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Remember How to Hunt

Remember How to Hunt

Officer Name: Jackson Cade

Badge Number: 4432

Date of Incident: 7/13/XX

Level: The Bleak

Description of Events:

I tailed the suspect through the blood drenched jungle we call The Bleak. He was adapted to the environment, molded by the cold stone walls and blood stained iron that littered the environment. It was clear that he lived here, his tracks had gone cold as soon as he took off through the rocky streets.

As I followed him through the shadows I was thrown off by the sounds of the screams that echoed all over The Bleak. I knew that this place was wild, volatile, but it came to a point where the sounds of anger and anguish melded together into nothing but white noise in the background.

This is what the suspect was accustomed to, however.

He knew how to stalk this level, he could kill someone and escape just as quickly as he arrived. I was at a disadvantage because of his knowledge of his hunting grounds.

But I just had to remember. As Riggs always said “Criminals are like animals.” No matter how big, burly, and fast he seemed to be, he relied purely on instinct and emotion in what he did. When he killed his victims, he was looking for the thrill, the satisfaction of choking the life from their eyes.

So I preyed on his instincts.

I let out my own shriek, I feigned injury at the hand of another assailant, lashing out in a faux-battle and letting myself land in a heap on the ground. I allowed myself to be bait, I forced the animal out of hiding with the promise of a treat he would never receive.

The suspect descended upon me quickly, seeing me as his newest conquest.

And it was then that my taser met his chest and he let out a pitiful wail before hitting the ground with a thud.

Suspect was detained and brought in for questioning soon after.

Officer Comments:

Riggs taught me invaluable things when he was my mentor. Had it not been for what he told me I may have never captured our suspect. And, with that knowledge in mind, I know exactly how to detain my newest opponent next week once I walk back into the halls of Olympus.

Luther Grim is like any criminal, like any animal, he has something that drives him to fight and to kill. While some of our suspects crave the satisfaction of taking a life, however? He craves the thrill of adding a trophy to his collection.

And I’ve been handed just the trap to capture him.

I can place myself in the ring, I can get him to come to me and attack me driven purely on his animalistic tendencies.

Once he’s pulled in, once he’s sure he’s won, then I’ll take that hostile down.

One kick, one pin.

One shot, one kill.

A deranged killed detained on the mat.

All of it done by the book.

Jackson Cade