up to the top rope, NORTHERN STAR PRESS! Outlaw quickly covers as the referee counts. ONE…Dani has Brent’s leg held down..TWO..Not like this…THREE!] [Phoebe rolls out of the ring, celebrating her victory with Dani as Kersh gets to his feet, trying to explain to the ref what happens before shaking his head in anger, the crowd furious at the Enforcer being screwed tonight] [The war is now over between Brent Kersh and Phoebe Outlaw, and what a war it was. The two combatants get to their feet and stand across from each other. Something resembling mutual respect passes between them, although tension will always exist because of the girl now standing between them. Dani Kersh goes to make sure Phoebe is okay when the lights cut out. They remain out for some time but when they come back on, the three in the ring are not alone.]

“WE are truth. WE are Anonymous.”

[A multitude of people wearing Guy Fawkes masks have surrounded ringside. Brent Kersh and Phoebe Outlaw both assume a fighting stance as the people surrounding the ring get up on the apron. Dani crouches down in the corner to avoid the oncoming fray. Before any fighting can occur, the lights cut again, and the Schoolyard is filled with broken audio from what seems to be Phoebe’s audio diary.]

“I remember when I first saw her. It was at one of Flint’s promotional things, Brent was there, and Dani showed up… I wasn’t sure who she was, but … Goddamn she was cool. Christ I’d never been picked up so fast in my life! We’ve been seeing each other ever since, in secret… it’s what she wanted.”

“WE are truth. WE are Anonymous.”

[Cell phones now light the arena enough to see Brent and Phoebe in the center of the ring. They are very confused as to what is going on.]

“I just don’t want to see you fight or get hurt.”

[The voice of Danielle Kersh sounds over the speakers into the darkened Schoolyard. A static-filled video appears of her talking to Brent from RetroACTIVE.]

“The Enforcer fights until he can’t fight no more.” [Kersh replies.]

“That’s what I’m afraid of.” [Dani replies.] [The camera pans out to see a figure standing in an alleyway to the left of them, black hood covering his face. He turns away and walks into the darkness of the alley, having vanished by the time the camera gets there; the words ‘I SPY’ painted on the wall to the right.]

“WE are truth. WE are Anonymous.”

[HE DUCKS! HE DUCKS!! Brent swings with a desperation Clothesline that almost TAKES MIKE LANE’S HEAD OFF!! He stumbles forward and that’s when it happens, the tron, it flickers! CCTV footage suddenly appears, sending the whole crowd into a frenzy. It’s Danielle, Brent Kersh’ daughter! She’s shown in the locker room area with a wrestler, face blurred so that we can’t see it. They’re kissing and hugging. Brent turns to look at his family at ringside, Danielle’s face a picture of blush and shock – only MIKE LANE SPINS HIM… SHADOWKICK!! SHADOWKICK! SHADOWKICK!!!!! BRENT KERSH HITS THE CANVAS WITH A FUCKING THUD!! THE WORLD CHAMPION COVERS…. ONE….. TWO….. THREE! MIKE LANE RETAINS HIS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP IN ONE HELL OF A BATTLE!]

“WE are truth. WE are Anonymous.”

[Kersh seems awfully peeved to be seeing that video as the voice of Anonymous himself begins to speak on the loudspeaker.]

“Two star-crossed lovers and one backwards old man. We thought it would be the undoing of all involved. Romeo and Juliet for Millennials.”

[One of the people in the Guy Fawkes mask steps into the ring to taunt Kersh and Outlaw.]

“Everything that has transpired has been by our design. The chance meeting between Phoebe and Danielle. The CCTV footage appearing at that crucial moment in Brent’s career. All of it has been to show the world the truth.”

[Before Anonymous can continue any further, Brent Kersh levels the masked man off his feet. Phoebe grabs Dani and rolls out of the ring quickly as the swarm of masked figures begin to beat down Kersh. Phoebe merely watches at ringside while Dani seems torn as to whether or not to help her old man. Another of the masked men now stands and watches as Brent fails to fight off the swarm, being worn down and held before the leader. This must be the true Anonymous.]

