[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right hand corner.] [Ring King opens in unusual fashion, inside what looks like a very professional office. There are bookshelves in view, full to the brim of all kinds of text, where as in front of them on a dark red leather couch, sits Brent Kersh.] [The fans cheer as they see ‘The Enforcer’.] [Opposite him is a psychologist, glasses teetering on the bridge of his nose. In his hand, his weapon; a pen that’s aimed directly at a notepad.]

“I just don’t understand where the fear comes from,” [Kersh admits with a bowed head, almost shamefully.] “I’ve been tormented by him before and never have I felt like this.”

“It’s a culmination of things. You saw your future daughter in law get savagely brutalized, you were hunted by a sociopath with a fondness for axes who tore your life apart for months and then this Scarecrow buried you alive. It’s a miracle that you sit opposite me as well adjusted as you are,” [The Doctor says, with his tone becoming more sinister.] “And now I’ll gut you and hang you from a perch in my field, little birdie.”

[Brent’s head shoots up in fear at those words; recognising them to be The Scarecrow. What stares back at him is horrifying. The face of his nemesis, the monster who’s done this to him; the psychologist now shares his face.]

“What?” [The Enforcer questions with authority.] “What did you just say to me?”

[The psychologists face returns, as does his voice.] “I said that you’re suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. There could be hallucinations, deep fear and night terrors until we get those symptoms under control.”

[Kersh stands up abruptly.]

“No, forget it; I can’t do it. I thought I could but I was wrong. I can’t compete at Ring King, no, at all. It’s over.”

“Wait!” [The psychologist pleads as he walks away. Brent turns, only to see that his face is once again that of The Scarecrow.] “Say goodbye to your heroes.”

[Brent exits the room in a hurry, slamming the door behind him. The Doctor takes a few notes and stows away his files, as we head into Ring King LIVE.] [Tonight may be the biggest night in the career of Nigel Royal. His determined visage meets us as he walks down the final hallway before the ringside area. His match against Tommy Hawk is next, and everything hinges on coming out of the gate strong.] [So of course, his focus has to be ruined by Marvolo, who is standing there with Raquel, waiting by the curtain to the Schoolyard.]

“Not now, Marvolo.” [Nigel says, preoccupied.] [Number One ignores this, and reaches out his hand.]

“Good luck tonight, partner.”

[Royal seems taken aback, but he takes the hand and gesture with dignity and a smile.]

“Marvolo would go with you, but Savages tend to be distracted by the man who discovered America.”

[A laugh comes uncontrolled from Nigel, showing that he has been so focused he didn’t let a laugh out. The moment quickly passes and Royal is ready for his match.]

“Good luck!” [A voice sings down the hallway. Marvolo and Nigel quickly turn to find Smiley at the origin of the voice, Doubt following behind him. Ocean’s One quickly put Raquel on the other side of them.]

“You’ll need it Royal.” [Doubt chimes in.] “Even if you get past Hawk, you have us a little bit later for our Tag Team titles.”

[Before Knock Knock reaches Ocean’s One, two forms materialize out of the shadows. One in a flash of light, the other just steps out of the darkness.] [Bellatorum.]

“I don’t think so, Doubt.” [Lazarus coldly states, Lux Bellator eyeing down Smiley.] “Tonight is going to be clean. You want those titles, you’re going to have to earn them. Go back to the fowl mess you crawled out of until that time.”

[Smiley laughs, echoing down the hall way.]

“So pure and clean of heart, Priest of Pain.” [Smiley taunts.] “Wanting to show us how to be good little boys and girls. How many of those little boys and girls were sacr…”

“Enough.” [Lux steps in.]

“What’s the matter, Lux?” [Doubt asks.] “Afraid that we will expose your using your brainwashed enemy to facilitate your Ring King win tonight? But we should just forgive and forget, right?”

“That’s bloody enough.” [Nigel says, pushing his way between the two teams.] “You ole chaps can take yourselves and go away. One is ready for a big match.”

[Smiley raises his hands in an exaggerated manner and begins to back away, but Doubt stands firm for one further moment.]

“You’re not the only one though, Nigel.” [Doubt nods at Lux.] “He has the same opportunity you do. Do you think that his partner isn’t trying to get in your head before this match as well?”

[Lazarus is ready to fight, but Lux stops him. Doubt continues.]

“He sows seeds of discord among us all so that his enlightened friend can walk away pure as snow.” [He makes sure Royal has caught this.] “Light and dark, indeed.”

[With that, Doubt walks away with Smiley, who chuckles to himself the whole way.]

“Do you see what they are doing, Nigel.” [Lux says, turning to face Ocean’s One.] “They want us both off tilt for our matches tonight. Both these and the one against them. We each have our own mountains to climb, and we must not let them get in our heads.”

[Royal nods, but looks Lazarus up and down with a wary expression as he does so.]

“All I know is that I’m the only person not wearing a mask or some kind of paint tonight. One knows exactly who Nigel Royal is.”

[He pauses, and looks at Lux Bellator, a future potential opponent, with scorn.]

“The Bloodline to Greatness. One Half of the Tag Team Champions.”

[He hands his tag belt to Marvolo and looks to the curtain.]

“And the next Ring King.”

[He steps through for his important match while Marvolo struggles to figure out how to hold both Tag belts. Bellatorum exchange glances and disappear as quickly as they appeared leaving Marvolo all alone.]

“Raquel, get the polish. We can fix Nigel’s belt right up!”

[Number One and his lady walk off while its now time to head to the ring to find out if Nigel Royal or Tommy Hawk will compete for the Ring King crown.] [We have a massive Ring King semi-finals match here as one half of the tag team champions Nigel Royal faces off against the United States champion Tommy Hawk. Will the Bloodline truly prevail or will the Savage prove to much for him?] [The bell rings as Royal circles around Hawk, not wanting anything to do with his explosive power. Royal ducks under a clothesline, leaping low as he tries to take Hawk down, but gets a kick to the jaw for his efforts. Nigel staggers back as Hawk rushes forward, nailing Nigel with a massive running forearm that puts Nigel on his ass. Royal barely gets up to one knee before he’s lifted up to his feet by Hawk, who grips him on both sides of his head before snapping forward with a sickening headbutt. Royal stumbles forwards into the ropes as Hawk grabs him by the back of the head again, throwing him to the floor with one hand] [Nigel slowly gets to his feet outside, just as Tommy leaps through the middle ropes, GOING NATIVE! Hawk powers Nigel up to his feet, Royal trying to fight back with rights and lefts but they barely affect the united states champion as Hawk throws him back first into the ring apron. Hawk casually pulls Royal up to his feet, tossing him back in the ring before Hawk rolls in as well but as he tries to pull Royal up to his feet, Nigel trips Hawk onto the mat, trying to lock in the Dungeons of London. Nigel can’t get the hold locked in though as Hawk powers out, throwing Nigel off him with one hand] [Hawk gets to his feet right into a series of lefts and rights from Nigel that still seem to barely affect Hawk. Nigel dodges a wild haymaker before leaping up with a dropkick that staggers Hawk back a few feet. Royal tries for a Snap Suplex but Hawk refuses to be powered over , trying to throw Royal away but Royal grabs Hawk in mid-air, drilling Hawk with a DDT. Hawk slowly gets up, eyes slightly glazed over from impact as Royal grabs him by the right arm, trying to take him down into the crossface again. Hawk tosses him away, nailing Nigel with a chop to the throat before lifting Nigel up high into the air, RED ARROW!] [Royal hits the canvas hard as Hawk hooks the leg for the cover, ONE…TWO…Nigel gets the shoulder up. Hawk pulls Royal up to his feet with one hand as Royal pushes Hawk away, exploding forward with a spinning heel kick that staggers Hawk back. Royal rushes forward, but runs right into a massive right hand before Hawk lifts Nigel up high, trying for a Powerbomb. Nigel counters into a triangle choke, pulling back on Hawk’s neck, trying to get him to tap out. Hawk drops to one knee, slowly beginning to fade but finds a last burst of energy as he slams Nigel to the canvas, breaking the hold] [Both men slowly get to their feet as Royal rushes forward, dropping Hawk to the mat with a bulldog before he quickly scrambles up to the top rope, LIGHTNING FAST SPITFIRE! Nigel hooks both legs as the referee counts, ONE…TWO…THR…HAWK KICKS OUT! Nigel can’t believe it as he argues with the referee on the count, turning around right into a massive clothesline that turns Royal nearly inside out. Nigel slowly gets up as Hawk underhooks him, delivering a series of uppercuts that lift Nigel up off the canvas with each blow, the final elbow to the face nearly knocking Royal out cold.] [Hawk signals for the end, pulling the imaginary tomahawk as he points it at Nigel as he patiently waits for him to get to his feet. THE SCALP..Nigel ducks under, grabbing Hawk from behind as he delivers a belly to back suplex. Royal holds on, delivering a second, and then a third but as he goes to deliver the fourth, Hawk reaches back, giving Royal a massive elbow to the temple that stuns him before a Big Boot nearly takes his head off. Hawk points the tomahawk at Nigel again as he begins to stalk Royal, waiting for him to get to his feet] [Nigel slowly gets to his feet, barely able to stand, THE SCALP…DUNGEONS OF LONDON! Royal grabs Hawk’s hand, rolling him to the canvas as he finally locks in the crossface, pulling back with all his might. Hawk yells out in pain, refusing to tap out as he begins to power up to his feet. Nigel drops down with all his weight, forcing Hawk back down to the canvas as he pulls back further. Trapped in the middle of the ring and without a way to escape, Hawk taps out!] [The bell rings as the fans are almost shocked, Royal getting to his feet with an ecstatic look on his face, raising his hand in victory as he yells out to the fans ‘I told you so, this is my time’. Nigel celebrates, rolling out of the ring as he heads up the stairs, raising up one finger before heading to the back] [Recorded Earlier.] [Ever the chipper Tag Team Champion, Marvolo struts down a Las Vegas street in attire, as if nothing in the world bothers him. He approaches the alleyway near the School Yard and enters, slipping on a piece of wet newspaper as he does.] [Regaining his composure and slightly embarrassed, he straightens himself out and continues walking.] [Suddenly, a trash can lid flings into view, crashing him straight in the skull. He drops his Tag Team Championship and stumbles. Into view soon enters two men wearing balaclava’s. The first swings a right hand at Marvolo, who blocks it expertly, only to find a kick from the other crash against his ribs.] [He doubles over, the kicker attempting to grab him by the head.] [Marvolo isn’t having any of it and thrusts up with a Headbutt that catches one of the guy’s off guard. He pins the other, throwing him into the nearby dumpster, breaking it open and spilling trash everywhere.] [Both men scramble back to their feet and run off into the darkness of the alleyway, escaping ‘Number One’ who straightens out his mask and reaches down to pick up his now dirty Tag Team Championship belt.]

