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The Burned Man

Arcadia Designation

The Sole Survivor






“You just might get burned”

Entrance Song

"Hollow Man" by cornandbeans

Other Aliases

TBM, The Arcadian Mummy


Originally a normal man living with his wife and children, he became a victim of an arson attack by a couple of unknown assailants.

In the fire, his family died, but he managed to escape via dumb luck. However, he suffered major burns that left him completely unrecognizable.

Now going by The Burned Man, he’s made a vow to himself to find and kill the ones responsible for murdering his family and turning him into the monstrosity he is today.



The droning opening of cornandbeans’s “Hollow Man” reverberates from the speakers as the lights begin to dim across the arena.

As time passes, the lights from behind the entrance ramp light up, revealing a full body silhouette of a man from behind the curtain.

As the song begins to pick up, the lights return to their original brightness as The Burned Man bursts through the curtain.

He scans the crowd for a little while before suddenly making a mad dash to the ring.














  • "In order to climb to the very top, you have to start at the bottom. One month ago today, a man named Maxwell threw himself into the deepest depths of the Odyssey Pool." "He had nothing left to lose, but everything

  • We appear before a white screen with an ominous backing track playing at a soft, but noticeable volume. Blaze walks in from the right side, not paying attention to the camera that's filming him until he very nearly positions himself

  • "Maxwell was a fearful man. Ever since the arson attack, it only seemed natural that he would become one." "Gone was the legendary hero that would brave anything despite fearing it. In its place was a coward that couldn't look at

  • "James was right. Maxwell wasn't strong enough to bring his wife's killer to justice." "He might've survived being burned alive, but he was a weak man when all was said and done." "While on his quest to search for the one responsible

  • "Do you remember when I took you to the lake for the first time, James?" "I was trying to teach you how to swim. I started you off in the shallow end and held you as you swam. I wanted to

  • "Have you ever felt betrayed?" "It feels like being stabbed in the chest by the one person you trusted most. The physical pain of being stabbed hurts like hell, but the mental and emotional anguish that comes from it? It hurts

  • "It's funny what a year can bring. When the bells first chimed the new year in, I thought I'd lost everything. My family, my hope, anything but a burning desire for vengeance. That is, until Doom came into the picture

  • The Burned Man stands in front of the entrance to the Arcadian Censorship Authority offices. He holds a sign that says 'they will not control us' in his right hand and a megaphone in his left. He brings the megaphone

  • "When you manage to experience all that I have, both as a hero and as a dad, you'll manage to overcome any sort of evil Arcadia throws at you." "Pandora's box was opened many a millennia ago, and heroes like myself

  • "This is the world we live in. A world where the truth is kept hidden under a pile of lies and propaganda. If one were to go look for it, they'd be thrust into a┬áland of confusion." "That doesn't seem to

  • "I often heard that children of abusers often grow up to become abusers themselves. Given the kind of people that I've seen run around Arcadia, that statement might as well be true." "Parents that beat or neglect their children often pass

  • "I know first hand just how dangerous fire can be. If my bandages aren't enough evidence for you, let me tell you just how bad the flames felt." "When I was burning alive, I could feel every inch of my skin

  • Inside the cemetery section of the Mortuary, a more heavily bandaged Burned Man is seen standing over Sarah's grave. He sheds a silent tear as he looks over her resting place. With a shaky sigh, he wipes his eyes and

  • A man awakens with a gasp to see a fire has spread all throughout his home. His wife and child are seen tied to chairs back to back, unconscious. The man attempts to get up, but finds himself restrained to a

  • "I've been put through the wringer ever since I joined OSW. Throughout my tenure in this federation, I've been experimented on by a mad scientist, tortured by the denizens of Eden, and utterly destroyed by the most fearsome men and

  • We appear before the Burned Man and Drewitt's recently excavated grave. The Pilgrim has long left the scene, leaving the Sole Survivor alone with his thoughts. The mummy looks over the mess he made with a shaky sigh, wondering how

  • "Manipulative people exist all across Arcadia. They prey upon the desperate and weak, using them to fulfill their wants and desires before tossing them aside like trash." "These devious handlers run rampant throughout every level, taking on the guises of seemingly

  • A woman holding an electric cattle prod opens the door to the room the Sole Survivor was last seen in. She enters the room seemingly expecting him but doesn't see him chained to the wall like he should be. Closing

  • "We were taken by surprise by a couple of unknown attackers. They knocked us out before tying our hands and feet to chairs so we couldn't escape." "When we came to, we found ourselves powerless to stop the flames from devouring

  • "There exist two different kinds of hunters in Arcadia. There are those that kill for sport, and those that hunt in order to survive." "In the Groves, there were two hunters. The first one was a human that was looking for