“And what is the truth? The truth had yet to be revealed. It would take Brent Kersh struggling with his worst fear. It would take Danielle Kersh having her own dreams crushed. It would take Phoebe Outlaw losing her edge to love. The truth is simple.”

[Before Anonymous can continue, Phoebe Outlaw springboards off the top rope and LEAPS OVER THE SWARM! She gets one shot in on Anonymous before she is forced to her knees byKersh-Hunter a weapon he has drawn.] [An ax.] [No. It can’t be.] [Anonymous removes his hood and slowly takes off the Guy Fawkes mask with one hand while holding Phoebe hostage with another.] [Anonymous is James Hunter.]

“Truth is a void, Outlaw. Perhaps you should join the Enforcer there.” [Hunter coldly remarks.] [The Question nods to his followers who pummel Phoebe and Brent down as Hunter merely watches. On the outside Dani Kersh yells for both her lover and her father.] [James Hunter has been behind everything. He put Dani and Phoebe in position to meet one another and fall in love. He used that knowledge to manipulate Brent Kersh into losing a match for the World Title that he himself coveted.] [And now he has used that power to destroy all of them.] [The war between ‘Torchbearer’ and ‘Ministry of Light’ reaches a new climax as the ark is set up before us. Vats of water surround the ring, effectively trapping Solomon and Lux Bellator inside, and keeping both the black-robed Ministry and white-robed Torchbearers gathered around the outside of the ring. Solomon and Bellator, one of these two men is going to be tossed from this ark!] [Within the ring, the two warriors mark their territory. All attention is focused on the two within the ark. The bell sounds and these two nemeses close in on each other. Solomon goes straight for Bellator with a Flying Single Leg Dropkick. Lux staggers but does not go down, the surprise allowing enough of an opening for a Chop Block that takes his knees out from underneath him. Solomon’s s heads straight for the dropkicked knee and LOCKS IN A CROSS-LEGGED STF to weaken Lux! The hold isn’t applied long before Lux manages to roll Solomon over and escape.] [Once more, Solomon goes for Lux’s knee with an attempted Dropkick, but Lux leaps over the incoming Priest of Pain missile and hits a SPINNING WHEEL KICK that sends Solomon backwards into the turnbuckle! Lux wastes no time following the kick up with a flurry of close ELBOW STRIKES, trapping Solomon in the corner. There is only one way out for the Priest of Pain, SHORYUKEN! Lux is down! Solomon leaps with a single bound to the top of the turnbuckle. SNAP MOONSAULT! He nails all of Lux Bellator before the Light Warrior can react!] [Solomon drags Lux over to the ring ropes, before rolling him underneath the bottom rope so his head hangs just above one of the vats of water. Climbing onto the ring apron himself, SOLOMON FORCES LUX’S HEAD UNDERNEATH THE WATER… HE’S TRYING TO DROWN HIM! Lux’s arms struggle and flail wildly but to no avail, Solomon simply pushes his head down further and smiles. Eventually, Solomon lifts Lux’s head from the water – Lux gasps in a lung full of oxygen before SOLOMON PUSHES HIS HEAD BACK UNDER THE WATER! Lux kicks his way out, landing a desperate kick from the ground to the back of Solomon’s head. Solomon lands on the ring apron, giving Lux a chance to roll back into the ring and scramble away from the ropes on all fours.] [Solomon pursues Lux across the ring like a horror movie killer stalking his prey. Only when Solomon is within an arm’s reach does Lux turn. His MMA training kicks in and Bellator takes Solomon down and begins PUMMELLING SOLOMON WITH MOUNTED ELBOW STRIKES. ELBOW STORM! THREE… FOUR… FIVE… Solomon is busted open above his right