“You better run you dirty little blighters!” [Marvolo yells in their direction.] “Blighters?” [He asks himself inquisitively, proceeding to answer.] “I’ve been spending too long with Nigel Royal.”

[He dusts himself down and polishes some of the dirt off the Championship with his cape, wondering what the hell just happened as he heads into the arena, ready for another fight here tonight.] [Both men have done tremendously to get this far. By the end of the night we will have our king, but will it be one of these two men? Whose night will end in heartbreak by the end of this match?] [With everything on the line the two start this one off cautious. Neither man wanting to make a mistake and allowing his opponent an opportunity to capitalize. Meeting in the middle of the ring they lock up and a show of strength ensues. With neither man giving an inch to his opponent, Davenport decides to gain the upperhand, the only way he knows. He launches a kick which looks dangerously close to the groin area.It works though, and Bellator crumbles to his knees. Still locked hand in hand, Jon Davenport really begins turning the screws now.] [Even through his mask the pain can be seen in The Light Warrior’s face. With the crowd rallying behind him, he knows it’s now or never. Bellator begins fighting through the pain and clambering back to a standing position. Using the last of his might he wriggles a hand free and manages to catapult Davenport to the ropes. Davenport returns with a huge shoulder tackle though which sends Bellator flying across the ring and bouncing off the ropes himself. Bellator himself returns Lou Thesz press and starts raining mounted elbow strikes down on Davenport.] [Leaving no recovery room for Davenport, Bellator dismounts and pulls his opponent to a standing position. Scooping Davenport up with relative ease, he almost breaks him in half when he brings him down into a big backbreaker. Attempting the first cover of the match. One…Kick-out. Plenty still left in both men here. Staying on top of his man his throws him into a corner. Bellator backs off and looks to charge toward his man. He leaps into the air BUT DAVENPORT GETS OUT THE WAY, LAST MINUTE. BELLATOR WENT FOR A SPINNING HEEL KICK. HE’S TIED UP IN THE CORNER, UPSIDE DOWN. Davenport see’s this as his big opening and he wastes no time in hitting Lux Bellator with a flurry of punches to the midsection. Bellator unable to defend himself.] [Satisfied with his damage he grabs the tangled leg of Bellator and throws him to the mat. Bellator lands awkwardly on on his head and neck. Davenport signals he is going to end. Launching himself off. MUD FLOP! BELLATOR THIS TIME EVADES THE MOVE AND DAVENPORT GETS NOTHING BUT MAT. With both men down, you can see them both gasping and trying to get as much air into their bodies as possible. A count is not needed as both men are clambering back to their feet. Davenport is up first but Bellator is not far behind. Bellator runs toward Davenport.] [SMALL PACKAGE. DAVENPORT WAS WAITING. One…Two…THR! NO! Davenport almost sneaked his way into the final of Ring King there. Bellator knows it and pulls out a big power move. A big sit-out facebuster delivered from Bellator to Davenport. Hooking the leg, he looks to secure victory for himself. One…Two… LEG ON THE ROPES. Great positional awareness from Davenport. Neither man managing to put the other away here. Bellator brings Davenport back to a vertical position BUT GETS AN EYE GOUGE FOR HIS TROUBLES. This match swinging back and forth more times than a grandfather clock.] [Hitting Bellator with closed fist punches, The Light Warrior is now very unsteady on his feet. Rocking back and forth, Davenport wraps his arms around Lux Bellator. Locking his hands in tightly he then lifts Lux up off the floor. WE’VE SEEN THIS BEFORE, SQUEEZING THE LIFE OUT OF BELLATOR, THE BEAR HUG IS IN TIGHT. Bellator is powerless to resist, his head starts to drop as the life begins to drain from him. THIS IS IT, DAVENPORT LOOKS TO BE ADVANCING TO THE FINALS. The Referee is having to check on Bellator. He raises his arm once. IT DROPS. He raises it a second time, again IT DROPS. Raising it a final and third time…..] [THE FIST HAS LIFE IN IT. BELLATOR IS STILL IN THERE. Having been on the brink of elimination Bellator begins using the only weapon he has available to him, his head. He throws headbutt after headbutt into the bridge of Davenport’s nose. Davenport is still trying to squeeze the life out of him though but his grip is loosening with every forehead that clashes into his face. With one final headbutt, blood begins pouring from The Ol’ Huntin Hound Dogs nose and the hold is broken. Lux Bellator is still in this by the skin of his forehead.] [Bouncing himself off the ropes Bellator returns by leaping into the air and crashing a huge forearm into the already bloodied face of Davenport, but Davenport still stands. Throwing himself off the ropes again, he returns again with a huge forearm. Davenport wobbles but still he stands. Bellator hopes third time lucky as he throws himself off the ropes. DAVENPORT DODGES THE FOREARM THOUGH AND GRABS BELLATOR BY THE FACE! GEORGIA CRAWFISH! GEORGIA CRAWFISH IS IN. Bellator tries to fight him, but he has nowhere to go. With the immense pain he is feeling he is forced to tap out. DAVENPORT IS GOING TO THE FINALS.] [Lux Bellator can’t hide his obvious disappointment but what a story this is for Jon Davenport. The VHS member is now only has one more opponent standing in the way of him and the crown.] [In the backstage office of Errol Flint, the Chairman sits behind his desk when Mike Lane hobbles in. The World Champion looks less than impressed at being summoned here tonight and stands there, Championship on shoulder, grimacing at his former father in law.]

“Michael, care to sit?” [Flint says with a childish grin.] “On second thoughts, please stand, eh?”

[Lane sneers.] “What do you want, Flint?”

[Errol sits back comfortably, putting his feet up on the desk. Lane rolls his eyes, expecting nothing less from the asshole he once called ‘dad’.]

“As the current Ring King, I need you to hand over your crown. Whoever wins on this auspicious night will need to have it, since you’ll no longer be King.”

“You expect me to give it back to you?” [The Champion scoffs, surprising Errol.] “I don’t think so. Knowing you, you’ll have the gold melted and the diamonds pawned within the hour,” [he remarks, letting him know how much he hates him.] “No, how about we start a new tradition, huh? If you haven’t run off, killed or destroyed the Ring King that wins before the year is out, how about they hand off the crown to their successor in the middle of that ring.”

[Errol contemplates the suggestion, grabbing his chin.] “Alright Champ, that’s fine by me. All I know is that you had better be out there at the end of that match tonight to give that crown to your successor. If you manage to retain that,” [he points to the title.] “Then who knows, you may also be looking at the future OSW World Champion as well.”

[Mike nods with a chuckle, turning around to hobble towards the door. He stops, turning back to look at him.]

“Whoever wins tonight is going to earn it, Flint. There’s no handouts, no free passes and no special circumstances. The winner of Ring King is going to get what they deserve and unlike you, I’m going to make sure of it.”

