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Puzzle Pieces

“Art can come in many forms, but one of my personal favorites has always been the puzzle.”

“Puzzles are some of the most intriguing pieces of art.”

“They are constructed of individual pieces. Some puzzles consist of hundreds of small pieces.”

“Each piece holds their own uniqueness. No two are the same, as they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Each holding a vital piece of the information that will make up the overall piece.”

“But once these jigsaw pieces are rotated correctly and fitted together, they create some of the most beautiful works of art.”

“Though the pieces are unique, they all share their part in creating something much more than they are as individual pieces.”

“True works of art.”

“Over the course of the past month, five men have each played their own part. Each of these men have very unique personalities and abilities, but once you put them all together.. they can create something truly masterful.”

“Each of them walk what seems to be their own paths blindly, but each path will lead to the same destination.”

“Grimskull served his purpose without even realizing it. It was by his hand that I was led to the Embrace of Pain, which becomes a vital piece in the grand scheme of things.”

“Dr. Death has played his vital part quite well, keeping a watchful eye over my Little Eagle, Jackson Cade.”

“And Vision? Well, he seems to have turned a blind eye to it all, or has he? Perhaps he’s been led astray by the sound of his own deathly song.”

“Each of you have played your roles to perfection. Each of you have carved your jigsaw pieces out of your own unique abilities, and you’ve all crafted your own plan.”

“Yet each of you keep crossing paths.”

“Though each of your paths have been down different roads, they’ve all culiminate to the same focal point.”

“Without realization, you’ve all been molded into your own respectful jigsaw pieces.”

“Because you’re all apart of MY puzzle.”

“You’ve all scampered about, hot on my trail, but right where I needed you when I needed you to be there.’

“Dr. Death and EMM have played right into my hand, aiding me in aligning the other pieces in the right formation.”

“And at Invasion, I will begin to place the pieces down on the canvas.”

“I will continue to build my masterpiece, one puzzle piece at a time.”

“At the end of the day, you’ve all been masterfully crafted to come together in the Main Event of Invasion, because each of you serve a purpose.”

“My plan will begin to come to fruition. And when it does, you will all see how cleverly I’ve placed these pieces.”

“Each of you will fall into place.”

“The puzzle shall be completed, leaving only the lasting image of another masterpiece.”

“Each of your fallen corpses crafting such a beautiful sight.”

“A true work of art.”

“Signed by Arcadia’s greatest artist.”

“Jasper Redgrave.”

“The man who’s leaving Invasion with that briefcase.”

Jasper Redgrave