eye! Each strike hits with near uncontrollable rage. After half a dozen strikes, Lux stands, leaving Solomon bloodied behind him. He paces around the ring, regaining his composure. Lux bows his head to his chest, bringing his arms to a prayer position and taking a deep breath. When he returns to his centre, Solomon had pulled himself to a vertical base using the ropes to assist him. He embraces the blood and the pain and meets the advancing Lux head on. Lux sizes up Solomon… DEUM LUCEM… NO! Solomon blocks Lux’s move… DAWN! HE DROPS BELLATOR TO THE MAT WITH A PACKAGE FISHERMAN BUSTER!] [Once more, it is Solomon who drags Lux over to the ropes. This time, he looks not for torture but to simply toss Lux out of the ark. He drags the Light Warrior to his feet using Lux’s mask, then pushes him back first into the ring ropes and tries to tip him overboard. Lux resists with a HEADBUTT TO SOLOMON, the Priest of Pain relinquishes his hold. SPINNING BACKFIST FROM LUX… JUMPING KNEE STRIKE! Solomon is staggered and Lux moves in off the ropes… SCOOP POWERSLAM! This time it is Bellator’s turn to try and toss Solomon from the ark. He looks out of the ring, straight into the eyes of Father El Salvador as he hoists Solomon to his feet. Lux makes the Catholic Cross symbol across his head, chest and shoulders – his eyes still focused on El Salvador before he kicks Solomon in the ribs, trying to push him through the ring ropes with his foot. El Salvador screams “NOW!” from ringside and as one, THE MINISTRY OF LIGHT ADVANCE TOWARD THE RING! They clamber up onto the vats of water. This is the only spark that this heated fire needs, as THE TORCHBEARERS LEAP INTO ACTION, pulling Ministry members back down. Soon, a full scale war has erupted at ringside!] [Inside the ring, Lux’s focus on Solomon had waned somewhat by the advancing of the Ministry of Light. The small window is enough for Solomon to drive a knee into the guts of his nemesis. Lux reels backwards and collapses onto one knee. Solomon advances but Lux pounces first. He lifts him up onto his shoulders into a Crucifix Position… DISCIPLE BREAKER TO SOLOMON! Solomon’s frame bounces off the turnbuckle and crumples to a heap, Lux having used his own move against him. With the Priest of Pain’s body now dead weight, Lux lifts him up into a Fireman’s Carry and tosses him right out of the ark, right into a waiting vat of water. Bellator has claimed the ark!] [Father Pedro El Salvador screams in terror as Solomon’s body sinks into the water. Frantically, he tries to clamber up to the top of the vat to save Solomon, but his efforts are in vain. Lux Bellator has won – what does this mean for Solomon’s Ministry of Light?] [After that thrilling and enthralling match, Lux Bellator and Solomon end up back inside the ring, counting their blessings.] [Only Solomon isn’t so inclined.] [He rises to his feet and spreads his arms, fury escaping his very being. The crowd are on theirs, booing at his gesturing. He ignores them and continues to talk, muttering biblical verses to himself about Noah and the Ark. ] [Then it happens. Rain begins to fall inside the arena, soaking the audience as they stand and watch in awe.]Bellator-Solomon

[The rain splashes down onto the canvas, filling the vats outside the ring to overflowing and soaking both Solomon and Lux Bellator, who gets back to his feet.]

“It will rain for forty days and forty nights!” [Solomon yells furiously.] “And the sinners will drown in a sea of their own making!”

[Bellator rushes him with a tackle and Spears him to the canvas! The rain immediately stops, as if on cue, Bellator had put an end to the downpour. He starts slamming fists across his face, water splashing up with every right hand.]