[The World Champion walks off, leaving the fans cheering at what they’ve seen. It looks like OSW has a new tradition, folks. The former King will coronate the new King here tonight. Who will it be?] [In OSW’s own suspense-filled noir thriller, James Hunter reverses the roles as he asks the questions and narrows in on his vigilante perp, The Silver Shroud!] [The Long Arm of The Law rolls his sleeves and unbuttons the top of his shirt. He’s tried playing the good cop… now it’s time to be the bad cop. Hunter sneers at the self-appointed judge, jury & executioner and draws his thumb across his throat threateningly. They circle each other… Shroud burned down his office in a bid to silence Hunter… they lock horns… will Hunter deliver on his promise of exposing him!? Stiff jabs to the body of The Question as Shroud bobs around him in a boxer’s stance; he’s worked over many suspects with those knuckles!] [A spinning backfist sends Hunter reeling into the corner as Shroud stays hot on his trail. He smashes him with hooks and elbows before whipping him across the ring and pursuing him with a running dropkick! James stumbles out of the corner into Shroud’s waiting arms… belly-to-bel—a headbutt to the bridge of the nose drops Shroud! “Ooohhh…” Hunter smiles as he stands over his opponent, whose broken nose gushes blood onto the canvas early on! The referee pulls his latex gloves on as a medic goes to fix Shroud up but the vigilante dives for Hunter! He takes him down and unloads but James gets his guard up and throws him off.] [Shroud lunges for him again but Hunter side-steps him and traps him in a sleeper hold! The vigilante fights it but James seems far too familiar with struggling victims and subdues him. “Tell them or I will!” James threatens Shroud, who puts up a renewed struggle as blood continues to pour from his nose onto Hunter’s arms. “Tell them or I will!” James repeats. Shroud beckons the referee – is he really going to throw in the towel!? He shoves the official away and DONKEY KICKS Shroud, which goes unseen! Hunter breaks the hold to nurse himself as the crowd pops for Shroud’s dirty fighting—] [HIGH KNEE TO THE FACE BY HUNTER! Shroud’s comeback is short-lived as he bleeds over the mat some more. The Question stoops over him—the low-blow still fresh—and kicks him in the ribs over and over in a rage! “You’re not above the law!” Hunter screams at him bizarrely. You know he isn’t talking about his detective work, as he continues to clutch his nethers. He grabs Shroud’s foot and wrenches his ankle! Shroud screams and tries to kick Hunter off but The Axeman ups the pressure!] [“Tell them or I will!” Those ominous words ring out again as Shroud shakes his head, blood dripping down onto his white shirt. James relinquishes the submission and pulls The Crimson Shroud up. “Spill it!” He screams into his face, but Shroud screams back “go to Hell!”. James chuckles and motions with his hands for Shroud to calm down… RELAX! The stiff clothesline drops Shroud like one of his bad habits. One… Two… James cancels the pin! “I’m not done playing with you.” He picks him up—catching a low kick—only to eat an ENZUIGIRI!] [A bloodied Shroud staggers to his feet as Hunter slumps against the ropes, seeing stars. Shroud races over and snaps him into a hurricanrana! The Axeman stumbles back to his feet but eats a spinning heel kick which floors him. Shroud hits the ropes and returns with a senton bomb! One… Two—shoulder up by Hunter! Shroud shakes off the cobwebs, looking noticeably paler after losing so much blood. He pulls the sociopath up and calls for PALE JUSTICE but James wriggles out of the Michinoku driver and CONTRADICTION! The neckbreaker-cutter catches Shroud bang to rights. One… Two… Thrshoulder up! Shroud is still in this!] [Hunter hauls him off the rusty-looking bloody mat and cinches him in a waistlock – German suplex! He keeps his arms locked. German suplex zwei! Looking to complete The Irony… German suplex drei—Shroud flips onto his feet! “Yeeeaaah!” Pop for Shroud’s athleticism as Hunter charges him—he ducks a bicycle kick—springboards off the ropes!?—LONG ARM OF THE LAW! Shroud’s busted nose sprays a mist of blood through the air as Hunter the Hypocrite nails him with his own spinning uppercut off the ropes! “Booo!” Hunter sneers as he backs into a cover on the noir detective. One… Two… Three!] [Hunter celebrates stoically, raising his axe into the air as he stands tall over the man he has tormented and threatened to expose. Shroud spits out a mouthful of blood. This is one perp he just couldn’t crack! Is this the end of it?] [Red and blue lights swivel around the intimate setting of The Schoolyard. An emergency siren wails around the arena, the audience clamping their hands to their ears and looking around in confusion. Shroud looks over at Hunter, who smiles.] [Police officers wearing dark uniforms stand in all four of the entrances overlooking the bleachers, their eyes focused upon the ring. The crowd part as the cops descend the concrete steps in unison. Reaching the ring, 2 sets of 4 officers climb the steel stairs in single-file and walk along the apron, surrounding Hunter and Shroud. They climb through the ropes and stand with their hands on their belts.] [Hunter is armed with a mic, wisely forgoing his signature axe in front of law enforcement.]

“I told the masses I would expose you as the fraud you are, Shroud. I broke out the Hypocrite on you because that’s exactly what you are. I gave the heads-up to Las Vegas’ finest here—” [He nods at the boys in blue.] “That they’d have their man by the end of the night.”

[James gets in Shroud’s bloodied face, piercing him with a steely cold stare.]

“You… are a killer!” [“Booooo!” The Question looks around at the fans with a sneer.] “No, no, that’s not hyperbole. It’s not a baseless accusation, it’s cold hard fact!”

[The Silver Shroud looks ready to take Hunter’s head off but keeps his cool in front of law enforcement.]

“You killed her, didn’t you, Shroud?” [A hush falls over The Schoolyard.] “Back when you used to wear this uniform and patrol these mean streets. You were a hothead rookie, keen to uphold the law and put as many bad eggs behind bars as you could.” [Shroud looks down at the bloodstained mat and shakes his head, his crooked nose drying now. James continues.] “Miranda was just some poor junkie getting high in a known drug hangout. It was a routine raid of the derelict building, rounding up as many as you could. Miranda broke free and ran.”

[The vigilante advances on Hunter but the cops restrain him as The Axeman chuckles.]

“You always remember your first. Nobody had gotten away from you before. Being the hothead you were, you raised your gun. You claim you were only aiming for her legs. Maybe it’s because it was dark or the rain got in your eyes? Whatever your excuse… you shot her dead, Officer Murphy.”

[“BOOOO!” The OSW faithful don’t want to hear Hunter’s lies… surely they’re lies!?]

“You claim to do all this for justice… no, you do it because you were let go from the force and you have nothing left!”

[Shroud—Officer Murphy?—relents, requesting a mic.]

“Miranda is a closed case, Hunter. That particular skeleton in my closet has already been exhumed.” [He did it!?] “I paid the price and served my sentence but I can’t be tried twice – you know that.”

[Hunter smiles.]

“Not for the same crime, no… but you just admitted your identity, caped crusader.” [Officers slap the cuffs on Shroud’s wrists!] “Officers, I give you the vigilante, The Silver Shroud, aka Officer Murphy!”

[The fans grill the cops as one of them reads Shroud his aptly-name Miranda rights. Just as they go to lead him away, however, Shroud requests the mic.]

“They say if you can’t beat em, join em.” [A small pop for his catchphrase.] “You’re not the only one who tipped off the police tonight, Hunter.”

[James frowns.]

“I could feel the heat, and I’m not just talking about the fire. I knew the jig was up at that point. But I will not go gently into that good night. I did some digging of my own, Hunter -one last case. As it turns out, you and I have something in common. You’re a killer, too.”

[The remaining cops cuff Hunter! He struggles against his restraints, yelling and threatening them but they restrain him.]

“The men who killed your brother, only to conveniently drop one-by-one like flies afterwards… you didn’t do as clean a job as you thought.”

[“Yeeeaah!” The fans give a muted cheer for Shroud’s mic drop, glad to see Hunter going down but saddened by seemingly tragic circumstances for the vigilante. The police lead both suspects away in handcuffs, Shroud going quietly while The Question curses up a storm.] [Will we ever see either of these men again, or are they going away for a long time!?] [Three teams enter into this match for two titles but only one team will be able to claim those belts for their own. Will it be Bellatorum or Knock Knock? Or will Ocean’s One successfully defend? We found out now!] [The bell sounds as all six men are in the ring for a huge fray! Lux and Marvolo are throwing punches back and forth in the corner as Smiley and Nigel duke it out in the center of the ring. Doubt has the better of Lazarus in the corner as he drills into him with a series of stomps. Doubt turns around and whips Nigel around as Smiley blasts him across the back of his head! Marvolo sees his partner getting double-teamed and goes to help, but Lux nails him with a spinning wheel kick that flattens him. Doubt wraps up Nigel in a full nelson as Smiley winds up for a forearm smash. Lux comes flying out of nowhere and takes out Smiley with a springboard DDT!] [Doubt throws Nigel who collides with Lux with a double-headbutt as both men go down. Doubt is the only man left standing as he claps his hands and flips backwards before driving his knees into the ribs of Lux Bellator. THE CAUSE OF DOUBT! Doubt goes for a pinfall. One… Broken up by Lazarus! Lazarus takes a step back before… THE DARK WISH superkick connects! The man reborn leaps on Doubt for a pinfall. One…Two…Kickout by Doubt! Lazarus begins to show some frustration but Marvolo stands behind him, ready to pounce! Marvolo begins wiggling his thumb and pinky outwards in preparation for… THE TOUCH OF DEATH! Lazarus raises his hand back before… THE LAZARUS CHAMBER on Marvolo! Two Tongan Death Grips as both men refuse to give in!] [Smiley slides up into picture between them with an enlarged grin thanks to The Nightmare. He SMASHES their heads together! Smiley hits the ropes before nailing a CHELSEA GRIN to Lazarus! Nigel Royal grabs Smiley from behind for… ROYAL FLUSH! Once…Twice… Thrice… FOUR of them hit as Marvolo nods his head on. Marvolo also climbs up to the top rope, albeit hesitantly, before leaping off for a SPITFIRE! Nigel follows him up for a second… NO! Lux hits a springboard hurricanrana sending Nigel down from the top turnbuckle back first onto Smiley! The Light Warrior extends his arms outwards as the crowd cheers him on. He motions for Lazarus to get to his feet before. His formerly fallen friend rises up as they begin directing traffic. Marvolo charges Lux and nails him with a running lariat, but Lazarus grabs him from behind as Marvolo struggles!]

“Not today, Dark Marvolo!”

