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The Dead

The Dead



WRESTLER NICKNAMES: Painkiller, Calavera


HEIGHT: 6’4″


WEIGHT: 194 lbs


CATCHPHRASES: “The Dead feel no pain”


ENTRANCE SONG: “Scavengers Of The Damned” by Aiden


BIOGRAPHY: Born with Congenital Insensitivity To Pain, The Dead wasn’t expected to reach adulthood – an absence of pain means reduced ability to detect and avoid harm. However, rather than view his condition as a curse, he viewed it as a gift that bestowed upon him a duty – fight the wicked for those who would suffer if they tried. Starting off as a vigilante in Mexico, The Dead grew tired of fighting the endless tide of crime and instead fought in OSW, hoping to be more effective as a symbol. His inability to feel pain proved a boon in the squared circle.




THE FINAL BREATH – Bullhammer elbow to the throat


DEATH RATTLE – Locking his arms together with his opponent, The Dead would deliver repeated headbutts until one (or both) of them were unable to stand

DE LA MUERTE – With the opponent in the corner, The Dead would deliver a European Uppercut with his left ar, then his right arm before backing off. As the opponent stumbled out of the corner, he would then deliver a Zinedane Zidane-style headbutt to the chest.


DEARLY DEPARTED – A double footed stomp to the throat, with one foot on top of the other.