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I write to you with a pressing request, for it is your guidance that I seek in the art of eliciting pain. My adversary, Jinx, operates under the misguided presumption that she holds the advantage in our conflict. She fancies herself my predator, but her judgment is clouded by the desire for retribution for her brother’s demise, which she attributes to me.

The scenario between us mirrors the interaction between a moth and a flame. Where, in the dark canvas of the night, the moth is captivated by the flame’s mesmerizing dance. Like a beacon in the abyss, the flame draws the moth into an intoxicating ballet. In this dance, the moth naively believes that the flame is its own to command, a glowing saber to slice through the darkness.

Yet, the flame is oblivious to the moth’s claim. It is a wild entity, indifferent to the moth’s desire, a force that cannot be tamed or wielded. The moth, blinded by its own belief, fails to grasp the flame’s true nature – that it is a creature of destruction as much as it is of illumination. However, the flame remains heedless of the moth’s aspirations. The moth, deceived by its own misconceptions, fails to recognize the flame’s destructive potential along with its illuminating qualities.

Jinx, seeking vengeance for her deceased brother, perceives herself as the predator and me as her defenseless quarry. She is entranced by the thought of making me suffer, of ensuring that I share her brother’s plight. Just as the moth is drawn to the flame, she is absorbed by the prospect of retaliation. She has followed my calculated trail, fixated on causing me agony. She has self-appointed herself as the predator, akin to the moth that believes it controls the flame.

But, the moth was mistaken. For it never had control, and its belief in its dominance was only a delusion. Similarly, Jinx, despite her advanced technology and intellect, is under the illusion that she has the upper hand in our battle. She believes that she can inflict harm on me and that I am powerless to prevent it.

However, Jinx, like the moth, has never held those reins. Once I delivered the fatal blow to her brother, I foresaw her response – her erroneous conviction that she was the predator, and I was the prey. To facilitate this, I feigned vulnerability, allowing her to believe that she had control over my fate. From the outset, Jinx was convinced that my demise was the inevitable conclusion to our encounter, taking pleasure in the illusion of my impending downfall. She is impervious to the fact that here, she is out of her element. 

And so, to ensure that her downfall is as devastating as her illusions of grandeur, I am turning to you, Grimskull. Teach me how to draw out her suffering, to unmask her delusions and reveal the cruel reality – that she was the prey all along, lured into my trap by her lust for revenge. Help me ensure that the moth’s journey to the flame ends as it always does – in pain

With twisted anticipation,

Luther Grim

Luther Grim