[Marvolo escapes below and retreats between his legs as Lazarus turns around in confusion before… THE MYSTERY BOX! Lazarus looks confused at this as he begins spinning Marvolo around. THE PESSIMIST’S END! Lazarus was distracted so that he didn’t see Doubt coming! Doubt goes for the cover! One…Two… Lux breaks it up! Nigel gets up and nails a dropkick to Lux sending him back into the corner before pulling Doubt in for a powerbomb but sends him flying into Lux in the corner! Both men are down as Nigel sees Lazarus beginning to get back to his knees. DUNGEONS OF LONDON! Lazarus is in a bad way here! Marvolo is still in his Mystery Box and reaches up and… grabs Nigel by the hair! He begins yanking on his hair as Nigel cries out in agony! He releases his hold and grabs Marvolo’s hand and pulls him out of his box!] [Marvolo looks sheepishly up at him and says an apology as Nigel pulls him to his feet. Lux comes out of nowhere but both men drop down and send him flying over the top rope! They look at each other, shrug, then turn around as Smiley clotheslines them both over the top rope! Smiley pulls Doubt back to his feet as he grins widely! He points at the downed Lazarus. Now is their chance! BRRRRREEAKKKKKKDOWNNNNNNNNNN! Doubt hits Eating Yourself Alive followed quickly by Smiley’s Trauma! Smiley goes for the pinfall! One…Two…NO!!!! Lazarus somehow kicked out! Smiley and Doubt look at each other in disbelief. Doubt grabs the bottom jaw of Lazarus as Smiley wrenches back on the top as Lazarus’ audible scream is bloodcurdling!] [LUX BELLATOR OUT OF NOWHERE! SPRINGBOARD ELBOW DROP TO SMILEY! They release the hold as Doubt goes for a discuss lariat, but Lux Bellator ducks underneath it. He kicks Doubt in the gut before hitting a spinning backfist that flattened him. Smiley is slow to his feet before Lux kicks him in the gut and… THE CATHOLIC CROSS SENDS HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE AND DOUBT hurricanranas Lux atop of Marvolo on the outside! Nigel slips into the ring and grabs Lazarus up before locking in his DUNGEONS OF LONDON once more! Smiley sees this and clobbers him with a double axe handle to the back of his head. He grabs him as Doubt comes into the ring and… SLEEP PARALYSIS! THE HIDEOUS LAUGHTER HIT BEFORE HOLDING FOR CAUSE OF DOUBT! Smiley hooks him for a pinfall as Doubt leaps on too! One…Two…THREE!] [Knock Knock has reclaimed their lost gold! They leap to their feet and snatch the gold from the referee before exiting the ring clutching it tight to their chests. Marvolo is standing with a shocked expression upon his face as does Lux. Lazarus and Nigel are still trying to collect their bearings within the ring.] [The Epitome of Greatness walks through the backstage area with his head held high as his chance to reclaim his United States Championship is up next. As he turns a corner, he’s nearly buffeted back by a large gust of wind as he’s welcomed by a tomahawk wielding Tommy Hawk. Only he’s different. White paint covers his chest, shoulders, and face as his eyes glow red. Austin Fernando pauses in place holding his hands up with a smirk.]

“Hey man, the fight is out in the ring or have you forgotten?”

[The Savage moves within an inch of Austin before sniffing. He looks him up and down before taking a step back and aiming his tomahawk at him.]

“You smell of the beast I have hunted. You lust for my title.” [The Savage pats the United States Championship around his waist.] “This greed has become your downfall. Tonight, The Savage not only puts an end to this fight, but The Savage executes The Wendigo.”

[With another gust of wind, The Savage is long gone leaving Austin Fernando standing in the hallway with a smirk on his face. He walks to a door beside him and turns the handle to reveal a suit of armor, bathed in crimson. The smile spreads across his face as he turns to face the camera.]

“Tonight, my little Spirit Walker, you meet The Red Emperor.”

[The door closes slams closed as the smirking Austin Fernando is shown behind it.] [The Red Emperor meets The Savage at Ring King! Will this new persona be enough to triumph over The Savage?! We shall soon see!] [The referee requests that Austin remove his helmet which he does while still grinning at his opponent from across the ring. The Red Emperor meets The Savage in the center of the ring as they tie up! The Savage tries to utilize his power on The Red Emperor but Fernando slides around him and lifts him up before dropping him on his face. The Savage rolls to his feet but his face shows disgust. They go to meet up again, but Hawk extends his arm for a solid punch to the chin! Fernando recoils for a moment before charging Hawk into the corner!] [He raises his hands before drilling into the midsection of The Savage with some vicious blows. The Savage grabs him by the head and claps his ears! The Red Emperor backs away momentarily as Savage flies out of the corner with a solid shoulderblock! Followed by another! The Red Emperor gets to his feet before being lifted up from behind for a spinout belly to back suplex. The Savage raises a hand into the air before running into the ropes, doing a spin and dropping a tomahawk-like elbow atop the head of Fernando! The Red Emperor staggers to his feet but gets pulled up into a fireman’s carry!] [The Savage yells out before covering him. One…Two…NO! Fernando kicks out just in time. The Savage begins nailing him across the shoulder with chopping blows as Fernando looks in pain. The Savage lifts him up, but Fernando strikes back with a nasty uppercut. Tommy Hawk staggers backwards into the ropes where he holds himself up. The Red Emperor charges him and clotheslines him over to the apron. He climbs over himself, and helps him to his feet. GOODBYE, FRIEND ON THE APRON! The jumping brainbuster may have just killed The Savage!] [Both men are down but Fernando seems to have gotten the better of it as he’s to his feet before the count of five. He realizes the time is drawing close so he lifts up the limp body of Hawk and rolls him underneath the ropes before rolling in at a count of nine! The Red Emperor begins stalking The Savage and daring him to get to his feet. He slowly does and turns right around into… THE REVELATION! He goes for a pinfall! One…Two…KICKOUT! Tommy Hawk pops up to his knees as a distant look is in his eyes!] [Austin Fernando senses this isn’t going well! He rears back and begins DRILLING him with vicious rights and left boxing jabs! He reaches around and nails a sideshot to the nose! A disgusting crunching sound is heard as The Savage’s head turns to the side. The Red Emperor smiles down at him before hitting the ropes and delivering a vicious spinning heel kick to the side of his head! The Savage falls to the mat, but Fern demands he gets back up. Slowly The Savage does so as Fernando kicks him in the gut and lifts him up for…. THE EMPEROR’S STRIKE! IT CONNECTS! One….Two….] [NO!!! THE SAVAGE KICKS OUT! The Red Emperor is irate! He yanks him up to his feet, but The Savage nails him with a clubbing forearm strike before throwing him out of the ring completely! Hawk hits the ropes before… GOING NATIVE! The Red Emperor is nailed by the blows as he’s rocked back into the crowd! The Savage lets out a primal scream before rolling back into the ring and allowing the referee to count! Austin Fernando is slowly crawling his way back to the ring and… rolls in just at the nine count again!] [The Savage begins laying in shots to the back of The Red Emperor who is spent. The Savage lifts him up for his finish, but Fernando rakes the eyes! He grabs him for a T-Bone suplex! Hawk pops right back up which Fernando fixes with a running neckbreaker. Both men are slow to get to their feet, but Fernando throws a punch which is met by a punch from Hawk. The Emperor pulls Hawk in for… KNOW YOUR PLACE! He covers him after the powerbomb. One…Two…NO! The Red Emperor is irate! He goes to the corner and he’s ready to end this! The Savage gets to his hands and knees as The Red Emperor takes off! He goes for the PUNT… WELCOME TO OBLIVION! The Red Emperor hooks both legs in a hurry! One…Two…THREE!] [Austin Fernando leaps to his feet! The referee awards him his United States Championship, and he’s now the NEW Two-Time United States Champion! The Red Emperor walks over and stands over Tommy Hawk as the match has now commenced.] [The match is over, but The Red Emperor Austin Fernando does appear to be through! He grabs Hawk up by his hair and… THE EMPEROR’S STRIKE ONCE MORE! The crowd boos him as he steps on top of Hawk’s face. He looks towards the entrance ramp as if expecting someone.]

“Well where the hell are you?! We had a deal, Wendigo!”

[Awoooooooooooooooooooo! A piercing howl is heard through the arena as the lights flicker. They shut off before a single spotlight is shown on a figure in the ring.] [The Wendigo.] [The Wendigo looks down at the defeated Hawk and seems to be beckoning him to lift him up. Austin looks at him with a dumbfounded expression.]

“Excuse me? I did all the damn work and now you want me to hold him for you? Get the fuck out of here. Do it yourself.”

[The ghastly figure stares a hole straight through Austin Fernando as if examining his very will to go on.]


[The hauntingly quiet yet pronounced word rings through the arena. Austin even seems a little taken aback.]

“You talk?!”

[The rotten flesh of the outfit nods in agreement before kicking Austin right in the gut! The beats grabs him by the throat before pulling him into a BRAINBUSTER! The monster seemed to be using Fernando all along for its own agenda! The Red Emperor is down as The Savage comes to his knees staring up into the eyes of the beast of his pursuit.]

“Savage. Your time as Spirit Walker shall soon come to end.”

