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Come on, please.

Wake up.




I heard the zap. I even felt it. I felt the energy from the paddles flowing through the body.  And in this moment. This moment right here. My life changed.

You killed her. You know that right? There is no resurrecting the dead.

She’s not dead.

She is. Look at her. Her body is motionless. Are you not seeing what I’m seeing? She’s gone. And the only person to blame is you.


Zap. The pain of watching her body flail on the table.

I tried to save her.

Not hard enough. She’s my sister too you know.

Who are you?

I’m you.

What are you talking about?

I’m you.

The reflection in the window shows no change in his appearance.

There it is. There is what you’ve been waiting for. Don’t you see it?

See what?

Right there coming from her body. Her soul.

People’s souls leave their capsules all the time when they die. And through means of medicine and other techniques these souls are brought back to from where they came. The grim reaper to many is the apex predator of the world. No one can beat it on a good day, because on a good day nobody dies. Once a soul leaves it’s capsule, that capsule dies. That is why when I collect souls I place them in their lovely abode, so they can not go back from where they came. The apex predator just kills, leaving their prey on the ground, and leaving their soul to just linger. Giving the capsule plenty of opportunity to be resurrected. The lion might be there to take down the lesser animal in it’s kingdom but in my kingdom there is no such thing as an apex predator.

You see Deathnote. This game that you play, that you think you are at the top. There is always someone better, there is always someone who can defeat you. So pounder this. How do you beat death? How do you escape death from your apex predator?

By not dying.

You thrive on killing your prey. Killing and leaving the soul behind. The soul is what keeps everything alive. That is why I collect souls. Once I have their soul, they are not coming back.

You sir, are sloppy. You strike, pounce, kill, mangle your victims and pump your chest out and howl at the stars in the sky. Your almighty growl, the king of the kingdom was victorious. But little do you realize your victims survive. They live to prove that you are nothing more than the prey for everyone else. You are prey for all those you have defeated. You are not an apex predator, all you are is a small fish in a sea of other fish. And come High Voltage….

Your Soul Will Be Mine… and I plan on having fish tacos afterwards.



Please. Sara. Wake up.

Hmmm. You’re pathetic. You know that right. Looks like I have my work cut out for me.

Beep…. Beep.

She lives.