“You do not speak for the Lord!” [He yells back.] [With Solomon bleeding on the canvas, droplets of his blood mixing with the water, Lux Bellator backs away, dripping wet.] [Slowly but surely The Ministry of Light head towards the ring, Bellator ready and waiting for a fight. There’s no fight to be had. They simply drag Solomon from inside the ring and carry him up the entrance ramp.] [Lux falls to his knees on the rain soaked canvas and catches his breath.] [The Ark may have been avoided but Solomon still remains.] [The crowd are amped.] [Both Bruce Van Chan and Mike Lane stand opposite each other in the middle of the ring. They’ve not interacted tonight, both men having wisely kept their distance ahead of this superb Main Event.]

“Let’s go Laner!”

“Bruce Van Chan!”

“Let’s go Laner!”

“Bruce Van Chan!”

[Despite everything, both men have the crowd behind them here tonight. They start circling each other, Bruce stopping for a microphone.]

“Mike!” [He says loudly to compensate for the fans noise.] “Tonight is by far the biggest night of my career and for some reason, you’ve spent a month trying to take it from me.”

Chan-Lane-Main Event[The fans boo. They still dislike that.]

“And I suppose I can’t blame you because if I were you, I’d be afraid too. You talk about The Shadow always enduring but tonight, both you and I know that the shadow endures no more.”

[Bruce throws his microphone down and waves the match on, telling the referee to get this thing started, only Mike Lane circles around to pick it back up.]

“I know what you think, Bruce. I can see the master strokes ticking inside your head. You’re convinced that I’m responsible. You’re convinced that I’m so afraid of not being able to beat you that I would manipulate the world around me to do it for me.”

[The fans cheer.]

“But you’re mistaken. My name is Mike Lane and I’m the Shadow King. I don’t fight from the shadows; I am the shadows. Had I wanted your demise, I’d have had it.”

[He throws the microphone down and stands as the tension inside the arena heightens. The crowd are on their feet, they’re cheering, they’re booing, they’re chanting.] [This epic for the ages is about to begin!] [Mike Lane and Bruce Van Chan step towards each other as the bell sounds and stand there, soaking in the atmosphere.]

“Let’s go Laner!”

“Bruce Van Chan!”

“Let’s go Laner!”

“Bruce Van Chan!”

[Finally they both strike at the same time. Their fists hit each other with such ferocity that they both stumble backwards. They charge, Mike Lane lunging into Chan with a Clothesline that drops him to the canvas. He pops straight back up and ducks another Clothesline attempt, leaping into the air with a High Angle Single Leg Clothesline of his own. The fans roar as both of them get back to their feet, Lane checking his mouth for blood.] [They circle once again, locking up in the middle of the ring with a Collar and Elbow tie up. The World Champion takes Bruce into a Side Headlock, grinding him down and taking a knee, taking control. Bruce though powers up, pushing Mike into the ropes and when he returns, leaps into him with a Lou Thez Press. He furiously right hands him until The Champion powers him off.] [This match is vicious already. Both men get back to their feet and its Lane this time who Clotheslines Van Chan over the top rope, both men tumbling to the outside. Once they land, Lane whips Bruce into the barricade, slamming him back first. The referee doesn’t even bother to count, letting this one as Mike whips Bruce straight over the ring steps, sending him and them flying!] [The World Champion storms around the ring, only Van Chan, as hurt as he may be is ready for him, nailing him with a Drop Toe Hold! Both men are on the deck now, recovering. Slowly they get back to their feet, Bruce grabbing Mike and bouncing his head off the ring apron before rolling him into the ring. He quickly follows, reaching down to a right hand that he didn’t see coming. The Shadow King is back up and hits the ropes, running straight into a DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE! Both men nail each other in the middle of the ring!] [The referee doesn’t want to count, so he sits back and watches as both men slowly get back to their feet. Lane whips Van Chan into the corner, running in and straight into a high boot to the jaw. These guys seem to hate each other. Bruce storms out and leaps into the air. HURRICANRANNA! NO! POWERBOMB! FUCKING POWERBOMB! Mike stumbles away from that epic reversal and realizes what he’s done. He jumps into the cover… One….. Two…. Kick OUT! Not yet, pal!] [Mike gets him back up and takes him back down with a Single Arm DDT. The World Champion is in control now and stomps away at Van Chan, yelling at him. “Do you think I’m a coward?” As he drops down to his knees and delivers right hand after right hand, knocking the taste from the challenger’s mouth. He gets back up and drags him to his feet, right handing him backwards into the corner.] [The Shadow King walks over, mounting him there and once again, nailing him with a barrage of right hands. Bruce finally has had enough, lifting Mike out of the corner and into a SIT-OUT POWERBOMB! OH BOY! The ring shook with the impact as Bruce Van Chan connected! Into the cover… One…. Two…. Three! No! MIKE LANE KICKS OUT! Bruce rolls away from the pinfall and slides to the outside, taking a moment to regain some composure.] [He reaches back into the ring and grabs Laner by the feet, dragging him to the outside. He bounces his head off the ring apron and whips him straight into the ring post, the sound bellowing throughout the arena. The Real Deal grabs him again, taking him over to the commentary table. The Champion is struggling now as Bruce rips the top off the table and throws it onto the floor. He rolls Mike onto it and climbs up with him, lifting him back to his feet and.. OH NO… NOW I LAY YOU DOWN TO SLEEP THROUGH THE FUCKING TABLE! HOLY FUCKING SHIT!]

“HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!” [Chant the fans as the referee rushes to the rubble to check on the competitors.] [Mike Lane is in a bad way as Van Chan tries to separate himself from the rubble. He finally gets back to his feet and grabs Mike by a sweaty handful of hair, dragging him back to a standstill. The Real Deal rolls him into the ring and covers… One…… TWO… Is this IT? DO WE HAVE A NEW CHAMPION!?] [With Bruce Van Chan a count away from becoming World Champion, the unthinkable happens!] [“Why do I call myself a Juggalo!”] [“Cause we be bangin’ the wicked shit and swimmin’ off in the blood of mosh pits.”] [“We misfits are misunderstood!”] [“We got chapters of Family off in each and every hood.”]


[The fans reaction is beyond intense as Jake Jeckel steps out onto the entrance ramp with a microphone and his Invasion Brief case.]

JakeJeckel-Entrance[He can barely contain the laughter behind his huge smile.]

“Do you fuckers know how tempting it was to sit back there just a little bit longer and watch you two tear each other apart?”

[Oh no.] [Mike and Bruce both share quizzical expressions with each other – Bruce now kneeling by the World Champion, the referee having stopped his count.]

“I mean, a whole month of tormenting you wasn’t easy. It’s fortunate really that I’m almost an expert at these kinds of things, you know? Fuckin’ with you boys would almost be the highlight of my year, if only, I wasn’t goin’ to do this.”

[Jake suddenly drops the microphone and storms towards the ring with his briefcase, bounding up the steps and slamming it into the referee’s hands.]

“I’m invadin’!” [He yells, forcing the referee to allow him entry into this now triple threat match!] [Jesus Christ.] [Jake Jeckel, that psychopathic son of a bitch set this whole thing up! He was responsible for all of it!] [Bruce Van Chan looks astonished.] [Only that look is quickly wiped off his face by the boot of Jake Jeckel!] [The Juggalo slams his foot right across his nemesis’ face, catching him unawares. The crowd boo as Jake smiles, dropping down to beat the holy shit out of Van Chan with right hands. Jake is ruining his moment. After all these two guys have been through, he’s ruining his night!] [Jake gets back to his feet and swaggers around the ring, watching as Mike Lane slowly gets back to his feet, using the ropes to help. He finally gets up and turns around, being scooped up and…] [THE HATCHET!] [The World Champion is dropped out of no-where and surely now, surely this is over. Jeckel rolls into the cover, back first, leg hooked. With his arm in the air and boo’s filling the arena, he counts along with the referee.] [ONE….] [TWO……] [THREE!] [NO!! HOLY CRAP, NO!! BRUCE VAN CHAN BREAKS UP THE NEAR FALL! HOLY CRAP!!]