[The lights flicker once again as The Wendigo is gone once more! Tommy Hawk slams a hand down onto the mat before screaming out once more. His red eyes are ablaze as he’s ready to pull the wool off of The Wendigo’s head.] [Ozric smiles at Hysteria, the Nightmare toying with him before the match, the bell ringing as Hysteria backs away from the larger man.] [Hysteria looks uncharacteristically shaken as he walks around the ring, eyeing Ozric as he keeps his distance. Mortimer steps forward, Hysteria backing up and grabbing the ropes. Ozric smirks and rushes forward with a massive knee that drops Hysteria to the ground! Hysteria rolls under the bottom rope, Ozric following after him. The Nightmare round the corner post just in time to get caught by Hysteria with a huge jumping cutter! Ozric gets up quickly, Hysteria striking away at the monster with kicks and elbows. The onslaught barely staggers Ozric, who retaliates by slamming Hysteria face first into the apron! He gets rolled in and Ozric follows after for a a quick pin, getting only a one count.] [Hysteria rolls away from Ozric, getting to his feet and running forward with a massive dropkick to the kneeling Ozric! The Nightmare rolls away as Hysteria moves away again, heading to the top rope. As Ozric stands up Hysteria leaps. THE FALL OF MAN! Hysteria for a quick pin that only gets a one count as Ozric tosses Hysteria off. The Mad Mastermind is back to his feet fast, trying to keep his onslaught going as he stomps on the downed Ozric. The Nightmare however powers to his feet and as Hysteria swings again, but Ozric catches it and spins Hysteria around, lifting him from behind SUSPENDED ANIMATION!] [HYSTERIA IS FOLDED IN HALF BY THE IMPACT! But Ozric refuses to pin, instead peeling Hysteria up off of the ground and holding him in the air by his throat. Hysteria hangs limp in Ozric’s hand. Ozric grins at him BOOT TO THE FACE! Hysteria fights back, nailing yet another kick and Ozric drops him HYSTERIA HITS THE LOST HOPE! Both men nail the ground hard, Ozric rolling to ringside as Hysteria lays in the center ring. Hysteria crawls to the ropes, using them to pull himself to his feet. The ref begins the ten count for Ozric as he lays at ringside.] [One! Two! Three! Four! Five! Ozric stirs as he slowly gets to his feet. Hysteria watches Ozric at the apron and Hysteria rushes forward with a baseball slide to Ozric- NO! OZRIC MOVES TO THE SIDE AND YANKS HYSTERIA OUT OF THE RING MID SLIDE! The Nightmare wastes no time as he forces Hysteria to his feet and flings him back first into the apron! Hysteria doubles over in pain as Ozric grabs him and forces him up, tossing him through the ropes and following through. Just as Hysteria tries to stand, Ozric kicks him in the gut and TASTE THE CURB!] [Hysteria is left in a heap following that devastating move. Ozric goes for a pin. ONE! TWO! KICK OUT! HYSTERIA POWERS HIS SHOULD UP AND AVOIDS THE NEAR FALL! Ozric glares down at Hysteria as he forces him up off of the ground- jumping DDT by Hysteria! The Mad Mastermind rushes to the top rope and as Ozric rolls to his back leaps off CATACLYSM! The moonstomp destroys Ozric as Hysteria goes for the pin! ONE! TWO! OZRIC THROWS HYSTERIA OFF OF HIMSELF! The two men fight to their feet and stare each other down. Hysteria runs towards Ozric but Ozric lifts Hysteria as he runs towards him and flings him into the referee! THE REF IS DOWN!] [Hysteria and the ref are both down after that powerful toss. Just as Ozric goes to grab Hysteria “Tool” by The Grudge plays. Ozric turns around and The Asylum is rushing the ring! Chairs and crowbar in hand, the members assault Ozric, The Nightmare getting wailed upon by multiple chair shots, a crowbar shot busting him open as he falls to the ground! The assault stops as the ref begins to stir, and the Asylum flee, their chairs left behind in the ring. Ozric looks nowhere near done as he stands up, the onslaught only feeding his blood lust. Just as Hysteria and the ref get to their feet, Ozric grabs a chair and NAILS HYSTERIA WITH IT! THE ASYLUM LEADER GOES DOWN AND THE REF CALLS FOR THE BELL! OZRIC IS DISQUALIFIED!] [The chair shots keep raining down as the match comes to an end, Ozric enjoying his vicious assault on the man before him.] [With Hysteria laid out on the canvas, unconscious, Ozric slams the steel chair over the referee’s head and knocks him out as well, furious with the decision.] [The Nightmare storms across the ring and grabs a microphone, coming back to bend over his fallen enemy.]

“I told you that tonight, I’d explain myself.”

[He sneers and chuckles sadistically.]

“Six years ago, I sought out some of my first victims,” [he says almost sincerely.] “I showed you that footage last week, didn’t I?”

[The footage rolls again.] [The screen is soon overtaken by static and interference as we transition to the tron for footage.] [A beautiful house on a quiet and serene street, a single street light outside illuminating the perfect white picket fence. There’s a swing in the garden, gently blowing back and forth in the breeze. Children’s toys litter the front garden, dumped where they were last used.] [The street light flickers on and off.] [In the window, a light flicker – flames. They start licking up at the windows, the wood becoming infested in fire until an explosion rocks the house, shooting glass out into the air with such ferocity that people in the audience are inclined to duck, the realism coming right at them.]

“Your family,” [Ozric hisses.] “Your wife, your kids, I burned them alive. I can still smell their flesh aflame within my nostrils. But you see Hysteria, I didn’t do it because I knew you; I didn’t do it because I wanted to punish LH Harrison.”

[Hysteria starts coming too, rolling away, groggily.]

“No, I did it because I could. I did it because I saw an opportunity. I didn’t know you were a wrestler and I didn’t care. I didn’t choose you. You were a victim of circumstance. You were a victim of a nightmare that could happen to anyone.”

[When the camera closes in on Hysteria, his eyes tell the tale. They’re almost weeping.]

“That’s why you’re so afraid of fire, isn’t it?” [Ozric asks with a smile, standing back up.] “That’s why you are the way you are. I created you, Hysteria. I am your creator and you, you are my creation. Everything you’ve done; I am responsible for. Everything you’ve won, every bone you’ve snapped, every body you’ve desecrated, they’re all down to me.”

[Ozric tilts his head.]

“And boy, am I proud of you.”

[He throws the microphone down and exits to the outside, leaving Hysteria alone to sit in the middle of the ring. He can’t believe it; though deep down, he must have known since Fast Lane.] [Mortimer walks away, stopping at the top of the steps to look back with a smile, his time with Hysteria far from over.] [We have a battle of the brothers here at Ring King as Jake Jeckel fights out with his brother Jack. Will the Juggalo down his younger brother again or can the Boogie Man destroy Jake once and for all?] [The bell sounds as both men circle around one another, Jake rushing forward right as he runs right into a massive right hand from Jack that puts him on his ass. Jake scrambles up as Jack rushes forward, delivering a hard knee to the gut that takes all the wind out of Jake before he gets drilled into the mat with a lightning quick Snap Suplex. Jack backs up, JACK IN THE BOX…NO! Jake just rolls away, escaping to the outside as he tries to regroup.] [Jack rolls out, trying to go after Jake but Jake takes him by surprise by an elbow to the face before he grabs Jack by the head, throwing him full force into the ring post. A sick smile comes over Jake but it quickly vanishes as Jack stays on his feet, turning around, giving Jake the stink eye before nearly taking his head off with a massive Lariat. Jack pulls Jake off the floor, throwing him into the ring before pulling his head past the ropes, hanging down off the apron.] [Jack backs up, cricking his neck before he runs forward, absolutely destroying Jake with a massive running Big Boot to the temple. Jake slumps over, stumbling on the mat as Jack rolls into the ring, pulling Jake up to his feet with one hand. Jake tries to fight back, with rights to the face but they barely affect Jack, who throws him across the ring right into the corner. Jake is nearly out of it as the Boogie Man runs forward, but a knee strike is dodged as Jake just manages to roll out of the way. Jake gets to his feet as Jack rushes forward, just ducking under as Jack wipes out the referee with a massive Lariat] [Jack looks almost shocked as he tries to rouse the referee, JUGGABLOW! Jake drops Jack with a hefty kick to the crown jewels as the Boogie Man goes down in pain. The Juggalo stands there for a moment, before rolling out of the ring and grabbing a steel chair from ringside. Jake rolls back inside, begging for Jack to get to his feet and as Jack gets to one knee, Jeckel nearly takes his head off with a massive chair shot. Jake slams the chair down on Jack twice more for good measure before throwing the chair to the outside and waking up the referee before covering. The referee slowly wakes up, counting groggily, ONE…TWO…THR…Jack just gets the shoulder up] [Jake is beside himself, furious as he pulls Jack up to his feet, lifting him up by the throat, PONY DOW…SPIKE DDT! Jake gets drilled into the mat but the steel chair attack did a number on Jack as he can’t capitalize. Both competitors slowly get to their feet, exchanging rights and lefts, an exchange that Jake gets the better of as he whips Jack across the ring before nearly taking his head off with a massive Bicycle Kick. Jake calls for the end, pulling Jack to his feet as he goes to lift him up into the air but gets a sharp headbutt for his troubles before he’s driven to the canvas with a lighting fast Exploder Suplex] [Jake slowly gets to his feet right into a knee to the gut before he’s lifted up, BOOGEYBOMB! Jake crashes to the canvas, holding his back in pain but he barely hits the canvas before he’s pulled up by Jack who lifts him up again, dropping him behind his back, THE HATCHET 2.0! Jake is done, barely concious on the mat but Jack shakes his head, lifting Jake up as he positions him on the turnbuckle, facing forwards as he hooks both of his arms on the ropes, climbing up to the top rope from the back, SUPER JACK IN THE BOX! Jake was absolutely destroyed by that move, Jack chuckling to himself before covering, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [Jack Jeckel rolls away from his brother with the biggest grin on his face. He did it. He beat Jake. Suddenly, Lance Norman and Errol Flint step out from the tunnel above; unusually together. The last we saw of Norman; he was being carried away by Jake.] [Errol has a microphone.]

“You did it, kid,” [Flint says with a big toothy smile. He flashes a look at Lance who nods in agreement.] “You beat the devil himself.”

[The fans are extremely confused and understandably so.]

“Which just goes to prove a point that you are the man for the job. You see Jackie, I aligned myself with your brother because I thought he was the fiercest man on this roster. I helped him win the World Championship because I believed he’d be the one to reign over Old School Wrestling.”

[Flint scoffs, curling his mouth in frustration.]

“I was wrong. From the minute you and Lance arrived and cost that piece of shit the title, I knew I had backed the wrong horse,” [he admits pointing down at a stirring Jake.] “So I immediately made an arrangement with my old friend that no-one knew about. I promised him that if you could beat your brother here tonight, I would fire Jake Jeckel.”

[The fans don’t know what to make of that as Lance takes the microphone.] “I’m sorry that I had to pull the wool over your eyes and let him take me last week, Jackie. I didn’t do that to lie to you. I did that because we needed to see that you were the man to replace your brother,” [Norman says with a grin.] “And you are.”

[Jack stands there with his hands on hips, listening intently to what these two masterminds had constructed together.]

“From now on, there’s only room for one true Bogeyman, one true Freddy Krueger of Old School Wrestling and that’s you, Jack.”

