Rainbow Promise

In Promo by Sir Renault

“I have placed my rainbow in the clouds. It is the sign of my covenant with you and with all the earth.”

-Genesis 9:13

We all remember the story of Noah saving all the animals by coupling them up and loading them into an ark for nearly six months when Yahweh flooded the earth, after which that he vowed to never flood again.

What we forget is that Yahweh also made a three-part rainbow promise to Noah.

Just as Yahweh guided Noah to safety, He promised to guide us through every storm.

He promised to always love and forgive us.

And He promised to invite us to share His glory.

It was a reminder that when you are facing a seemingly insurmountable challenge, Yahweh has a rainbow waiting for you at the end of your journey if you persevere.

For the brightest rainbows appear after the darkest storm.

It’s been nearly six months that my brothers and I have been stuck on this ark with you three animals. This barn-like stench is beginning to become unbearable.

Paired off in two’s as if we were mates, this sunset cruise has been no honeymoon for any couple.

For each of our mates has sinned against us.

Sanctus and Starboy are what I would consider the odd couple: one stoic, the other flamboyant.

They found each other after Starboy deemed Cael too controlling for their liking, always trying to change their personality.

Their relationship seemed to have hit a boiling point after Starboy’s numerous inappropriate advances led to a deep soul cleansing last week by Sanctus and I.

Cael and The Generation Kid are two young men on a never-ending quest for gold.

Though Sanctus first was paired with TGK on the latter’s initial gold rush, it was not meant to be, and then these two happened upon each other when Cael opened up the kid’s mind with Yahweh’s word.

Though these two drank holy water together, their relationship went up in flames after TGK proved unfaithful towards Cael and Yahweh.

Vigour and I have been inseparable during this journey.

Constantly bickering and trying to one up each other, our relationship has escalated to the point of no return.

I fear only one of us may make it off this boat alive.

It has been a choppy ride, and the darkness has been overwhelming at times, but we have persevered.

There is light on the horizon.

At Ring of Dreams the flood comes to an end, and so does this boat ride.

And Vayikra has a rainbow promise for our sinful brothers:

Sir Gable, Sir Bellator and I vow to guide you towards safety.

For just as Yahweh’s love is unconditional, so is our love and forgiveness of your sins against us.

And when the six of us disembark this ark—

We promise to carry you each on the cross towards the end of your rainbow

To share Yahweh’s glory by basking all three of you in His light that guided us home.

We promise that Ring of Dreams will be the end of The Rainbow Party as we know it.

Deus vult.