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Marvelous Master Chef

Marvelous Master Chef

WRESTLER NAME:  Marvelous Master Chef


NICKNAMES: Marvelous Balls In Your Mouth


HEIGHT: 6’1″


WEIGHT: 225 lbs


CATCHPHRASE: “You’re about to get served and h’ordeuvred.”


ENTRANCE SONG: “Watch My Shoes” by Lil Wayne


BIOGRAPHY:Trained under both legendary masters of the kitchen and the squared circle, the ego-maniacal Marvelous Master Chef has come to OSW in spite of the fact that he is CEO of several five star restaurants throughout Latin American vacation destinations to prove one thing: he is a world class wrestler, capable of winning any title. Nevermind that he has never won a match without the use of foreign objects, lowblows, and illegal holds. Nevermind that he has lost neearly every bout he has had due to disqualification. He will, as he says, beat your ass so raw he can serve it up as beef tartar. He will, so he claims, add a little flavor to OSW. You know. Whatever the flavor of an ass whooping is. That’s what he’s adding.




THE KITCHEN SINK – Fireman’s Carry (Torture Rack position) into a neckbreaker where the opponent is swung out from the Fireman’s Carry position into the neckbreaker, practically snapping the opponent’s head clean off.


SKILLET SHOT – Illegal hit to the head with the skillet.

FLYING BANANAS FLAMBE – Double Stomp from the top rope to the opponents groin.

SCRAMBLED EGGS – Running Fisherman Brainbuster

CREME BRULEE – Brown Powder Mist (brown sugar concoction?) spit into the eyes of the opponent