[Norman hands the microphone back to Flint.] “Jake Jeckel, you’re fired!”

[The fans explode as Lance and Errol shake hands, Jake Jeckel looking up at them as if to ask ‘what the fuck’ as we fade to a commercial break.] [Errol Flint has fired Jake Jeckel. Will he take this lying down, or will we see the Juggalo again someday?] [The fans jeer.]

“Hey hey hey, nah nah nah, goodbye!”

[Their chants echo throughout the arena as Jake gathers himself and rolls to the outside, heading up the opposite set of stairs. He stops at the top, taking one last look around the sneering and jeering fans, his eyes focused, his brow furrowed.] [He’s lost everything.] [This is it, the final match in the career of Neville Sheldon. He enters the ring, bravely standing toe to toe with Rain, who towers over him.]

“Neville Sheldon!” [Clap, clap, clap.] “Neville Sheldon.”

[The bell hardly sounds before Rain attacks him with thunderous thrusting uppercuts, the final of three sending him to the canvas. Sheldon can barely move before The Monster is on him, pulling him back to his feet and tossing him into the corner. He runs in, Neville getting his feet up to push back against the tide. That just pisses Rain off, who grabs him by the throat with both hands and throws him across the ring. Sheldon bounces off the canvas with a thud, hitting the bottom rope with such ferocity that the ring shook.] [The fans boo but Rain doesn’t care. He was chosen for this match and he’s going to destroy the legacy of Neville Sheldon. The Nerd gets back up and runs towards him, valiant as ever, ducking underneath a Clothesline and hitting the ropes. He comes barrelling back, straight into a Big Boot by Rain who almost takes his head off. The fans hate this. They’re seeing their idol get decimated in his final ever match. Rain pulls Sheldon back to his feet and viciously slams him back first across the top rope, watching as he topples to the outside, hitting the ring apron with a thud as he falls. This is becoming a massacre.]

“Neville Sheldon!” [Clap, clap, clap.] “Neville Sheldon.”

[The Monster steps over the top rope and drops down to the concrete floor, Neville fighting back. Somehow, this little nerd, he just won’t give up. He slams right hands into the abdomen of Rain, hitting him with everything he has until The Monster slams him with a Headbutt. Rain grabs him again, running him straight into the steel ring post. The entire ring shakes with the impact, but Neville Sheldon is the one who felt it. Rain rolls him back into the ring and covers…. One…. Two…. Three! KICK OUT! SHELDON KICKS OUT! The fans “OOOHHHHHHH!!” in excitement as The Underdog kicks out at the last second. The Monster pulls him back up and slaps his hand around his throat. No, surely not. TO DUST! NO! SHELDON DROPS OUT!] [He squirmed enough to escape! Neville hits the ropes and comes back with a Basement Dropkick, taking out his right knee. That stumbles The Monster and as Sheldon gets back up, he swipes, The Nerd ducking and nailing him with a second Dropkick to the same knee. Rain goes down now, The former Ring King running to the ropes and coming back with THE NKO! NERD KNOCK OUT!! The fans explode as he hits the Leaping Neckbreaker on a kneeling Rain. He immediately covers… One…. Two…. Kick Out! Neville is thrown half way across the ring with the force of that, looking back in absolute astonishment. Can he do the unthinkable? Can he do what he never did before? He gets back to his feet and pumps himself up, the fans getting behind him now. Rain slowly gets back to his feet and Neville is feeling it. He slips in behind him, grabs that leg and reaches back for the head. He’s going for the Standing Surfboard. He’s going for the Book Smart!] [NO! Rain powers away. He turns around just as Neville does and HEART PUNCH! HOLY FUCKING SHIT! NEVILLE SHELDON CRUMPLES WHERE HE STANDS, HITTING THE FLOOR IN A CRUMPLED HEAP! Rain knows that this one is over. He knows it. The Monster grabs him by the head and pulls him back to his feet, his hand still slapped around his throat. TO DUST! CHOKESLAM! FALLING CHOKESLAM TO THE NERD! THAT HAS TO BE IT NOW! RAIN COVERS… ONE…… “BOOOOOOOOOOO!!”… TWO…….. “BOOOOOOOOOO!”… THREE!! NO!! OH MY GOD NO! NEVILLE SHELDON GOT A SHOULDER UP! HOW THE FUCK DID HE DO THAT!? “YEAAAHHHHHH!!” explode the fans as Rain looks at him with disgust.] [He gets back to his feet and pulls Neville up by his head, sending him into the ropes – only Sheldon holds on! He holds on to the top rope. Rain runs at him, The Nerd pulling on the top rope and SENDING HIM TO THE OUTSIDE!! He backs up, looks at the crowd, looks at Rain and.. OH NO…. HE STORMS INTO THE ROPES AND BOUNDS ACROSS THE RING!! SUICIDE DIVE!! SUPERMAN!! SUPERMAN TO RAIN!! Sheldon slams into Rain and them both into the barricade! How much has Neville got left? Slowly they both get back to their feet, Neville sliding into the ring and Rain, groggily giving chase. He slides under the bottom rope, gets back to his feet and Neville slips in again… BOOK SMART! HE HAS IT LOCKED IN! THE STANDING SURFBOARD IS LOCKED IN! NO-ONE HAS EVER MADE RAIN TAP…. NO-ONE HAS EVER DONE IT! HE SQUEEZES WITH EVERYTHING HE HAS… TAP DAMNIT! TAP! “YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!!” HE TAPS! RAIN TAPS OUT! RAIN TAPS OUT TO NEVILLE FUCKING SHELDON!!] [The fans are on their feet as Neville releases the hold and Rain rolls away, falling to the outside. He slowly gets back up, the referee raising his arm as the fans cheer his name in unison.]

“Thankyou Neville!” [Rings out amongst the fans who cheer his name and give him a standing ovation.] “Thankyou Neville!”

[“Through The Fire and The Flames” hits once more and for the final time, The Underdog stood there in the middle of the ring, hands on hips, tears escaping his glasses. What a career, what a dream come true for Neville Sheldon. It all started as a kid with a dream and turned into the biggest success story we’ve ever seen.] [Neville Sheldon goes out on top tonight. Thank you Neville, thank you for everything.] [The crowd have risen to their feet, applauding and cheering someone they lived vicariously through for years. Neville asks politely for a microphone and with tears streaming down his face, speaks for the final time.]

“No, thank you!” [He says pointing into the crowd.] “Without you I would never have had this journey and without your support, I wouldn’t have made it through. If you don’t mind, I want to spend this moment, my final moment in wrestling, here with you and my family.”

[The crowd applaud as his Mom and best friend John Cho step out of the crowd and enter the ring, joining him there. They embrace, all three of them, celebrating one heck of a career.] [Then pitch black.] [There’s an unsettled murmur amongst the crowd as they search and scan the darkness for whatever may be coming next.] [Then they see it. The red light, atop the stairs, standing ominously above everyone.]

“I have broken bones, to get to you.”

[Oh no, please, no. The fans can’t believe it as the small red light travels down the steps towards the ring. It stops outside, the lights returning to show Red River Jack stood there with his cigarette in mouth.] [But that’s just the distraction! Because as Neville protects his mother, Hate and David Manson run in from behind and attack John Cho. They kick and punch at him like rabid animals, beating him to the canvas and stomping away at him. Neville backs his mom into the corner, his hand raised, almost begging for this not to happen.]

“Did you think it was going to be that easy, man?” [Jack asks off microphone, walking up the ring steps and entering the ring.] “Please don’t turn and walk away, it would break my heart in two. I’ve given all I’ve got, to get to you.”

[Poor Neville is backed into the corner now as The Awakening approach. Jack shrugs at him, that evil smile creeping across his face as he does. Then they strike. Hate drags Sheldon away from his mother and into a massive Clothesline by David Manson who drops straight to his knees and strangles away at him viciously.] [His mom cries out, begging for them to stop but no-one is listening. Jack walks over and puts his arm around her – scaring the living daylights out of her.] [Then it happens. The unthinkable. The unimaginable. She clutches at her chest and falls to the canvas.]

