Red River

In Promo by Sigil

“Where am I?”

The words of the Planeswalker echo through empty space as the world seems to fill in around us. We find Sigil slumped backwards in the bottom of a single decrepit boat. He shakes his head, moving slowly as the vessel seems to move unsteadily beneath him. He looks around, the boat unmanned, the wheel sat empty. As he looks for an answer the boat rocks beneath his feet!


The Collector looks for the source, stumbling backwards as the deck sways with the rapids and he finds himself thrown against the side! His back cracks against the aged wood, the barricade threatening to break.


It is only hearing his name again that he finally peers over the edge of the boat, being met by a sight he never wanted to see. The water the boat resides on isn’t a clear blue, nor is it even a murky black. No, beneath Sigil is a river. A river run red. “What the-”


Hands shoot out from the water below and latch onto the hull! Their long, dirty nails dig into the wood and tear away at it, dragging along the bottom leaving deep trails all along the sides. The boat rocks violently once more throwing Sigil across the deck and onto the starboard bow! He clings onto the railing as best he can, once more looking over the side as the source of those disgusting hands show themselves.



Darby Sorrow.

And many more.

A menagerie of twisted corpses latch onto the boat, shaking it back and forth as they begin to ascend the sides! Sigil looks around in a panic, instinctively grasping for his satchel only to come up empty handed. Seeing no other choice he fires away punches at the  reanimated hordes as they climb up to the deck. A blow sends Malice tumbling into the crimson tides only for Wynona to tear flesh from Sigil’s arm with rotted teeth!

“SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGIL!” The dead shout his name in unison as he fight futilely to fend them off! A stiff elbow knocks Wynona away but she’s soon replaced with another rancid body that grabs at Sigil, the Collector helpless to their assault. For every one he knocks away another one takes their spot.



The boat gives way beneath him, a thousand vengeful hands tearing it asunder. Sigil tries to open a portal but finds himself unable to! The army of the damned  break through the bottom of the boat! Malice’s massive hands grab tightly to Sigil’s arm!


Blood spews forth as Sigil’s arm is torn off! Another hand shoots forward and buries itself in his stomach, his innards torn out by a legion of decomposed hands! They drag him under, Sigil hitting the water with a muted splash, dragged further and further into the river below. He struggles, kicking and striking pitifully.

But he cannot escape.

The river turns a dark crimson as his blood joins its waters.

Everything goes black.


A sharp intake of air fills Sigil’s lungs as the Collector awakens on the floor, a blade still through his stomach.