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Reading The Paper

We see Narcissa Balenciaga in the warehouse her followers destroyed.


She picks up the newspaper she tossed to the ground and begins to read out loud.


“Narcissa Balenciaga, an uprising of suspicions? That’s the best you could do? I know you were in a rush to get that out but that’s almost worse than Narcy-Doll.”


“Let’s see if this paper actually had the information I was worried about.”


Narcissa reads quietly.


“Likely leader of the uprising? You don’t need to be a journalist to see that, it’s not like I try to hide how much I hate Zeus and his pantheon. Let’s keep going.”


“Blah, blah, blah, hyperbole, filler, bold statement that’s not bold if you think about it for a second, more bad puns, ah here’s something.”


“Was Narcissa at the top for more than her taste for fashion? This journalist thinks she wasn’t just near the elite but part of the pantheon herself but who exactly is she at the table? Maybe I underestimated you, you have always paid way too much attention to me. Let’s see how close you get.”


“Is it the stunning Aphrodite? She is beautiful after all. Maybe Athena? She knows how to lead an army. Perhaps a lesser God like Persephone, falling from Olympus to the bottom of Arcadia.”


“Just get it out already, if you’re right, they might have stopped by this point.”


No, she has gotten away with countless actions the rest of us couldn’t. The kind Zeus would only let someone he loves yet also fears get away with. That leads to my conclusion of Hera.”


“Wow, you actually got it right, apparently once you start looking at the world outside of what pictures can take, you notice things others don’t but here’s the thing, now that you know the truth, you need to be careful.”


“Listen to me Colt, only because a small part of me actually cares about you will I let you survive with that information. However, you tell a single soul and you’ll look worse than these printing presses.”


“You think I’m bluffing? You’re not the only one printing things they couldn’t before.”


“Who do you think is announcing a public execution? Who do you think can find Zeus like it’s nothing? Who do you think would rather make his execution a show instead of giving him the silent death he deserves?”


“Last warning, Colt. You should have left well enough alone. You should have been content with your stories and photographs. You should have just chosen to be left hanging on information you couldn’t get for a reason.”


“Now you have it and what’s it worth to you? More chaos in the street? People actually paying attention to the stories you produce? Nothing is worth what I could do to you. Take the execution of Zeus as a lesson, he was the last person truly close to me, the last person who knew everything about me.”


“Now he’s counting his last days.”


“You continue down your path and you’ll soon join him.”


“It will be the only way you get close to a god.”