“MOM!” [Neville screams through a gargled strangle, reaching out for her with his outstretched hand, desperate to get to her.] [Manson and Hate both stop him, Red River Jack kneeling down by her side as she struggles to breathe through what looks like a heart attack.] [The scene comes to a close with EMT’s rushing the ring, carefully trying to see to Mrs. Sheldon as Neville is released from The Awakening’s grip, allowing him to crawl over and check on his mom.] [Red River Jack backs away, smiling the entire time. What the hell was the meaning of this? The Awakening are back and they just ruined Neville Sheldon’s retirement.] [In the biggest title match in OSW history, three day-1 veterans and shoe-in Hall of Fame names wage war, as Mike Lane defends his Championship against Brent Kersh and The Scarecrow!] [… Only Brent Kersh isn’t here. What the hell is he playing at!? The Enforcer demanded Flint insert him into this match but it seems his fear of arch-nemesis, The Scarecrow, has given him cold feet. The fans boo his absence as Mike—sporting a knee brace—shakes his head, looking into the eyes of Scarecrow. The Hayman doesn’t laugh but must be loving this. Ding ding ding! The referee has no choice but to get things started without Kersh. Mike circles ‘Crow, who only sways gently like a stock of corn. He moves in and pops him with lefts and rights but they do nothing! Mike hits the ropes hard and comes back—big boot by Scarecrow!] [The Harvester peels Mike off the mat and whips him into the ropes—side-steps him on the rebound—Mike ducks a lazy clothesline—leapfrogs him on another rebound—‘Crow avoids him again… Scarecrow is just making Mike put undue strain on that leg! Lane figures as much and hops up and down defiantly as the crowd get behind him, chanting “Let’s go Laner!”. Tie-up – Scarecrow kicks his knee out! ‘Crow looks at the crowd as they chastise the lowly move. He palms Mike in the face, flooring him. Where the hell is Kersh!? Scarecrow drags Mike to the ropes by his brace and props his leg up. He jumps up and drives his own knee into Mike’s; again, again and again as Mike screams in pain.] [1… 2… 3… 4 — Scarecrow kicks Mike’s leg off the ropes to avoid the DQ. The spectre rolls under the ropes and snatches the leg again… he cracks it into the apron! Lane writhes in agony, clutching his knee like his firstborn child. The uncaring Scarecrow punches him through the ropes and grabs the injured limb once more. He drags him into the corner and swings Lane’s leg into the steel post! We’re lucky we didn’t hear a snap with that! ‘Crow snatches Lane right out of the ring, his head smacking off the floor mats just like Showcase! The Keeper of The Crops basks in the heatwave from the fans as he methodically kills their hero.] [He heaves a limping Lane up aaand—crash—sends him knee-first into the steel steps! Mike flips over as they detach on impact. Scarecrow props his leg on the bottom half of stairs. He picks up the top half! “Ooooohhhhh…” The audience voices their concern as Scarecrow stands over Mike’s body. “Don’t do it, Scarecrow!” implores the referee. This will end Mike’s career! He raises the stairs above his head—SPEAR INTO THE CONCRETE BLEACHERS! “YEEAAHHH!” The crowd pop huge as the stairs crash to the floor inches away from Mike – saved by BRENT KERSH! Talk about facing your fears; Brent just steamrolled them! The first several rows scatter as Brent and ‘Crow crash into the steps.] [All three men lie in a heap as the fans boil over. The referee can only check on them, no countouts in this bout. Brent is the first to recover. He mounts Scarecrow on the bleachers and hammers away at him for all that he’s put him through. He pulls him down the steps and rolls him in the ring. Brent glances over at Mike, who is now receiving medical attention on the floor. The former-linebacker rolls in as Scarecrow gets up – double-A spinebuster! One… Two—kickout! Kersh gets the crowd going and pulls Scarecrow up for a big body slam that shakes the ropes.] [Brent drops elbow after elbow across ‘Crow’s chest, then hits the ropes and lands a Texas-sized elbow! The old-schooler lugs him up again and nails a gutwrench suplex. One… Two… kickout! It’ll take more than that and Brent knows it, too. He climbs up onto the middle rope as Scarecrow recovers. He leaps off with a double axe han—MID-AIR POWERBOMB! Scarecrow swats him like a fly. One… Two… shoulder up! Brent rolls away, nursing that cursed shoulder of his. The Harvester gets to his feet, breathing ragged. He pulls his adversary up and sends him hard into the corner, following up with a big splash. Brent stumbles forwards right into a tilt-o’-whirl slam! One… Two… shoulder up!] [Scarecrow nods stoically. He’s never been so dominant; will tonight be his night? He picks up his co-2015 Feud of the Year recipient and flips him up into a crucifix! “oooOOOHHH…” The fans rise to their feet to witness THE PERCH but Brent beats the lights and drops down behind Scarecrow. He shoves him forwards—SHADOW KICK OUT OF NOWHERE! “Yeeeaahhh!” Big but short-lived pop for Mike Lane as he drops Scarecrow like a bad habit, only to immediately collapse. EMTs chase after him as he struggles to get up. Brent looks concerned… ONLY TO GRAB HIS LEG FOR THE LONE STAR figure four!] [Mike tries to kick Kersh off but his leg has lost all strength after that Shadow Kick. Brent steps in and spins around the limb, ready to lock it in! “BOOOO!” The fans turn on The Enforcer, who looks around, conflicted. The EMTs beg him not to do anything. What lengths will The Enforcer go to for the OSW World Championship!? Brent screams and abandons the hold to a pop! He shoes Mike under the bottom rope and dives into a cover on Scarecrow instead. One… Two—Lane on the apron—Three!? Shoulder up! “Oooohhh…” Mike clasps his hands together. He’s still Champion… for now. Scarecrow had time to recover. Brent runs his hands over his buzzed head. He can taste that title!] [Mike throws himself back in, to the chagrin of medics. Brent sits up from the pin ROLLING IN THE FAST LANE! Mike clocks him in the temple with that knee brace – no mercy shown by the Shadow King. One… Two… ThrScarecrow breaks it up! All three men are down once more, their chests rising and falling rapidly. They claw their way up. Brent locks eyes with Mike, that knockout knee fresh in his mind… but both men turn to look at Scarecrow, who motions for them to bring it! Mike ducks a HAYMAKER and cinches ‘Crow in a T-bone suplex… DEGENERATION INTO BRENT’S WAITING ARMS – SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT tombstone!] [“Holy shit, holy shit!” Spectators chant for the combo-finish. One… Two… ThrMike drags Brent off of Scarecrow! The two fan favorites go nose-to-nose to rapturous cheering! It’s been months since these two have tangled; bitter RAGE memories rushing to the surface—Brent scoops Mike onto his shoulder! SOUTHERN DIS—Mike drops behind—SHADOW KI—Brent grabs the leg—LONE STAR! The Enforcer repays the knee, showing no mercy! Mike thrashes on the mat, his leg on fire as Kersh ramps up the torque. “Tap out, Lane! Tap!” Brent screams, but Mike shakes his head furiously as he reaches for the ropes – SCARECROW WITH A KIMURA TO KERSH!] [“This is awesome!” clap clap clapclapclap. The crowd are at a fever pitch as Brent keeps the figure four locked in on Lane while simultaneously fighting against the kimura by ‘Crow! The referee mops his brow asking both men if they quit, both of them yelling “NO!”. With the added weight of Scarecrow, Mike changes tactics. Rather than trying to drag himself to the ropes, he fumbles with his brace… he frees himself! Escaping the Lone Star, Mike brains Scarecrow with the brace! The referee admonishes him and discards of it, but it succeeded in breaking the kimura. Brent’s shoulder must be in pieces!] [Leg held together by sheer grit, Mike hobbles to his feet, as does Brent. Scarecrow isn’t far behind. Mike ignores the pain and charges at Brent, who ducks. Scarecrow pops Lane up for the BYE BYE BIRDIE but MIKE SPRINGBOARDS OFF THE TOP TURNBUCKLE—Scarecrow dodges—TOP-ROPE SPRINGBOARD SHADOW KICK TO KERSH! The force of it sends Kersh to the mat and under the ropes. Mike tries to stand but the super-superkick took everything he had – BYE BYE BIRDIE! ‘Crow plants him with the pop-up chokeslam! One… Two… Three!? LANE KICKS OUT. Scarecrow kicks the bottom rope and swats the turnbuckle in fury. The Championship is within his grasp!] [Scarecrow hauls Mike off the mat. The two stand with their heads on each other’s shoulders, too exhausted to stand under their own power. “Oof!” Big left from Lane; “Oof!” Carcinogenic right hand from ‘Crow. They trade thunderous blows in a back-and-forth slugfest… LAST STRAW! Scarecrow blinds Mike with a fistful of straw. “YEEAAHHH!” Scarecrow looks up in bewilderment – MISSILE DROPKICK BY THE 250-POUND KERSH! He doesn’t bust that one out often! Scarecrow hits the mat and rolls out as Brent advances on Mike – SHADOW KI—Lane’s leg buckles! “Ooohhh…” Mike looks up at Brent from his knees. Brent nods and hoists him up… SOUTHERN DISCOMF—his shoulder gives out! Brent stoops down, nursing it – ROLLING IN THE FAST LANE! Mike resorting to the knockout knee! One… Two… !?… Three! “YEEEAAAHHH!”] [The Shadow King endures at Ring King, shot leg and all! He drags himself into the corner, where the referee hands him his Championship. The fans give him a standing ovation as Brent nods at him once more, Scarecrow remaining unseen.] [We head to the backstage area were the atmosphere is tense and understandably so. When we join the footage, Neville Sheldon is walking down a corridor alongside his mother, who lays on a stretcher – a man sat on her chest doing compressions.] [The look of terror on his face says it all.]

“Mom, please wake up!”

[His begging goes unanswered. The EMT looks at the other with a shake of the head, but Neville refuses to let her go.]

“You keep that up or I’ll rip you off of there and do it myself!” [he barks.] [The EMT, understanding the situation, continues as they load her into the back of the ambulance with Neville’s help. He goes to hop in, but the EMT refuses, pushing him backwards.]

“There’s not enough room in here sir. We’re going to Desert Springs and it’d be better if you could meet us there, I’m sorry.”

[He slams the door and its mere seconds before the ambulance speeds off with its sirens wailing. Poor Neville turns around to John Cho, who’s already sporting a rather heinous black eye.]

“Get the car, John. Please get the car.”

