In Promo by Wiz

I love a lot of things about my Rewind Title, man.

I love how the sun reflects against it while resting on one of my mantles.

I love how the red looks against my sunkissed complexion.

also love the fact that it fits perfectly over my shoulder – like a backpack strap, baby.

More importantly, I love what the Rewind Title represents.

Of course, it’s nice to be recognized. You take a few pictures here and there, sign a few autographs that are likely to be sold on eBay – but that’s only a crumb to the apple pie, ya’dig?

But even more importantly, you become a man with this title attached to you. You go to sleep and wake up every day knowing that there’s motherfuckers out there eager to end you – to take over the castle, and remodel that shit on some reality show.

You become responsible and aware of your possession. You are held at a far more significant height – your level of maturity considerably growing – well above so many that want but can’t have because they haven’t reached your level.

But even more importantly than thatconsistency is a necessity.

I make it a part of my fuck it crush it morning routine to remind myself of where I am, and how I got there, and the road that lies ahead that you must walk across with nothing but your bare-fucking-feet.

Can you say that you are all that the Rewind Title represents, Kid?

Because we all know how much you’d love to take that title off of my shoulder – but that’s only half the battle, ya’dig?

Do you have the consistency?

Do you have the responsibility and awareness of that possession, baby?

If you’d ask little ole’ bystander me? I’d say you aren’t bluffing anyone. And it ain’t like I don’t dig your style, but there’s no shame in not being ready for this. Listen, you thought that what Vayikra did to you was bad? Just wait until there’s hundreds, if not thousands of people, labeling you as either their hero or their villain.

And we’ve seen you while under pressure…

We seent it, ya’dig?

You and I both can at least agree that you’re the bashful type, right? You’re the guy that goes to Senior Prom – not because someone wanted to go with you, but because it was an open invitation.

You could bring Vigour’s wild-lookin’ ass to the festivities and nobody would turn a blind eye.

But you’re the guy in the back, right? Far away from the crowd that’s on the dancefloor – with your hands clasped in front of you. You see, this is where you lack responsibility of yourself – by not yielding to consider the obvious.

You’ll always be the quiet motherfucker in the back – twiddling his thumbs.

I’ll be on the dancefloor until they shut it down.

And when the pressure gets the best of you? You’ll do nothing unexpected.

May my Rewind Title be like the superboy wonder wings you ain’t ever gonna get.

Because there’s only one pelican in this motherfucker.

And you’re lookin’ at him.