[Jake can’t believe it! He almost won the World Championship! Infuriated, he gets back to his feet and grabs Bruce by the head. There’s going to be another Hatchet! He scoops him up and spins him around… THE HATCHET!! NO!! BRUCE VAN CHAN DROPS DOWN BEHIND HIM!! HE DROPS DOWN!! NAP TIME!! SCORPION DEATH DROP!!! INVERTED DDT!! Bruce rolls away in agony, all three men down in the middle of the ring!] [Slowly but surely, Bruce and Jake make their way to their feet, Jake being so much fresher means that he dives in with a Clothesline, only THERE’S MIKE LANE!!] [SHADOW KICK! SHADOW.. FUCKING.. KICK!] [Bruce looks at him sideways as Mike tells him to go on up to the top rope. He’s going to end this right now. This entire month, Bruce has thought Mike Lane to be responsible for the attacks on them both but it wasn’t, it was Jake. Van Chan climbs the top turnbuckle, composes himself and..] [SHOT THROUGH THE HEART! AND YOU’RE TOO BLAME, DARLIN’.. YOU GIVE LOVE..] [A SHADOW KICK! A FUCKING SHADOW KICK IN MID-AIR TO BRUCE VAN CHAN AND HE FUCKING HITS THE CANVAS LIKE A GOD DAMN RAGDOLL!!]


“Now there was a time,
When you loved me so.
I couldn’t do wrong,
And now you need to know.”

[“How’d you like me now” suddenly hits and out onto the stage steps Errol Flint! The Chairman makes his way to the ring with a microphone in his hand.] [The fans are hoping he’ll do something about this!]

“This match is no longer a Triple Threat Match!” [he yells to the fans ovation. They’re so glad to hear that.] “It’s a No.. Disqualification Triple Threat Match!”

[WHAT!?] [Flint reaches into his jacket and pulls out a lead pipe, handing it to The Juggalo.] [OH MY GOD.] [NO..] [NO WAY!] [Jake smirks sadistically, taking the pipe with a smile.] [HE DID IT! HE WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR RED SNOW. LET THAT FUCKING SINK IN FOLKS! JAKE JECKEL IS RESPONSIBLE FOR RED… FUCKING… SNOW! NOT JUST WHAT HAPPENED IN THE PAST MONTH BUT SO MUCH MORE.. JAKE JECKEL HAS… OH MY GOD.. HE…] [STEEL PIPE TO THE SKULL OF MIKE LANE!!] [BRUCE VAN CHAN IS UP… STEEL PIPE TO THE SKULL OF BRUCE VAN CHAN!] [NOT LIKE THIS! PLEASE! NOT LIKE THIS!!] [Jake covers Bruce.. smiling as the fans throw beer and cups into the ring. Trash barrels in from all angles as the fans damn near riot.] [ONE….] [TWO……] [THREE!!!]


[The cameras shake with the thunderous reaction from the crowd as they boo and launch things into the ring. Jake Jeckel rolls away as the bell sounds and gets handed the OSW World Championship.] [He raises it into the air, soaking in the boo’s and the atmosphere, ducking beer cups and trash as it gets thrown in his direction.] [The crowd can barely contain themselves. They’re pushing against the barricades and security, trying to get to the ring.] [Confetti begins to fall from the rafters, rubbing insult to injury.] [Jeckel gets his arm raised by Errol Flint, the pair of them celebrating as Ring of Dreams comes to an end. This was supposed to be Bruce Van Chan’s night. This was supposed to be the finale of an epic story between Mike Lane and Bruce Van Chan but it has only been declared the beginning.] [ROD II has turned into a nightmare of epic proportions.]