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Arcadia Designation

The Awoken One






“The third eye see's what you cannot”

Entrance Song

“Fear of the Dark” by METAKLAPA

Other Aliases



Many folk in the world of Arcadia find themselves down on their luck and facing hardships. Through the desolation and hopeless monotonous life grows many a wandering soul seeking answers, from any form they may come.

The Third Eye are a group who have taken their quest for answers to extreme measures. Grown out of hopelessness, the slums, this group believe that by awakening within themselves their ‘true sight’ or ‘third eye’, that they will be granted the power of visions… The ability to see that which is hidden to their mere human eyes.

The only Issue is that in order to awaken this true sight, ones human eyes must be blinded. Each member of the Third Eye must go through the initiation ceremony, where their eyes are blinded by being poked out with a hot iron poker. This begins their quest of “Third Eye Sight”.

V1sion Is a member of this group, the one they call the Awoken One (aka V1… the one with visions). The power of his “Third Eye Sight” goes beyond that of other members, to the point where he sees oracle-like flashes of mindsight, insights and visions of the world around him. He is at one with the Third Eye, granting him powers akin to sonar. He can feel the world around him, hear it and picture it in his mind’s eye.

To the world, he may be merely a blind man. But there is a mysterious quality about him that makes people wonder and stop long enough to heed his words. His visions may be merely hokum, or they may be the true truth. Only those worthy will gain the insight of the “Third Eye” and rise with V1sion.




The entrance stage is lined with the figures of the Third Eye figures, each brandished with the symbol of the Third Eye. Each with their eyes burned out. Their chanting, humming and low droning song paves the path that one man will follow.  

Vision, the Awoken One appears, using his staff to guide his mind’s eye as “Fear of the Dark” by METAKLAPA echoes out, sung by the choir of druid-like figures. Slowly, V1sion approaches the ring, taking time to touch the steel of the turnbuckle before entering underneath the top rope. 












  • Every step you take, you can feel it burning inside. Every time you breathe, it burns in your lungs. Your body is on fire. You’re INFECTED. The infection eats away at every fibre of your being until it is all you can think about.

  • A small room. Walls coated with black ooze, bile which erupts from a weakened Vision. Lying in amongst the putrid substance, he feebly sits up. “They say you are never more alive, than when you are facing your own demise.” Vision’s voice

  • A wall of iron, smooth to the touch. Vision runs his fingertips along until he comes to a point where the metal feels more coarse. “It begins with a blemish.” The Awoken One inspects the blemish with his fingers. “This wall was once

  • Molten liquid bubbles and boils within a great vat. We have been here before. Vision sits alone, feeling the heat that chokes the air from his words. “Choices

  • The strange thing about an obsession is that you think it sustains you. That it gives you purpose. But all your obsession really does is eat away at everything that is good within you. True sustenance must be found in something

  • Legend tells of a woman, gifted a box from the gods. When she opened the lid, out poured all the evils of the world. Hatred, greed, envy, pain, poverty, disease, sickness and even death. Once the lid had been opened, they

  • We don't need no education We don’t need no thought control No dark sarcasm in the classroom Teachers leave them kids alone We all think we’re so important. That our opinion matters and that humanity should abide by our rules. Humanity is one-eyed, able to

  • They say pain is simply weakness leaving the body. So, what do I really know of pain? Do I suffer from pain? Do I learn from it? Does it bring me freedom, or merely suffering? I see a code. Long ago, the secrets to

  • A healthy plant will grow. But not every plant that grows is healthy. When one tends to their garden, they expect that if they nurture their plants in just the right way that they will grow. But not everything you water

  • Pull. Push. Pull. Push. What is the measure of a leader? It is not his ability to give orders, for any man can make demands. Nor is it their ability to plan and act, for planning does not equate to results.

  • “Do you hereby swear to uphold the values of The Third Eye?” Decisions we make alter the scope of our very existence. Our lives are a sum of these decisions, for better or for worse. But some are so life altering,

  • People of the slums, downcast and broken. Vision walks amongst them, they each have the painted smile of a clown plastered across their face. “Look at them. Faces painted into a smile, forced to hang onto a false hope that through pain

  • Vision sits bolt upright in his bed, beads of sweat falling down his face. “Blood. I see it again, all over again.” He draws a breath, returning to calm. “I see a bullet." "Designed for but a single purpose, that of pain. To tear

  • Most of life’s problems come because we act without thinking, and think without acting. Some men are all talk. All ideas and concepts, but too cowardly to act when it matters most. Men that buckle under the pressure when given the

