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For the longest time, Old School Wrestling has been using officials unfit for purpose.

After the most recent attempted lawsuit involving the death of a referee, Zeus has decided to bring referees in house.

As a result, we have three new hires to tell you about.

Please see our biographies of the new referees and a word from them below



Mills Stanton is a sixty year old former thrashball head referee who is well respected in the Thrashball community. He’s known for his extremely strict style of game management and won’t be easily pushed around by anyone. He’s our new head referee

“When you’ve been on the field of death, wrestling pales in comparison. I won’t take any shit from anyone in Old School Wrestling, but I do like to let things go. I’ve lived in the realm of violence for a long time, so matches I officiate will always receive leeway. Do what I say, when I say it and we won’t have a problem. Disobey my orders, decisions or rules and you’ll lose.”




Cole Holt is a twenty-seven year old referee who wanted to be a wrestler – but he couldn’t get an invitation. Despite training and being athletic, he was denied access to Old School Wrestling. He comes on board as a reasonable referee, who knows when to show discretion but follows the rules. People like Colt because he’s genuine, honest and fair.

“I couldn’t make it as a wrestler, but this was the next best thing. I like a good wrestling match and I think the rules of wrestling should be obeyed, though there are times in which discretion is advised. I intend to call things straight down the middle.”



Demi Sky is a former telecast interviewer for The People’s Voice who made the career switch in the fallout of Colt Ramsey’s major breaking Uprising story. Part of the ‘cost cutting measures’ put in place to rebuild The People’s Voice, she’s taken to a new career inside the squared circle. Demi isn’t exactly a professional and is very green. She knows the rules, but may be too afraid to enforce them. Unlike Colt and Mills, Demi can be easily scared away by the competitors.

“I have no idea why I’m doing this.”

You’ll find all three referees in action on next weeks edition of NXT LEVEL.

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