Prized Possession

In Promo by Simon

A man spent years building a new house for himself.

Blood, sweat, and tears went into the effort, spending good time and money on the project.

When it was finished, the house was his pride and joy.

Truly, a place he could call home.

A place to settle in, to put down roots and live out the rest of his days.

But, as the story goes, the world had other ideas.

One night, a man returned home to find it set ablaze.

The cause was never quite clear, but the man knew his top priority…to save that which he treasured most.

So, against his better judgment, he charged into the burning building.

Fought against the flames the best he could, with a singular focus…a simple goal.

Hidden in his study was his most prized possession, a ring adorned with a fiery ruby gemstone.

Clutching it in his grasp, the man narrowly escaped the wreckage of what was once his greatest achievement.

Escaping to the front yard, he turned to face the pyre that was his home, consumed entirely by the flames.

And as firefighters rushed to the scene, dousing the remains to contain the fire, the man took a seat.

He watched on as they finally took control of the situation, just staring at what was left of his pet project.

But he could not shed a tear.

Because in his heart, he knew the disaster that unfolded could not take away the one thing he cared about most.

Pyre, my dear…I see in you a house set aflame.

A fire that, to your credit, you’ve managed to maintain and control for your entire life.

That’s something I adore about you, as someone who enjoys that control.

But you’ve had your moments, haven’t you?

Moments that made me worry, brought into question the stability of everything we’ve built.

Everything I’ve built.

This is my pride and joy, to see the Blackharts thrive as the royalty of the Slaughterhouse…but I know you all too well.

You’re not above getting out of control.

Burning everything in sight, without hesitation.

And when that time comes, I know where my focus lies.

I know my top priority.

To secure what rightfully belongs to me.

I will charge in, and rummage through the burning ruins of what once was.

As the great endeavor becomes consumed by the consequences of your actions, I will retrieve what I treasure most.

And as you become engulfed in the flames of your recklessness, I will take that championship from you.

And I will leave you behind to become nothing more than ashes, without so much as a second thought.

Because I am the King, and you are my queen.

But when push comes to shove, that gold is my prized possession.

It’s eluded me for far too long, Pamela.

And I won’t let an uncontrollable disaster destroy it.

If I have to let everything else burn down, I will.

Because homes can be rebuilt, but glory?

That lives forever.