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The Horn: Of Vengeance

In Destructo Boy, Promo by Destructo Boy

There are many ways to judge the evil festering inside a mans soul. Instruments that can detect anything from the tiniest speck of darkness to those drenched in absolute malice. …

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In Promo, The Yellow Python by The Yellow Python

THWACK! A yellow fist collides with a handheld pad, followed by a dodge as a red fist jabs towards him. We find that Yellow Python is training alongside his friends. …

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Funeral of a Nobody

In Jasper Redgrave, Promo by Jasper Redgrave

[Two headstones.] [One is covered with a tarp.] [The name on the other?] [Mikaela Attano.] “You and I.. we aren’t so different, Harold.” [Jasper Redgrave.] [He stands behind Mikaela’s headstone …

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In Jash Khan, Promo by Jash Khan

Jash Khan sits as a little boy in the lap of his mother. She bounces him on her knee as men ransack her house, throwing things into boxes. “Prime real-estate, …

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In Colt Ramsey, Promo by Colt Ramsey

Brethren, let me tell you about a simpler time in life. Think back to your childhood for a moment, a trip through the amusement district of Arcadia that takes you …

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Thicker Than Water

In Harvey Escher, Promo by Harvey Escher

*Two glasses sit upon a table. Harvey Escher pours water from a jug into the first glass. The second remains empty for a moment until he adjusts the light at …

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Blood is…

In Promo by Roderick Pym

I’ve seen it written that blood is thicker than water…and in time of test, family is best. Family is tied together by a promise, an agreement to look out for …

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Pulpit: A Prologue

In Nox, Promo by Nox

Inside the Church of Zion, the parishioners mill about hushed murmurs fill the air when there’s a slow clapping that can be heard.  The murmurs quiet and the parishioners’ attention …

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In Jackson Cade, Promo by Jackson Cade

Jackson sits in his home, a wall of newspaper clippings in front of him, every last one torn from the obituary section of one of Arcadia’s newspapers. He runs his …