  • The Burned Man is seen in his shack looking through a photo album. Inside, there are several photos of the mummy before he was burned alive, alongside a younger Destructo Boy and an unknown woman who we can assume was

  • "In the Red Light District, there was a worker in a prostitution ring that was planning a revolt against her pimp." "She and several other workers were tired of being paid less than their perceived worth and demanded an increase in

  • We appear before the Burned Man, who is walking the Slums with the boy he rescued from Blacktooth's clutches at Odyssey. Just then, the duo pass by a ladder resting against a shack. TBM freezes at the sight of it,

  • The Burned Man is seen attempting to assemble a generator with the parts he stole from the booth earlier this week. He's currently halfway finished with building it, but he's struggling to put the cooling system together. With an exhale,

  • We appear before the Burned Man, who stands in front of Blacktooth's compound. He takes a moment to look for a way inside without attracting the Bloodrunners's attention. He sets the Kingdomblade by his feet as he draws out a

  • "A boy in the Slums woke up one morning to find himself trapped in a burning home." "Smoke filled the air as the kid began to panic. He couldn't see or breathe as the need to escape flooded his blood with

  • "There was a preacher who constantly spread the good word of his cult to anyone that passed by his line of sight." "Nobody usually paid him any mind. They all heard the same spiel from other evangelists and none of them

  • "When I was younger, my dad shared a tale of an artist that suffered from terrible artist's block." "He was tasked to fill his gallery with fresh and beautiful works before the day of his showcase. Unfortunately for him, that day

  • "It started off as an unusually peaceful day in the Slums." "People were performing their daily routines and no thugs were around to cause trouble. Houseworkers did chores, kids played games, and spirits were overall pretty high." "They had hoped that this

  • "There was a boy who was challenged by his peers to start a fire and keep it burning throughout the night." "He was determined to prove to them that he could do it. Armed with flint and steel, the young man

  • "There was a male prostitute that liked to play with his clients' hearts in order to turn one night stands into frequent outings." "He'd often whisper the right words into their ears and press all the correct buttons so they'd become

  • "A man had been shot in the Groves. The bullet had pierced his chest and tore through his lung." "Not only had that created a burning sensation in his chest, it also left him gasping for air that he couldn't breathe.

  • "A butcher has come to lead the lambs to the slaughter." "He gathered a wide variety of sheep from all across Arcadia. They're all lined up to be cut down for their flesh and organs, with the butcher ready to sell

  • "Arcadian folklore speaks of a set of armor that was supposed to protect the wearer from all sorts of potential damage." "It was said to be a mixture of steel, cotton, and Kevlar crafted by Hephaestus himself. When worn, nothing could

  • "I knew a man that let his son to roam around freely throughout the different levels of Arcadia." "The boy was an adolescent at the time and demanded more independence from his family. His father was more than happy to oblige." "Claiming

  • "There exist creatures that depend on a host to keep themselves sustained." "They latch onto the unsuspecting host, in this case a human, and proceed to drain their lifeforce until nothing remains. At that point, they'll unlatch from the skin of

  • "What do you call a man who roams the streets at night?" "A man that watches you from a distance, watching you closely, and finding it in his best interest to kick down your doors?" "A man that will beat you down,

  • "There are some things that might seem beautiful, but are actually hideous when you take a closer look." "Take fire as an example. It looks mystifying at first glance, almost as if it was designed to take your breath away with

  • "Someone's home was broken into not that long ago. The crooks intended to steal anything that wasn't nailed down and sell their loot for credits." "They attacked the homeowner in the process of nabbing everything they could. The proprietor retaliated, attacking

  • "One of the most vivid memories I had of my teenage son was when he was much younger. I bought him his first pair of laced shoes and tried to teach him how to tie a knot." "Before I could get

  • "There was once a chrysanthemum that, on the surface, looked absolutely stunning. The flower demanded your attention with its vibrant, colorful petals and strong, sweet scent." "The plant brought happiness to everyone in the level it grew in. Nobody dared to

  • "I've seen several addicts here in Arcadia." "All of them were normal people that couldn't handle the stresses life had to offer or just had one bad day too many. Due to their grievances and misfortunes, they turn to drugs and

  • "A boy was suffering from severe and constant night terrors that prevented him from sleeping." "His mother, worried that these night terrors would be the death of her son, took him to the doctor's office. While there, he was prescribed pills

  • "A child picks up a stick to play fight with his friend." "They rush at each other with their 'weapons' drawn and ready to attack. They strike at each other without caution or the intention to harm." "When either child gets hit

  • "There was a time when I cared about more frivolous things in life. For example, what I'd wear on a daily basis in my tier." "I prided myself on being a well dressed family man that cared about how he looked.

  • "I've heard many songs throughout my previous life, but the one that sticks with me the most is the fire's song." "It starts off slow, humming a few notes quietly before quickly picking up the pace and increasing in volume. Those

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