In Promo by Kpavio

Life is an act and we are all actors in the arena of life. We all do act each day from dawn to dusk. Some act well but some act to cover their acts.

Growing up where I grew up, I got to meet a lot of different people. I learned how to interact with these people, from different backgrounds, different upbringings and different personalities. I learned to see the good and the bad in everyone, I learned how to see people for who they truly are. For the image a man presents to the world, is often not whom they are when no one is watching. While true character is what we do when no one is watching us.

One young Boy I knew was a prime example of this. From the outside, this Boy appeared to have it all, money, a loving family and plenty of friends. He would parade around pretending to be something that he was not, showing the world the image of him he wished for them to say. But I knew, he was pretending.

I see so many parallels between this young Boy and those who populate Olympus. Galivanting around and showing the world, what they want them to see. The only difference I see is these are Men still pretending to be heroes, pretending to be emotionless, pretending to be relevant. And that Boy grew up.

I see Destructo Boy, showing the world he is a hero worthy of admiration. When reality would indicate that not only has he failed to step out of the shadow of his Father but he is drowning in the darkness cast upon him by that very shadow.

The Burned Man pretends that he seeks Vengeance upon those who harmed his family, but the simple reality is that he is looking for someone to blame for his own failures. As I watch him however, the failures continue to mount, who does he blame for his failures in OSW?

The good Doctor wishes the world to view him as a cold man, only wishing to acquiring the wealth that eluded him as a child. But I, like him, know the truth in the Greek Hippocratic oath taken by physicians, he is a healer and underneath the mask that shields his identity, lies a softness he wishes to hide away from the world.

El Mariachi Muerte wants you to believe that his music is fate itself a mere note should strike fear into your heart. But the truth is the he is simply a creator, pretending to be a destroyer.

They all pretend. Just like that young Boy. For those who claim virtue, are often the ones who lack it the most.

I was at that young Boy, but my days of pretending are long passed. My reality became that which I pretended it to be as Boy. I am a Vigilante. A Hero. A Destroyer.

There will be no pretending at Dead or Alive, just the cold hard reality that…