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The Sharkman

The Sharkman

WRESTLER NAME:  The Sharkman


NICKNAMES: The Finned Avenger


HEIGHT: 5’10”


WEIGHT: 200 lbs


CATCHPHRASE: “Everyone faces their reckoning.”


ENTRANCE SONG: “Blood // Water” by grandson


BIOGRAPHY:Once a happy go lucky Kids’ Champion, Axel the Shark has been under a series of changes. First becoming The Shark under the influence of Doctor D’Ville, his bloodthirst knew no bounds as he tore through the competition. When the influence finally wore off, an evil beast gave way to a man full of regret and eager for vengeance. He would take on the mantle Sharkman to fight back against evil and dishonor, to atone for his many, many transgressions. He has promised the same thing to all who lurk in the shadows…a day of reckoning like they’ve never known.




RECKONING – Hammerlock DDT


SHARK DIVE – Top Rope Senton Bomb

SUSHI KICK – Shining Wizard

SHARKMAN SPECIAL – Kneeling Step-Over Head-Hold Wristlock, hooking the opponent’s far leg (CHIKARA Special for short)


FIN-ISH HIM – A series of hard, heavy headbutts until the opponent is knocked out, bloodied, and unable to respond!