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Stubbins Doom

Stubbins Doom

WRESTLER NAME: Stubbins Doom


WRESTLER NICKNAMES: The Doctor, The Mad Scientist


HEIGHT: 6’6”


WEIGHT: 174 lbs


CATCHPHRASES: “Your special little brain holds a million secrets, but you can’t even comprehend them. Much like a jar, unable to fathom its contents. You’ll forgive me for breaking the jar to get what’s inside.”




BIOGRAPHY: Stubbins Doom is a maniacal, disturbed, brilliant scientist, who long ago blurred the lines between the sane and the insane. After conducting human experiments inside Arcadia, Stubbins believes the key to all the mysteries therein lie within the human brain – only they have no idea of it. As a result, this mad scientist, equipped with a multitude of weaponry is on the hunt for the most special among us. Neither an accomplished fighter or athlete, Doom relies on his inventions and intelligence, rather than skill – thought he does know how to fight.




BREAKING THE JAR – Running Punt Kick


THE MAD MONOLOGUE, OR TO DRONE ON – Numerous drones appear around the target, firing small rockets at them that stumble and disorientate.

HOVER, NO BOTHER – A levitating kick to the head, propelled by his boots that allow him a brief time of hovering in the air.

ELECTRO MAGNETIC PUNCH IN THE TESTICLES  – Doom will press a button on his right glove that causes an EMP strike. When the lights go down, he hits a low blow during the blackout.

WATCH MY RIGHT HAND – Doom’s left handed glove flies across the ring to punch the opponent like a powerful projectile.

BRAINS OVER BRAUN – Doom’s gloves have a small electrical pulse inside. He grabs the opponent by the head, shocking them.


MAD (MUTALLY ASSURED DESTRUCTION) – Doom will roll out two handfuls of explosive ordinances in the form of glowing balls that explode, taking both he and his opponent down.