[John rushes off into the parking lot and goes to get the car, leaving Neville to take off his glasses and wipe the tears from underneath his eyes.] [His mother could be dead.] [And it’s all Red River Jack’s fault.] [This cliff-hanger of a sequence ends as Cho pulls the car up and Neville hops inside. They speed off after the ambulance, the fate of Mrs. Sheldon unknown.] [The fans watch with baited breath as these two compelling wrestlers circle in the middle of the ring. This is it. This is the Ring King 2016 Final. The tension inside the arena has long reached fever pitch as the bell sounds and they cheer.] [Both men lock up in the middle of the ring, Davenport the fresher of the two, dragging Nigel into a Side Headlock. He stomps, wrenching Royal down, only to bring him back up and stomp down with a firm grasp on his head again. With a big wallop of a right hand, he cracks him in the skull and sends him to the canvas. Davenport hits the ropes, walking back with a Knee Drop to the chest, immediately going for the cover. One… Two… Kick Out!] [The fans let out a little cheer as Royal kicks out – the unlikely Bloodline having gained favour with the fans through his exploits with Marvolo. Davenport grabs him to his feet and backs him into the ropes, whipping him across the ring and leaping into a Powerful Clothesline that takes him back to the canvas. He’s firing on all cylinders as he kicks Royal to the apron and exits to the outside. Grabbing Nigel, he bounces his head off the apron and drags him off, running him immediately into the crowd who dive out of the way.] [Poor Nigel crunches back first into the concrete stands, resting there with his arms spread, winded. The Hunting Dog smells blood and dives in with a right handed fist drop to the skull, brutalizing him with a flurry of punches that follow. Royal slumps down face first onto the steps, breathing heavily as the fans boo. “Are you not entertained, you cretins?” Davenport shouts to more boos, stepping up above Nigel and leaping from one concrete step to another with a stomp to the back of the head.] [The fans scream with The Bloodline, as blood shoots from inside his mouth out onto the steps. The Hunting Dog grabs him by the head and pries apart his jaws with his fingers, placing his mouth open across the concrete step. Jesus fucking Christ! Is he serious? He backs up, telling the fans to “Get out of my way!” as he takes a run up, leaps and CURBSTOMP! NO!! NIGEL MOVES! NIGEL MOVES! The fans explode, watching as Jon lands foot first onto the step and slips, crashing back first onto the concrete himself.]

“Let’s go Royal!” [Chant the crowd who’re firmly behind one half of Ocean’s One. He slowly gets back to his feet and grabs at Davenport, only Davenport kicks him backwards, forcing him into a tumble down the concrete steps to the mat below. The Hunting Dog is showing that he belongs on Monday Night Showcase as he waits for Nigel to get to his knees and runs along, kneeing him straight into the head!] [The entire crowd is booing now, screaming at Jon and telling him how much they hate him as he rolls Nigel into the ring. ROLL UP! OUT OF NO-WHERE… ONE…. TWO…. DAVENPORT KICKS OUT! Where the fuck did that come from? Both men spring away from the cover, Jon getting back to his feet at the same time as Nigel and taking him down with a Body Slam. This has been an utter domination. He grabs him by the head and lifts his near limp body to its feet, running him head first into the top rope. The momentum is swinging only in one favour as Jon hits the bottom rope and MUD FLOP! YEP! HE GOT ALL OF THAT BIG SPLASH! The cover… One…. TWO… NOD OF THE HEAD… KICK OUT!]

“OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” [scream the fans who thought this one was over.] [Angrily, Davenport lashes out, punching away at Royal as viciously as possible, mounting him to smash his head off the canvas. He beats the holy shit out of him, covering one more time… ONE…… TWO….. THREE! NO! NIGEL ROYAL KICKS OUT AGAIN! There’s another roar for Royal, who once again kicks out with some resilience. Davenport rolls off him and sneers. “Stay down you piece of crap!” he yells, kicking Nigel square between the eyes. The Rewind Champion is going to finish this now. He waits for Royal and lunges at him with the IRON CLAW! THE GEORGIA… NO! NIGEL GRABS THE ARM AND TAKES HIM DOWNTOWN TO TAPOUTSVILLE!! THE DUNGEONS OF LONDON! IT’S LOCKED IN! THE FANS ARE CHEERING, YELING AT DAVENORT TO TAP OUT BUT HE WONT! HE JUST FUCKING REFUSES! JON GETS TO THE ROPES!] [Royal releases the hold in exhaustion before the count even begins, trying to drag the heavy frame of Jon back enough to lock it in again. Davenport though, ever the wile veteran, kicks away at Nigel and rolls to the outside. The Hunting Dog fixes his neck, turning around to a TOPE SUICIDA!! SUICIDE DIVE BY NIGEL FUCKING ROYAL! WHEN DO WE EVER SEE THAT!? He grabs Jon and runs him straight into the ring post, beginning to gain some momentum now of his own!] [The fans are completely behind Nigel Royal now. He’s won them over with his never say die attitude and his alliance with Marvolo. The Bloodline rolls John into the ring and goes to the top rope. What’s he looking for here? It’s the biggest match of his career and he has to pull out all the stops! MOONSAULT! MOOOOOONNSSAAAUULLLTTT!!! NOOOOO!! DAVENPORT MOVES AND ROYAL GETS NOTHING BUT FUCKING CANVAS! The Hunting Dog SLAPS ON THE CLAW! THE GEORIGA CRAWFISH!! ROYAL SCREAMS IN AGONY AS JON BACKS HIM UP! WAIT! ROYAL WITH A KICK TO THE GUT…SPINS HIM.. BELLY TO BACK SUPLEX! YES! ANOTHER…. ANOTHER…. ANOTHER… THE ROYAL FLUSH BABY!] [The Bloodline covers, the fans chanting along… ONE…… TWO….. THREE! “NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!” KICK OUT! Nigel slaps the palms of his hands on his head, knowing that he has to somehow put this veteran away. He gets up and goes to the top rope one more time, only Davenport is up, much more spritely than Royal anticipated. He meets him at the top rope, hitting him with right hands that unsteady him. Davenport climbs to the middle rope, scooping up Nigel onto his shoulder… FALLING MUSCLE BUSTER FROM THE MIDDLE ROPE!! HOLY FUCKING SHIT! NIGEL ROYAL MAY JUST BE BROKEN IN FUCKING HALF!!] [Davenport with the cover. That’s it. We’ve got a new Ring King, folks! ONE……. “BOOOOOO!”… TWO…… “BOOOOOO!”… THREE! IT’S OVER! NO! WAIT A MINUTE! NIGEL ROYAL KICKED OUT AGAIN!! The look of shock on The Old Hunting Dog’s face is unbelievable. He thought he had it. The fans are on their feet still, this time chanting at both men. “This is awesome!” they scream in unison, watching as Davenport gets back to his feet. It’s his turn to pull out the stops now. He demands Nigel get back to his feet and The Bloodline really ought to stay down; but he doesn’t. He stumbles up and.. DUNGEONS OF LONDON! DAVENPORT LOCKS IN HIS OPPONENTS OWN FINISHER!! ARE YOU FUCKING JOKING!? NIGEL EDGES TOWARDS THE ROPES BUT DAVENPORT JUST WRENCHES BACK! HE’S GONNA TAP… HIS HAND COMES DOWN… IT’S OVER.. HE’S GONNA TAP…. THEY ROLL SIDEWAYS… INTO THE COVER… DAVENPORTS SHOULDERS ARE DOWN… ONE…. TWO…… THREE! NO! HE RELEASES THE HOLD!!] [Both men spring away from the cover attempt and lay exhausted on the mat. Another “Nigel Royal” chant starts, willing the Bloodline back to his feet. Both men rise, Davenport going for the Georgia Crawfish one more time! Nigel though ducks underneath it and spins him into the DUNGEONS OF LONDON! ANOTHER TIME! ANOTHER ATTEMPT TO MAKE JON TAP OUT! He squeezes with everything he has, wrenching back on the neck and face off of The Old Hunting Dog with everything he has. Davenport just won’t quit.] [The excruciating and exhausted look on the face of Nigel Royal says it all as he collapses backwards and releases the hold. He looks towards the fans in frustration, trying to figure out what he has to do to win. Both of them slowly get back to their feet, Nigel spinning Davenport around and REVERSE DDT ONTO A KNEE, FLIPPED OVER INTO THE FUCKING DUNGEONS OF LONDON! SUCH BRUTALITY!! WHERE THE HELL DID THAT COME FROM!? DAVENPORT SCREAMS… “AHHHHHHH!!” AND THE FANS ARE ON THEIR FEET… CAN ROYAL DO IT!? CAN HE BECOME RING KING!? DAVENPORT REACHES OUT FOR THE ROPES… HE STRETCHES, HE SCREAMS, HE STRECHES AND THEN TAPS OUT! HE TAPS OUT!]


[The fans scream so loud the arena feels like it explodes when Davenports hand slaps the canvas. Everyone inside this arena has a new found respect for Nigel Royal!] [He did it! He did the unthinkable and won Ring King! No-one in the arena can quite believe it as they remain on their feet, cheering as loudly as their lungs will allow. Mike Lane steps out from within the tunnel, World Championship draped over his shoulder and Ring King crown in his hand. It’s time to coronate a new King!] [The Shadow takes a slow walk down the steps, hobbling quite clearly after that brutal match here tonight. He pulls himself up the ring steps and enters the ring. With everyone on their feet, Mike nods at Nigel Royal, motioning that he knows exactly how this moment feels.] [He carefully places the crown upon Royal’s head and backs away, pointing to him with one hand as the fans cheer.] [Darkness.] [The arena is suddenly thrust into complete darkness.] [When the lights return, THE AWAKENING SURROUND THEM! Mike Lane panics, dropping the World Championship down to his side, ready to use as a weapon. Jack stands in one corner, Manson in another and Hate in one more. They close in, Mike and Nigel Royal almost going back to back.] [They’re going to have to fight their way out of this!] [WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP TO THE SKULL!!!]


[WHAT THE FUCK!?] [Mike Lane… he just… ] [Mike Lane just clobbered Royal with the World Championship! The fans don’t even know what to make of this. Lane stands over him, belt in his hand, a wry smile curling from the bottom corner of his mouth.] [No way. Not a chance in hell. No fucking way.] [Red River Jack and Mike Lane embrace in the middle of the ring! Jack spins away and thrusts the World Champions hand into the air. You have got to be kidding me. Mike Lane has joined The Awakening!] [Confetti starts falling from the rafters for Nigel Royal but he’s unconscious on the canvas, in a world of hurt. Manson snatches the crown from his head and places it back on Lane’s as Ring King goes off the air.] [The Awakening celebrate, all four of their arms raised.]

“We’re back.”

[Static.] [Laughter.]