  • They violated the sanctum. The Altar lies in ruins and the Third Eye demands retribution. Heathen scoundrels respect nothing but their own inflated egos. Each blind in their own way, caring not what destruction they lay in their wake. Where the

  • I’ve experienced my fair share of liars in my time. Arcadia is full of those that would twist the world to their own advantage and lie in order to claw their way to a better tomorrow. Some, like Grimskull, weave their

  • Arcadia is a broken world that only the Third Eye can fix. I have seen many things, thanks to the Third Eye. The very fabric that our world is built on is torn. To those too blind to see, the truth

  • We’re all getting somewhere, fighting and clawing each step we take. We climb, ever closer… but we’re often blind to the reality of where we are climbing. Consider a ladder. Sturdy in its design, a great tool to use to reach

  • An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. But when the whole world is blind, it will finally see the light shining. 'I see darkness; a dark room. Within this dark room we find ourselves trapped. Every fear, every

  • Darkness. We can only perceive the presence of those gathered through the rhythmic thumping of wooden staffs beaten into the ground. The voice of The V1sion fills the air. “Appearances can be deceiving. That much I have always told you. Our

  • There are only two people in this world. Those with the guts to do what must be done, and those too weak to try. Some will fight, claw and grasp at every shred of power that they can find. These are

  • They say that a stubborn child walks behind you, an impatient one walks in front of you, but a friend walks beside you. Have you ever considered what a struggle it was to learn to walk? I see a child. As a baby,

  • It is said that through science man proves, but through intuition he discovers. Great scientists have always looked at the world around them and questioned. But when the very notion of questioning challenges that which man has come to know as

  • They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. That if we look closely enough, we can see beauty all around us. I see… NOTHING AT ALL. A void of darkness. No light penetrates my retina. A stockade of scartissue shields

  • They say that music is a language within itself. But can a blind person play music without seeing the notes on the page? Could a deaf person play without being able to hear what they play? I see a song. A piece of

  • Humanity is obsessed with light. They see light as a symbol of hope. But when one really boils it down, all they speak is nonsensical bullshit. Because truth be told, light does nothing but bring us a false sense of comfort. I see

  • They say never to work with children or animals. For neither can follow the simplest of instructions well. I see a puppy. A bundle of innocent, exuberant energy. Some would call it cute, even. Its adorable ginger fur, right down to the adorable

  • Most of humanity relies on its sense of sight as its primary sense to navigate this world. People, in lamens terms, trust what their eyes see. Yet our eyes are designed to lie to us. In its true form, light is energy;

  • I see a room. A dwelling. Once upon a time, the room was ordered. Meticulous, everything in its place and filed accordingly. Over time, the clutter began to mount. Then, the clutter gave way to mess. What once was meticulous and

  • I see a colouring book. Some pages have already been filled in, with varying styles of colouring. Some children have stated within the lines, others have not. Every page in the book is different from the others. There is a picture of

  • Many things in life are not what they seem, the worst things never are. I see a bouquet of roses. Outwardly, the bouquet smells divine. It is well packaged and presented in a way that entices the common man to take a

  • There is darkness in this world we know as Arcadia. Not a physical darkness, which my eyes cannot perceive, but a darkening of the very fabric of society. Arcadia is a place filled with dark corners and black hearts. That

  • That which is most fragile receives the most protection. I see a glass vase. There are many others like it, found all across Arcadia. But this vase sits within squalor. It is battered, brittle but hasn’t broken yet. To many, it would be

  • Darkness. Have you ever noticed how much most living creatures cannot stand it? Plunge the common man into darkness, and he will squirm uncomfortably. He will search for the light. I see six moths. If you shut these bugs in a darkened box, they

  • I see a box. Adorned with an ornate design, splendid and proudly it sits atop a child’s dresser. The child opens the lid of the box, and a beautiful song plays from within. A melody equally as ornate, flowing and melancholy

  • I see a stick. Simple, long and slender. A perfectly shaped blunt weapon that is carved, sanded and shaped for but a single reason. To cripple. Who it cripples is determined by the hand that wields the stick. In the hands of justice,

  • I see a machine. Adorned with bright flashing lights and colours, it has all the bells and whistles it needs to accomplish a specific job. Its purpose to entice people, to attract them. For the machine is a Giving Machine, and the more

  • Close your eyes. I see a mirror.  But this is no ordinary mirror, no.  A lavish mirror set in a forgotten room. Surrounded by the bones of countless souls that had found it.   No ordinary mirror, because it is said that this mirror shows

The Butcher