Public Enemy

In Promo by Deathnote

“Imagine a man who is fixated on power..”

“This man would be willing to go to the ends of the earth in order to collect any sort of advantage over the next man.”

“Though he may create alliances to reach the next step in his journey, he’d just as easily burn those bridges in search of the power that he seeks.”

“In doing so, he would successfully create a target on his back. He would be forced to live a life of looking over his shoulder.”

“Anyone who managed to gain his trust long enough to befriend him and have his back would be the target of all those he had pissed off along the way. Suffering an undeserved and tragic fate.”

“While those he stepped over along the way would want his head mounted on their wall.”

“The person in which I speak of will come face to face with his tragic end this week.”


“You’ve spent many of years trying to gain the upperhand against all those who have opposed you. Along the way you have used many of different men and women as pawns in your little game. Every move you’ve made was only made to gain your own benefits. And once those benefits ran dry, you burned those bridges.”

“You’ve walked to planes of this realm in search of any artifact that may assist you in your journey towards dominance. You’ve even went as far as to use these pawns to put their own necks on the line in order to gain these materials that grant you an advantage.”

“In doing so, you’ve created the biggest target on your back. You’ve become to biggest of bads in a world of violence. You’ve become Public Enemy number one.”

“And now, you’ve become the target of Death itself.”

“You’ve cost many of others their lives on this quest of yours. You may have been able to thwart the plans of Death and Corvus a few weeks ago, but now those who stood by your side have been expended of their lives.”

“Now you stand alone. Alone with your back against the world as the entirety of a vicious world wants to see you perish.”

“This week, Between Fuck and You, death has come creeping your direction.”

“I am that death.”

“I am the one man who can take all of your efforts and make them fruitless.”

“Because your judgement has come to loom over your head. You’ve burned all the wrong bridges and now it has been left in my hands whether you live or die.”

“You may be the biggest enemy in the public eye, but to me? You’re just another waste of space standing as an obstacle in MY path to greatness. You’re the next stepping stone needed for ME to ascend to my throne. To me.. you’re just another pawn in MY game.”

“And once I eliminate you from the equation, the rest of the world falls before me to their knees in gratitude..”

“Kneel before the God of the New World..”